The Fly: A fly ‘steals’ Pence’s prominence in the middle of the debate (VIDEO)

The Fly: A fly ‘steals’ Pence’s role in the middle of the debate The fly landed on the vice president’s gray hair...

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  • The Fly: A fly ‘steals’ Pence’s role in the middle of the debate
  • The fly landed on the vice president’s gray hair
  • Even Joe Biden commented on the moment that went viral

The Fly debate Pence. He vice president Mike Pence never imagined that there was someone who would become more ‘annoying’ than Kamala harris, in the vice presidential debate Wednesday night … and that this was a fly.

And is that Pence had a surprise ‘partner’ in full debate, a moment that quickly became viral on social networks such as Twitter, where it even became a trend.

It turns out that a fly, fly in English, made an appearance in the debate and landed for what seemed like more than a minute on the head full of gray hair of the vice president.

Even the same presidential candidate Joe Biden joined the thousands of comments about the fly on Twitter. “Contribute $ 5 to help this campaign fly,” Biden wrote alongside a picture of him holding a fly swatter.

Other celebrities who joined the controversy of the fly were the Mexican comedian based in the United States. Eugenio Derbez, the same as the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin.

“Aren’t the flies attracted to the pile of poop?” Derbez asked on his official Twitter account. “That fly says a lot,” said Ricky Martin on the same social network.

The gringo writer Stephen King He also wrote on Twitter: “The fly knows.” While the Democratic representative Ilhan Omar commented that “the fly needs to be quarantined.”

US media also reported on Pence’s fly in the debate, such as the New York Post, which posted that organizers “were so concerned about the coronavirus that they did not consider pest control!” While USA Today reported that “an unexpected guest joined Vice President Mike Pence on the debate stage Wednesday night – an annoying fly.”

The Fly Pence fly debate

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As the fly was present in Pence’s head during the debate, President Donald Trump was not oblivious and tweeted against the opponent of the night, Kamala Harris.

President Trump affirmed that the Democratic vice presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, is a “blunder machine” and gave the vice president, Mike Pence, as the winner of the debate tonight, in his face to face with the progressive.

“Mike Pence is doing GREAT! She is a blunder machine, ”Trump said on Twitter, in a gesture that showed he was watching face-to-face from the White House, where he is confined due to the coronavirus.

PHOTO Twitter

From the beginning of the debate, which took place at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, the president has been retweeting messages from his campaign and from his supporters against Biden and Harris.

At the end of the Pence-Harris head-to-head, he wrote another message saying, “Mike Pence won BIG!”

PHOTO Twitter

Trump has been convalescing in the presidential mansion since Monday, after his release from the hospital where he was admitted for three days, after he announced early Friday that he had contracted the disease.

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For its part, the Efe agency reported that a fly that landed on the head of Vice President Mike Pence and became on Wednesday night the unwanted guest of the debate between the Republican and the Democratic candidate for vice president, Kamala Harris, and in trend in social networks.

Just two minutes and three seconds, according to the newspaper The New York Times, were enough for the image of the fly on Pence’s white hair to unleash an avalanche of comments and memes on Twitter.

Photographs from all angles of the insect were disseminated on the popular social network and even the Democratic candidate for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden, joined the wave, publishing an image of him with a fly swatter in hand.

“Contribute $ 5 to help this campaign fly,” wrote the Democrat, whose team took the moment to post a tweet with the image of a fly swatter and the caption: “Drive away flies and lies.”

The ingenuity of the supporters of the electoral face-to-face was not far behind and one of the Twitter users published, in English and Spanish: “And the winner of the vice-presidential debate is… LA MOSCA !!!”.

The Fly Pence fly debate

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Meanwhile, another recreated a conversation about the appearance of the unexpected character: “Mijo, I think Pinc … Pence has a fly on his head …- My dad watching the debate while talking to me on the phone.”

Another user, who posted a photo of a fly with a human figure, said: “CNN is interviewing the fly right now. Chris Cuomo (one of the hosts on that network): Why did you choose to land on Vice President Pence? The fly: ‘He seemed like a good man.’

This Wednesday’s debate took place in an auditorium at the University of Utah and was moderated by Susan Page, a journalist for the USA Today newspaper.

The discussion took place amid extraordinary security measures against COVID-19 due to the recent positive of the president, Donald Trump.

Pence and Harris remained seated at a distance of 3.7 meters, did not shake hands at the beginning of the debate and several Plexiglas barriers were installed between them, and between them and the moderator, which became one of the most commented points in the hours before the meeting.

PHOTO Twitter

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