The Rolls Royce Wraith that Justin Bieber bought and modified with futuristic style

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The Rolls Royce Wraith that Justin Bieber bought and modified with futuristic style
Foto: Getty Images / Video: MH
  • The Canadian singer adds another luxury and futuristic car to his millionaire collection
  • The Rolls Royce Wraith was modified and bears some resemblance to the electric 103EX Vision 100
  • The transformation of Rolls Royce Wraith was in charge of West Coast Customs

It is not a Cullinan, not a Ghost, much less the mighty Phantom, but rather Justin Bieber’s new Rolls Royce that he bought to inject his personal stamp.

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This car, with very surprising characteristics, was easy prey for the ‘paparazzi’, who did not hesitate to capture this structure on four wheels in their lens.

The model is very striking and at first glance it is the Wraith concept, but with amazing modifications that go from the futuristic to the retro. It also sports an automotive anatomy akin to the electric Rolls Royce 103EX Vision 100.

An international digital medium called MDZ had reported that Justin Bieber’s new Rolls Royce was parked on one of the streets of the city of Santa Monica in the west of downtown Los Angeles in California, United States.

Justin Bieber's New Rolls Royce

They catch Justin Bieber getting out of his modified car. Photo Capture of Infobae.

Justin Bieber came out of the interior, but, in addition, the Canadian singer did not drive his emblematic ‘ship’ alone, with him was his brand new wife and model, Hailey Baldwin, who boasts with his own style the new automotive acquisition of his beau.

Beyond all this, Justin Bieber’s new Rolls Royce Wraith went through a series of changes that has impacted all his followers in the social media.

West Coast Customs, geniuses of transformation

Those responsible for the transformation of this extravagant car are the owners of West Coast Customs, according to MDZ announced in its digital version.

This shop is very popular in California and is dedicated to car remodeling under the leadership of Ryan Friedlinghaus.

The digital magazine said that Justin Bieber’s new Rolls Royce could be the pattern for new West Coast Customs offerings for years to come.

Likewise, the West Coast Customs Instagram account had taken on the challenge of creating its own version of the 103EX in a new Rolls Royce “futuristic, amazing and drivable on a daily basis like no other”.

From what is seen, Ryan Friedlinghaus fulfilled it and gave the authority to Justin Bieber to seize this Rolls Royce reformed in the style of the 103EX with the structure of the Wraith that the singer of ‘Available’ had acquired.

Video captured by Effspot

Justin Bieber’s new Rolls Royce was caught, as we said, in Santa Monica, and YouTube Effspot he recognized it in a matter of seconds.

From his own point of view, Effspot did not hesitate to specify with luxuries and details some characteristics of the modified Wraith, taking advantage of the absence of the young singer.

Effspot labels the modified Wraith as “futuristic Cruella de Ville mobile”, while panning all the autonomy of the car at the time.

Justin Bieber's New Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce Wraith was modified and looks like the Vision 103EX. Photo: YouTube capture of Effspot.

In the same way, in the video, posted on his YouTube account, he said that they were astonished when they saw Justin Bierber driving his spectacular car.

Meanwhile, Effspot maintains that the modified Wraith doesn’t have side mirrors like conventional cars.

“It uses a camera system with a 360 degree surround view,” highlighted the ‘vlogger’.

He also highlighted that both the door handles and the wheels remain covered by the custom design that was made for the modified Wraith.

Rolls Royce 103EX

The 103EX model is covered by sensational technology in its entirety.

Also, this prototype has a luxurious and futuristic structure with the most advanced materials.

The Rolls Royce 103EX is 5.9 meters long and has a zero-emission powertrain as it is completely electric.

The rims are made up of 65 pieces of aluminum, while the passenger compartment is reinforced with glass material.

Rolls Royce Wraith

The sports car Rolls Royce Wraith has a 6.6-liter V12 engine reinforced with two compressors, marking a power of 624 hp.

The Wraith model moves with great agility despite its weight of 2,360 kilograms.

In the same way, the engine is composed of a double turbo V12, while its transmission is 8-speed automatically applicable.

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