The second check has to be cleared by Congress before October 2

The second check has to be cleared by Congress before October 2 They have to act fast or it will take even longer to receive It is not ye...

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  • The second check has to be cleared by Congress before October 2
  • They have to act fast or it will take even longer to receive
  • It is not yet known who will receive it

The second check must be cleared before October 2. In recent days there has been much talk about a second stimulus for Americans, in the face of the difficult economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The discussion of the issue has a deadline for next October 2, because the House of Representatives would take a recess after that date for the next elections on November 3.

That would mean many more restrictions and delay around the legislative process that must follow the approval of the second check, since that has even been held back by different opinions, regarding the final amount of this aid check for the coronavirus situation in the United States.

Currently the spokeswoman for the Democratic majority, Nancy Pelosi, is working on the draft of a new bailout law for Americans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported by the newspaper. The opinion.

The draft could be presented in the next few days and seeks to speed up the processes around the approval of a bipartisan rescue or relief package.

It would cost $ 2.4 trillion to implement this aid program that is believed to reach out much more widely to Americans in need.

Even so, this is not final, because the approval of the Republican delegation is necessary, which is seeking a much higher amount than the Democrats aspire to.

The so-called early voting has begun in some states of the American Union, so it will be necessary for the delegations of representatives to act quickly.

The nomination for the Supreme Court It could be another obstacle to the second relief check.

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And is that President Donald Trump announced Amy Coney Barret as his nominee for the Supreme Court this Saturday afternoon, which means that as Senator Mitch McConnell, majority leader in the Senate, warned, the nomination will be addressed as priority.

This means more impediments to a resolution on this second stimulus package for the economy.

This senator is also a key piece for the approval of the second stimulus package for COVID-19 in the United States. Through your official account Twitter ruled on the nomination to the Supreme Court, noting that the person holding the nomination had not yet been announced and there were already criticisms of it.

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Just yesterday, Friday, a historic ceremony was held in the Congress of the United States, when Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who served as Justice of the Supreme Court, was fired. It is worth mentioning that she was the first woman to be fired with state honors at this venue.

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Senator Nancy Pelosi, who as previously mentioned is at the forefront of the development of the bill, shared through her official Twitter account her attendance at the aforementioned event in honor of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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In the midst of all this situation, Republicans seek that the economic aid package does not exceed 1.3 billion dollars and in turn, the Democratic delegation seeks not to reduce to less than 2.2 billion dollars.

If negotiations are achieved, the Senate could approve the bill that could be signed by President Donald Trump in the coming days, who, unlike other occasions, is very interested in reaching bipartisan agreements.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was the one who pointed out that the Trump administration would be prepared to hand over the checks if the bill is approved.

But all this might not be possible if an agreement is not reached soon, the Senate will go into recess on October 9 for the presidential elections, which would leave as a consequence that the second relief check would arrive until after the elections. the third of November.

Which would represent a severe blow to those who wait and need economic support for the coronavirus pandemic.

There are different proposals about the application of this second financial stimulus. The first of them in the so-called “Heroes” project seeks to grant $ 1,200 to people who meet the established requirements, in addition to giving checks for $ 3,400 to families made up of up to four members.

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A few days ago in a House of Representatives hearing on the issue of the second check, the Democratic Senator from Texas, Al Gree, said that “the economic impact payments must be made because the rent has to be paid… if we don’t, we will put to people at risk of eviction at a time when we are having a pandemic that is still claiming lives in this country, “he added.

According The opinion Said character did so at the hearing on the second check with the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Steven Mnuchin and the director of the National Reserve, Jerome Powell present.

The discussions between the parties increasingly complicate those who need this second check, since they see uncertain the possibilities of having it at least, before the presidential elections of this 2020.

On the subject of the second check, the Trump administration has been remarkably inclined towards the bipartisanship to achieve the resolution of this fiscal stimulus package, something that does not happen often.

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