The masseur Francisco Tovar Lugo was arrested for alleged sexual abuse of his client

Francisco Tovar Lugo was arrested for alleged sexual abuse of his client The woman hired him to give her a massage, but he went further F...

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  • Francisco Tovar Lugo was arrested for alleged sexual abuse of his client
  • The woman hired him to give her a massage, but he went further
  • Forensic evidence incriminated the man

Francisco Tovar Lugo was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, accused of the sexual abuse of a woman who hired him to give her a massage. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) apprehended Tovar Lugo based on the woman’s testimony and forensic evidence that incriminated the man.

Tovar Lugo, 58, is already being held at the Clark County Jail and authorities released the man’s photograph, because agents from the LVMPD Sex Crimes Division believe there could be more victims who have not reported the abuse out of fear or shame.

They hired him to give a massage and Francisco Tovar Lugo went further

Francisco Tovar Lugo
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Agents from the LVMPD Sex Crimes Division request that if a woman suffered an attack by Francisco Tovar Lugo, she contact his office at 702.828.3421 or the Nevada nonprofit Crime Stoppers at 702.385.5555. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

According to the arrest warrant for Francisco Tovar Lugo, consulted by MundoHispánico, the man presented himself as a “holistic masseuse” and “sex therapist” to offer his services and attract his victims in the metropolitan area of ​​Las Vegas, Nevada.

He presented himself as a “holistic masseuse”

Francisco Tovar Lugo
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In early April 2021, a woman sought out a masseur to give her boyfriend a gift. In her search, the woman found an advertisement for Francisco Tovar Lugo, who presented himself as a “holistic masseur”. The woman’s name will not be revealed in this story to protect her identity.

The victim contacted Francisco Tovar Lugo and they arranged a meeting in the woman’s apartment. When the woman met the alleged masseur, she then explained to the man that the massage was not for her but for her boyfriend, whom she wanted to surprise him with a birthday present.

Francisco Tovar Lugo convinced the woman of the massage

Francisco Tovar Lugo
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When Francisco Tovar Lugo arrived at the victim’s house on Thursday, April 8, 2021, she explained the details of the gift for her boyfriend. However, the victim’s boyfriend for some reason that is not detailed in the documents could not attend the session with the car called “holistic masseuse.”

Anyway, Tovar Lugo convinced the woman to receive the massage herself. At one point, according to the victim, the man told the woman “I am able to heal you without you knowing how I did it.” At one point in the conversation, the man told her that he needed to “do something” so that she could get pregnant and he was going to cure her.

“I have to do this to heal you!”

Francisco Tovar Lugo
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The woman testified that at first everything seemed normal in the massage, when suddenly Francisco Tovar Lugo began to kiss her breasts and put his fingers in her vagina. She, terrified, tried to resist, but the force of the attacker prevented her and whispered in her ear “don’t move, I have to do this to heal you!”.

The woman’s fear was so great that she insisted that her attacker leave her alone because what he was doing to her was not right. But Francisco Tovar Lugo ignored her and continued to play her lasciviously. The victim was so desperate that she had to lie to the man to get him to leave her alone.

There was a hidden camera

The woman assured the man that inside the house there was a video camera, hidden from the kitchen, and which was reviewed live by her boyfriend and other friends, who were surely seeing what he was doing to her and with certainty they were very upset to witness the attack.

According to the woman, Francisco Tovar Lugo’s attitude changed as soon as he heard the camera’s argument that the woman gave him to leave her alone. The man, according to the victim, thereafter did everything possible so that his face was not taken by the angle of the supposed hidden camera in the kitchen.

“You must keep it to yourself”

As soon as he heard the camera trick, Francisco Tovar Lugo tried to justify his actions and told the victim that sometimes he had “to do things that are uncomfortable for me,” but that they were necessary to heal people. The man warned the woman that what had happened in the apartment “you must keep to yourself.”

When Tovar Lugo finished the supposed holistic massage, he left the house and, according to the attacked woman, always taking care that the supposed camera took his face. The victim then called a friend to tell her everything and in the conversation the other girl confessed that Francisco Tovar Lugo had also attacked her with the story of holistic massage.

They denounce Francisco Tovar Lugo

The two women plucked up their courage and together they decided to report Francisco Tovar Lugo to the agents of the LVMPD Sex Crimes Division. Based on the testimonies of the women and forensic evidence, the police officers issued an arrest warrant against the man.

Francisco Tovar Lugo has been detained since last Thursday, April 29, 2021 and in his testimony to the agents of the LVMPD Sex Crimes Division he recognized that he has been a “holistic masseur” for 20 years and that his services are passed from person to person that they are recommending it.

Is Francisco Tovar Lugo really a masseur?

Through an email, MundoHispánico asked the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHSN) if Francisco Tovar Lugo is registered as a masseur to offer his services in Las Vegas, as required by law in all entities in the United States.

The DHHSN confirmed that Tovar Lugo does not have a license as a masseur of any kind nor does he have the necessary studies, accredited by any institution, to give massages. Francisco Tovar Lugo’s first hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday, June 2, 2021. The LVMPD needs to find more possible victims before that date.

What is a holistic massage?

The holistic conception arose from the idea of ​​the South African philosopher, botanist and military man Jan Christiaan Smuts in 1926 as a supposed healing method that addresses all aspects of the human being. The word holistic is taken from the Greek root of the Greek word holos, which in Spanish means whole or whole, supposedly to treat the patient.

However, treatments that are advertised as holistic are not approved or regulated by any scientific entity worldwide and the doctors or therapists who advertise under that legend are not recognized by certified scientific medical entities.

The holistic concept is not recognized by scientists

According to the organization Medicine Based on Science, which groups together doctors who fight the hoaxes and lies of pseudoscience, the holistic concept has no scientific basis and is used by charlatans and criminals, as in the case of Francisco Tovar Lugo. the so-called “holistic masseur.”

The organization published the trial So-Calles Medicine Alternative (The so-called alternative medicine) in which it alerted the population of the dangers of treating with anyone, in any branch of health, which is advertised with the holistic legend because it has no scientific support nor academic with solid foundations.

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