The day Enrique Guzmán threatened a journalist with a gun



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  • Violent passages of the singer Enrique Guzmán’s life continue to come to light
  • With a gun in hand, Enrique Guzmán threatened a reporter
  • ‘Got a lot of ba…?’, The singer yelled at the reporter while pointing a gun at him

Enrique Guzman. The episodes of violence starring the singer Enrique Guzmán continue to come to light. One of them was the one exposed by actress Lorena Velázquez, who revealed that she had suffered physical abuse from Alejandra Guzmán’s father: “He hit me on the hand and I almost fell,” she said.

Now it is the journalist Víctor Hugo Sánchez who talked about the time the singer threatened him with a gun to his head, in an interview, where he was accompanied by other journalists, Sánchez narrated that anecdote in the De Primera Mano show.

He tells how he met Enrique Guzmán

The day Enrique Guzmán threatened a journalist with a gun
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The journalist Víctor Hugo Sánchez talked about how he met Alejandra Guzmán’s father: “I became a boyfriend of Alejandra Díaz, who was her manager and in those years Enrique Guzmán appeared from Wednesday to Saturday at the Fiesta Americana and it was a success,” he said. To see the video you can give click here

“I started going out of admiration, because really the guy was the king of the night, and because if not Juan Gabriel would go, Rocío Dúrcal would go and on the day that Miguel Ríos or Joaquín Sabina or a politician or an athlete did not go, I started to to go from Wednesday to Saturday to see the Enrique Guzmán show every day ”.

He mentioned that Enrique Guzmán was ‘rude and arrogant’

The day Enrique Guzmán threatened a journalist with a gun
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The journalist said that although the singer treated him with respect, he was “rude and arrogant” with others. He commented that one day Enrique spoke to him to give him an exclusive, without thinking that this would be the beginning of a terrifying experience in his life.

“One day he said to me: ‘Hey, Victor Hugo, I’m going to give you a note that is very important. They just stole $ 2 million from my daughter Alejandra, Fernando Iriarte, Darío de León and Miguel Blasco. ‘ He gives me the note and I publish it in the Heraldo de México and I give myself the task of looking for Fernando Iriarte, Miguel Blasco and Darío de León so that they would give me their version, they did not want to answer, “said the journalist.

Enrique Guzmán sends her a very annoying fax

The day Enrique Guzmán threatened a journalist with a gun
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“Enrique fed me information. For about 15 days I was publishing notes about it, until Jaime Sánchez Rosaldo calls me and says ‘Miguel Blasco is coming to Mexico, he wants to talk to you’, I said perfect, I already have the other version. One as a journalist does that ”, he narrated in the interview.

“I did not have to ask Enrique what he was going to publish, because he was an independent journalist. The day after the article was published, Enrique sent a fax to Tina Galindo’s office telling me. ‘Great asshole, what did you do’, he wrote it in his own handwriting ”.

They warn you to be careful with Enrique Guzmán

The day Enrique Guzmán threatened a journalist with a gun
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“Tina Galindo sends me to talk because I worked with her and she tells me: ‘Hey, Victor, what is this, because Enrique treats you like this?’ And I told her that I didn’t know it was the first time and she told me then solve it and be careful with this guy ”, Víctor Hugo recalled in the talk.

The note with Miguel Blasco unleashed the fury of Enrique Guzmán, and it was when he violently threatened him. “I arrive at the ‘after’ and there was a deathly silence, when before Victor Hugo arrived it was a reason to party, everyone who was there left, there were always people, and he said: ‘leave me with him'”.

Enrique Guzmán threatened him with a gun in hand

The day Enrique Guzmán threatened a journalist with a gun
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“He puts me in the bedroom, and puts a gun to my head, I remember perfectly… There was a plate full, you know, of substance and he started hitting me, he started hitting me and hitting me and he told me: ‘is that because of you now my daughter hates me, she says that I want to scam her, ”said the journalist.

He continued narrating: “‘I want to keep that money’, because what Miguel Blasco said was that, that Enrique wanted to keep those 2 million, that’s why he was fighting, because at that time Alejandra was intoxicated all the time.”

Enrique’s aggression did not stop

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“He starts hitting me and I tell him: ‘Hey sir, if you’re going to shoot me, then pull him, right?’, He says, ‘What? Many h * evos? ‘ And I tell him ‘no, just two but I’m dying of fear’, he throws the gun on the bed, he lets go of the bed and starts crying, ‘it’s because of you now my daughter hates me, get out, I don’t want to see you again in my life. ‘ WATCH VIDEO HERE

‘Scared to death’ the journalist left the room: “I left the room scared to death, I started walking through Reforma, I had forgotten that I had left my car there; to walk and walk, did not understand what had happened. I did not see him again until 5 years later in a Televisa program that Daniela Romo hosted, and I think he did not remember, he greeted me very cordially, very normal, since that day I have not seen him again, “he concluded.

Zero and two go … those who accuse him of violent


Before the episode of violence of Enrique Guzmán against Víctor Hugo Sánchez. It was the actress Lorena Velázquez who revealed that she suffered physical abuse from Alejandra Guzmán’s father: “He hit me on the hand and I almost went out of my mouth.”

While she was in the promotion of the film The devil knows how old he is, the first actress recalled that on one occasion Enrique Guzmán hit her on the hand when they were thanking the public at the end of a staging.

I did not want the actress to speak

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“(It was) because I said that the producer was from Puebla and I asked for applause for him and this (Enrique Guzmán) gave him a lot of courage because he was the star and he hits me. When I asked him why he had hit me, he told me that because the only one who could speak was him ”.

The first actress also recalled that on that occasion she told Enrique Guzmán that they were all stars there and that he had never been the star of a movie, he was always “Rocío Durcal and Enrique Guzmán”, “Angélica María and Enrique Guzmán”.

He calls Enrique Guzmán a ‘disgusting fat man’

Enrique Guzmán cries after accusations of Frida Sofía and says he does not know what to do
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“I mean, what’s wrong? At the age of 70 he was already a ‘disgusting fat man’ “, said on that occasion Lorena Velázquez, receiving immediate support from the users:” And enemies of this man will continue to come out to continue attacking “,” This guy has gone beyond more and they have left it until now, enough already ”.

In addition, Lorena Velázquez shared what she said to the producer at that time in the face of Enrique Guzmán’s threats: “If you bring me a notary, I will leave the work, because the ANDA (National Association of Actors of Mexico) is not going to sue me. ”.

‘I know that Guzmán is very violent’

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But that would not be all, Lorena Velázquez said that: “I know that (Enrique) Guzmán is very violent and I know that he hit me on the hand and that, almost, I go to the mouth and in front of the whole public. And he ran me out of the theater and told the producer that if I acted he no longer wanted to work and do the second show. ”

“And apart from being very rude, very rude, he insulted my son, he said he had a role in the play and you know what? That he ran us both and said that he was going to break my mad … on TV Notes, my son and me, “confessed the actress, who assured that she will never work with him again.

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