The Governor of Missouri who criticized that the masks should be mandatory has coronavirus (VIDEO)

The Governor of Missouri, who criticized that the mask is mandatory, has coronavirus. Parsons, 65, said his wife, Teresa, was the first t...

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  • The Governor of Missouri, who criticized that the mask is mandatory, has coronavirus.
  • Parsons, 65, said his wife, Teresa, was the first to test positive.
  • He broke the news from his Twitter account.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons, a Republican who has criticized the regularization of mask use during the coronavirus pandemic, tested positive for COVID-19.

Parsons, 65, said his wife, Teresa, was the first to test positive. She had symptoms in the early morning of Wednesday and, therefore, she went to take the test, as a precaution, and yes, she tested positive.

She was waiting for the results of a nasal smear test to confirm the findings but the first lady had already shown signs of the disease, including a cough and nasal congestion when the test was done.

He left the capital city on Wednesday to isolate himself at the couple’s home in Bolívar. In a short statement recorded Wednesday afternoon, she said she woke up with “cold-like symptoms” and decided that because she and her husband are in public, she should get tested.

The governor also has coronavirus and he told it from his Twitter account.

“Right now, I feel good,” he said. “There are no symptoms of any kind, but right now we just have to implement quarantine procedures. Once again, I think the main thing from now on is still very early, ”he added.

“I want to encourage everyone with what I have (said) every day. Take care, “added Parsons. “Do the best you can to protect yourself: social distancing, wearing a mask, personal hygiene.”

Parsons, while he has always advocated taking social and health prevention measures seriously with respect to the coronavirus, and has repeated this to the population of Missouri, he has also criticized the mandatory regulations on masks or face masks.

“You don’t need the government to tell you to wear a damn mask,” he said during a rally in July. “If you want to wear a mask, wear one,” she said, clearly in favor of raising people’s awareness rather than regulating the use of masks by law.

VIDEO: To see the video of the governor’s statement, click on the photo below

Missouri Governor Coronavirus: Criticized Mask Regulation

Missouri Governor Coronavirus: Criticized Mask Regulation

Parsons and the state’s first lady had been campaigning for their next election challenge from Democratic state auditor Nicole Galloway, including an event Friday in Springfield where Parsons and four other elected officials were seen without masks.

The governor’s diagnosis comes as Missouri has seen a resurgence of the coronavirus. The state had about 160,000 confirmed cases when Parsons reopened the state in June, but has now seen nearly 117,000 cases, the state health department said.

Missouri Governor Coronavirus: Criticized Mask Regulation

Photo: Getty

Dr. Randall Williams, director of the Department of Health and Senior Services, said the governor is currently in isolation at the Governor’s Mansion, and is expected to be so for 10 days. He said his contacts are being traced to identify people who have been in close contact with the Parsons, he reports. STL Today.

Although the governor has been actively traveling to events across the state, Williams, a DHHS physician, said he believes the number of people he spent more than 15 minutes with is low. “Our preliminary inspection shows that it will be a relatively small number of people,” he said.

Missouri Governor Coronavirus: Criticized Mask Regulation

“During this time, Governor Parson continues to direct and fulfill all Missouri state business roles from the governor’s mansion without interruption, an administration statement noted.

The Capitol has been the scene of at least nine infections from elected officials and legislative staff. Two members of the House tested positive.

Nationally, dozens of state officials have contracted the virus, including Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul and Pamela Evette, Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.

“For public figures, it is very difficult to socially distance themselves,” Williams said, adding that despite Governor Parson’s positive outcome, he still would not recommend imposing a statewide mask-wearing mandate, arguing that diversity would make it unsustainable. .

“You can’t measure everyone by the same yardstick,” Williams said. “If you’re too draconian about it, it’s almost as if you create more problems than you solve.”

Missouri Governor Coronavirus: Criticized Mask Regulation

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