The new Telemundo show, ‘Hoy Día’ begins, and harsh criticism from viewers is unleashed (VIDEO)

A New Day was transformed from this February 15 into ‘Today Day’ and the critics did not wait Don’t like the new, more ...

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  • A New Day was transformed from this February 15 into ‘Today Day’ and the critics did not wait
  • Don’t like the new, more newsy format? The people gave their verdict
  • People have not forgiven the changes in the Telemundo company

Arantxa Loizaga, Nacho Lozano, Nicole Suárez, Chiquibaby, Adamari López and Chef Oropeza are the new headlines of the Telemundo program ‘Hoy Día’ that officially started broadcasts on February 15, however people do not forgive the company and it rained on them critics.

A New Day disappeared amid scandalous comments from people who began to predict its decline since the departure of several important characters, including Héctor Sandarti and Rashel Díaz, so the end of the Telemundo program was not surprising, however. , people never imagined what was coming.

From being an entertainment morning, now ‘Hoy Día’ is presented as a news show, giving weight to the information that happens every day, without so many gossip, or sections of magazine, so it is not surprising that people were criticized for Telemundo.

The Instagram account of journalist Javier Ceriani, published two videos where it is observed that he is analyzing ‘Hoy Día’ on his first day of starting and seriously questioned whether Chiquibaby and Adamari López had been stopped from vases, because in the welcome they no longer appear than Arantxa Loizaga, Nacho Lozano and Nicole Suárez.

“Strong! And @adamarilopez and @chiquibabyla ??? They put them in vases ?? What’s up @hoydia ?? What do they think? #telemundo #changes ”, was the text by Javier Ceriani that prompted people to express their feelings for the start of the show:

Hoy Día starts on Telemundo with criticism (Instagram)

Hoy Día starts on Telemundo with criticism (Instagram)

“The most boring thing they could have put on TV, only news and misfortunes, as if we no longer had enough with the news”, “They are not journalists”, “Honestly; the program goes in REVERSE and it is for one reason only… .THERE IS NO CULTURAL DIVERSITY TO OFFER TO THE PUBLIC. With much respect, but 95% of its CONTENT is only for MEXICANS AND SOUTH AMERICANS… .There THE CARIBBEANS… don’t count! “,” It’s not a morning show anymore, it’s just another newscast, what a shame…. professionalism of the new ones, if you have to give them that credit, but in general it was boring ”, qualified the people.

However, there were also those who supported: “The program goes along the journalistic line, that is why there are 3 … (Journalists) and Adamaris and Chiqui are on the entertainment side … I thought the new program guideline was very good” , “I liked the program. News important such as the winter storm and COVID-19 ″, but there were those who say that they exaggerated with the lack of cultural diversity.

“Horrible program”, “The program now seems to be from Mexico, pure conductor from Mexico they put on, nor from Latin America as before there was a diversity of talents”, “Wow wow they are bringing journalists from other countries because the locals that are out are more expensive of course, the new ones are paid less ”,“ Telemundo should have given the program a different touch, we don’t know a group of mariachi presenters, the only one from Puerto Rico and Nicole and we are multicultural with more variation ”.


It should be noted that the objective of ‘Hoy Día’ is to inform people about the news events that occur in the world, without neglecting entertainment, which Adamari López and Chiquibaby will give life to, however it seems that the two former conductors of ‘A New Day’ were relegated and with less space to frame.

The criticisms for Telemundo did not wait, because people do not forgive the decisions of the company since the end of 2020 when they decided to terminate their contract with María Celeste Arrarás, then the dismissal of Chef James, later the departure of Héctor Sandarti and finally the outrage at terminating employment relationship with Rashel Díaz.

“The first reporter was at Univision”, “Tremendous show shit”, “I think that Telemundo is surrounded by inept executives and producers, nothing from the other world, better bring back Rashel and Daniel who gave them ratings and let the tamalito leave it go “,” The journalist who previously worked at Univision is a tremendous journalist. Personally, I see her the same as Jorge Ramos and Maria Celeste Arrarás. Very very good item. Very pretty and intelligent “,” More horrible program and nothing to do in the morning because that wakes up America is the same, “they said.

Today, criticism on Telemundo (IG)

Today, criticism on Telemundo (IG)

Eyes will be on the audience of ‘Hoy Día’ in the coming weeks, which will have to earn a place in the auditorium because Despierta América, its direct competition, continues as the preferred option and is from Univision.

Telemundo will have to play its cards in a good and intelligent way if it wants ‘Hoy Día’ to put aside criticism and be liked by the public.

Telemundo receives harsh criticism for Hoy Día (IG)

Telemundo receives harsh criticism for Hoy Día (IG)

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