The ease of organizing essential baby gifts thanks to technological change

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The arrival of a newborn is always a reason for happiness and celebration, however for new parents….

… After giving birth, one of the greatest difficulties that the couple may have, in relation to gifts of “welcome”Is the repetition.

At birth, it is common to receive traditional gifts, such as booties, bodys, stockings, even hats of the same size, where after a while, they unfortunately remain unused.

So, while it is not something new to make a list to make it easier for parents to get what they really need, and to help family and friends not to give repetitive presents. The practicality that we can find in applications thanks to technology is innovative.

But first things first, time. The ideal is to start with the list when entering the seventh month of pregnancy, so that people who want to give a present will be able to have the precise time to choose according to their needs.

Returning to ease, there are currently a large number of sites in order to organize lists, where a large part of them are used to manage gift lists. Which are specially developed for this, with suitable tools to gather ideas, register presents and keep track of costs.

What, which in addition to being a website, has an application for mobile devices, providing speed, where the gift list is synchronized with both family and friends, offering the convenience of carrying it with you at any time.


Photo: My Registry.

It has a catalog of gifts and a wide range of products, which can be used as a source of inspiration, it also allows you to add to the list any item that is observed in any other online store in any store in the world through the function “Universal”. As well as, it becomes a barcode scanner allowing items to be added to the list from the store via mobile.

While the presents can be traditional items, or experiences, a photography session or a swimming course for babies. It also allows patrons to build a cash gift pool to use for more expensive purchases, such as the stroller, crib, or car seat.

Another feature it provides is that people who synchronize the records of other stores receive the Benefits of them, added to those granted by the universal gift list of the application.

In short, which can result in chaos, thanks to the support of specialists and technological advances, such as, you will have the possibility of looking at hundreds of products and enhancing the gift list with essential items for the little one and their development, thus becoming a truly simple and wonderful experience.

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