The Justice Department sues Google for monopoly

On Tuesday, Google took one of its hardest blows in decades. His plaintiff is the United States Department of Justice, which, after a yea...

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On Tuesday, Google took one of its hardest blows in decades.

His plaintiff is the United States Department of Justice, which, after a year of investigations, reached the determination of file a formal complaint against Google, one of the most important companies in the world.

To this complaint are added several accusations in which it is suggested that Google has participated in illegal activities to withhold information or abuse its power.

Eleven states of the nation have joined these accusations, and the measure is presented as a wake-up call to all technology companies, to raise awareness about their ways of operating and the limits that exist in their functions.

  • This Tuesday, the Department of Justice formally sued Google, accusing it of monopoly
  • The lawsuit was filed after a year of preliminary investigations, and it is the first time that Google has faced a problem of this nature
  • Google is accused of having violated laws to act withhold information and take control of some Android devices

On Tuesday, the United States Department of Justice formally sued Google, accusing the company of implementing an illegal monopoly on search engines and their advertising tools.

Although this is a recent announcement, the Department of Justice has stated that this decision is based on several months of prior investigation.

Thanks to it, the agency has collected enough evidence to accuse the technology giant of illegal and anti-competitive practices.

Thus, Google is facing justice, in an unprecedented event, at least since the last two decades.

The federal government’s indictment finds its reason in that, according to its investigation, Google has repeatedly violated federal laws to act as a kind of “gatekeeper” of the internet.

The main complaint stems from the fact that Google has violated federal laws, blocking its competitors and reaching agreements with electronic device manufacturers to insert their search engines into brands such as Apple or Samsung.

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Jeff Rosen, Secretary of Justice, explained that “As the complaint issued this Thursday explains, Google has maintained a monopoly of power through exclusionary practices that are harmful to its competitors.” He added that “If the government does not enforce antitrust law to allow competition, we could face the loss of the new generation of innovation. If that happens, the American people may not see the new Google. “

Justice Department sues Google: 11 states join US government’s formal complaint

Google’s problem is not isolated.

Eleven states have joined the lawsuit: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas.

The complaint that the Department of Justice has issued against Google is just part of a series of efforts made by the federal government to get large technology companies to function properly, adhering to the law of the country.

However, this lawsuit has turned out to be a big surprise for Google.

Its executives have strongly denied the allegations made by the Justice Department.

In a statement, Google told the media that “The lawsuit filed today by the United States Department of Justice is deeply flawed.”

Kent Walker, the person in charge of publicizing Google’s position and vice president of global affairs at Google, also stated that “People turn to Google because they choose to, not because someone forces them or because they cannot find alternatives.”

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As mentioned in the portal The Guardian, lThe lawsuit against Google is one of the largest cases against a computer company since 1990, when the Department of Justice, with the backing of several states, formally accused Microsoft of monopolizing the market for computer software.

Like the 2001 lawsuit against Microsoft, the Justice Department and Google are expected to reach an agreement that will benefit both sides.

One of the main concerns of the Department of Justice, according to the documents issued, is that the power of large companies could cause a monopoly by forcing the indirect disappearance of small companies that are considered competition.

Among the companies that have been singled out for this monopoly are Google, Apple, Facebook and the ecommerce giant, Amazon.

Among the evidence supporting the claim, they say, is that “The evidence shows that Google introduced several changes that resulted in privileging Google’s most basic services by relegating its competitors.”

Although the lawsuit has turned out to be a hard blow for Google, and a surprise for its executives and users, the decision of the Department of Justice, they assure, does not respond to partisan interests, but to an increasingly latent concern to generate a competitive market legitimate.

Legislators from both benches the formal complaint from the Department of Justice was received with good comments.

However, Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar pointed out that she was not satisfied with the time frame in which the complaint was filed, clarifying that “For years, we have been hearing complaints about Google’s dominance in digital markets to harm its customers. rivals and limit competition. I welcome the decision of the Department of Justice, but I hope that the questionable time frame of the lawsuit, which coincides with the next presidential elections, does not minimize the work that must be done by American consumers in the weeks and months to come. ” .

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