The first Mexican actress Lucía Guilmáin dies

The first Mexican actress Lucía Guilmáin dies Actor Juan Ferrara’s sister died at 83 years of age The actress is remembered by soap...

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FOTO Agencia El Universal
  • The first Mexican actress Lucía Guilmáin dies
  • Actor Juan Ferrara’s sister died at 83 years of age
  • The actress is remembered by soap operas such as “Friends forever!” and “Wild heart”

The world of Mexican television and cinema have dressed in mourning for the death of the beloved first actress Lucía Guilmáin, who appeared in multiple Mexican productions. She was the daughter of Ofelia Guilmáin and sister of Juan Ferrara.

Remembered by soap operas such as “Friends forever!” Y “Wild Heart”Died this Monday as reported by Óscar Ortiz de Pinedo, his nephew through his account Twitter.

Lucía Guilmáin, death lead actress, juan ferrara

PHOTO Twitter Oscar Ortíz De Pinedo

Lucia was the daughter of the also actress Ofelia Guilmáin and was the sister of actor Juan Ferrara. “Today, my aunt, the first actress Lucía Guilmáin, left the earthly plane,” Ortiz de Pinedo wrote. “My condolences to my cousin Raúl Orvañanos, to his grandchildren, Raúl and Caro. His daughter-in-law, Caro and his brothers, Juan, Mona and my mother … may the great Lucia Guilmáin rest in peace, “he added.

Lucía Guilmáin’s career

Lucía Guilmáin, death lead actress, juan ferrara

PHOTO Twitter However

The actress appeared in programs such as “Una familia de ten” and “La familia P. Luche” as a special guest, while in cinema she appeared in films such as “More black than the night.”

In addition, between 2019 and 2020 she starred in “La casa de Bernarda Alba”, reported in theater by Agencia El Universal. Lucia received the APT award for best actress in a drama.

PHOTO Twitter

Actor and producer Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo confirmed the time of his death and sent his condolences to the family. “I regret to report that today at 2:30 in the afternoon, while in the company of her son Raúl, her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren, Lucía Guilmáin ceased to exist. I wish his family a speedy resignation, my sincere condolences. Rest in peace, Lucia, ”Jorge wrote on Twitter.

Other performances of the lead actress

According to Herald of Mexico, Guilmáin stood out with his talent when interpreting ‘villains’ of soap operas where actors such as Belinda, Alejandro Speitzer and Christopher Uckerman participated.

“Mission SOS, adventure and love”, “Amigos x siempre”, and “Aventuras en el tiempo” are some of the soap operas where he dazzled with his performances.

PHOTO Screenshot Twitter @ eveyhugo96

Lucía Guilmáin was born in Mexico City, and was always in the entertainment world as the daughter of the first actress Ofelia Guilmáin.

The first actress began her career in the 1960s in some films, but it was her performances on the ‘small screen’ that led her to fame, indicates the Heraldo de México.

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Shock after death

Immediately, social networks were flooded with comments that lamented the death of actress Lucía Guilmáin, sister of the actor, Juan Ferrara, and recalled her performances on various programs.

“The lady was very kind, simple and talkative”, “rest in peace”, “my sincere condolences a great talent who leaves us his legacy”, “such a great actress”, “oh what a regret. Very good actress. My condolences ”,“ Great actress. I loved his job. Luz a su alma ”,“ great Actress… like the Guilmáin dynasty ”,“ the best villain ”, were some of the comments that filled social networks after Guilmáin died.

PHOTO Twitter Theaters of Mexico City

For their part, the theaters of Mexico City sent a message through Twitter before the terrible loss. “We fired, at 83 years of age, the first actress Lucía Guilmáin (1938-2021), who forged an important career in theater, film and television of more than 45 years,” the publication reads.

“We join in the grief bestowed on friends and family for this sensitive loss. RIP. ”, He concludes.

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