The first private space crew paid 55 million to fly

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The first private space crew paid 55 million to fly
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The first private space trip has been confirmed by NASA and could occur no later than 2022. It will be three men who will travel to the International Space Station at some point next year.

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The price? Each has already paid a sum of 55 million dollars, thus signing the promise to become the first non-astronaut crew members to undertake a space trip.

  • A SpaceX rocket manned by three men, none of them astronauts, is about to be launched towards the ISS
  • This feat would mark the beginning of private space travel, as men will pay around 55 million to fly with SpaceX
  • The first private flight to the ISS was confirmed by NASA and could be completed in 2022

Various media have reported a NASA and SpaceX project that includes a private space trip, manned by three men who have decided to pay the sum of 55 million dollars each to visit the International Space Station in 2022.

The men were introduced to the media last Tuesday and their journey is reported to be led by prestigious NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria.

Lopez-Alegria currently works for Axiom Space, a company based in Houston, which has organized space travel for January of next year.

In this regard, Mike Suffredini, former director of the NASA program for the ISS, commented that “This is the first private flight to the International Space Station. It has never been done before ”.

During the trip, the three men will be commanded by Michael Lopez-Alegria, an experienced astronaut who will be in charge of protecting the safety of the trip; This was pointed out to AP Suffredini, who also commented that “the three other (men) are just people who want to be able to go into space and we are giving them that opportunity.

In recent months, a rumor circulated that one of the first to take a special private trip would be actor Tom Cruise; However, he was not present in the announcement, nor was he mentioned to the press as a possible crew member.

Instead, it was confirmed that the three men who will travel into space will be Larry Connor, Mark Pathy and Eytan Stibbe.

The former is a real estate and technology entrepreneur, while Stibbe stands out as a close friend of Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli-born astronaut, who died in the Columbia shuttle accident in 2013.

It is speculated that the first private space trip will take between one and two days to reach the ISS after its liftoff from Cape Canaveral.

Although this would be the first trip to space manned by individuals, this type of tourism has been promoted by various agencies for two decades.

Space companies like Virgin galactic and Blue Origin, the latter owned by Jeff Bezos, have concrete plans to transport private clients who are willing to pay for space flights, even if these last only a few minutes.

As it is a less complicated task than an official space flight, this type of service could begin to be provided in 2021.


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Will Tom Cruise be part of the first private space crew? It has not been confirmed, but the actor could travel to space in 2022

Without a doubt, space travel is the dream of many people around the world; This is a feat currently only accessible to astronauts and cosmonauts from countries like the United States and Russia, but all of that could change very soon.

For at least two decades, humanity has seen a change in the way space travel is carried out, and more and more people are interested in taking space travel.

One of them, they say, is actor Tom Cruise, who could arrive in space sometime next year.

In recent months, it was reported that the action movie actor would join Axiom to be part of the first private space crew.

Thus, everything seems to indicate that reaching space will no longer require a degree in space engineering; thanks to companies like Axiom and SpaceX, now travelers can come from anywhere in the world and belong to any professional field.

Experts have assured that it will be in 2022 and not in 2021, as previously announced, when the first non-astronaut men will travel to the International Space Station, including Tom Cruise.

If everything goes according to what NASA has contemplated, Tom Cruise, Doug Liman and Michael Lopez-Alegria will arrive at the International Space Station in early 2022.

If everything goes according to the initial plans, Tom Cruise will be accompanied by Doug Liam, an important film director, who will have the task of capturing the most important scenes of the trip; the two men will be accompanied by the astronaut of the POT Michael Lopez-Alegria.

Although the desire of some people is to be able to take a space trip, it is possible that the option of taking this type of trip is extended even when the people have died.

Posthumous space travel could be a reality thanks to the Celestis mission, a program that includes sending human remains into space.

Celestis allows families to join forces to send their loved ones into space, thus helping them fulfill their dream of knowing the Moon.

The Celestis mission contemplates the shipment of the cremated remains to the lunar surface, Earth’s orbit and suborbital space, and although it will provide a unique service, it already has competition.

This is Elysium Space, an agency that is already fine-tuning the last details to provide a similar experience to the Caelestis and that will charge around $ 9,950 on its first trips.

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