The coronavirus is just the beginning! They warn of the diseases that will come from global warming (PHOTOS)

They warn of the appearance of diseases due to global warming This statement is made in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in the worl...

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  • They warn of the appearance of diseases due to global warming
  • This statement is made in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in the world
  • They say there are ‘frozen’ viruses that could be very harmful to humans

In full pandemic by coronavirus, scientists they report that global warming will bring many viruses that will trigger diseases, according to information published by the news agency of The universal.

To better explain what could happen if climate change does not stop, an expert on the subject speaks verbatim about it and warns of catastrophes natural.

“Beneath the permafrost there is a whole biological diversity that thousands of years ago was trapped by ice. There are viruses that can endure in this state of hibernation for about 30 thousand years. The threat is twofold. First, because we do not know what we are facing, although there is evidence that there are thousands of frozen viruses ”.

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He added: “And secondly, we are not prepared at the level of immunity to face this type of virus, because our genetic registry does not have proof of them and we could be very vulnerable”, explained Maxime Renaudin, founder of the environmental organization Tree- Nation.

Then he did not hesitate to issue a danger warning: “Probably the vast majority of these viruses would not be harmful. But it only takes a small percentage of lethal viruses to pose a big problem for humanity. “

And he concluded: “These pathogens would keep their contagion potential intact from the moment they hibernate. When they are activated again, they would be as in the first day “, says the expert.

Those viruses or diseases that could cause overheating appear to be hibernating in permafrost, a frozen layer of soil in the arctic areas of Alaska, Siberia and Canada.

He also points out that known and unknown viruses can exist under that ice layer, which could be very harmful to health.

On the next page we will leave you more about that warning that is made, since it is a very special concern of scientists in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Within the information that is given in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, global warming, it is indicated that some diseases could be ‘uncovered’ for which humans are not prepared.

It is even warned that some of those viruses could be deadly for humanity, as the thaw would release some of them.

“It is estimated that permafrost contains the largest methane reserves in the world and its release would mean a fivefold increase in emissions of this gas that are currently produced. At that point, even if we stopped all human activities, we could not do anything to avoid the catastrophe, “said the expert.

Then he added: “We know that the permafrost is thawing; what we do not know is the speed with which it does it and if we have enough time to react, “said the head of the environmental organization that works for reforestation against climate change.

“It could be that the breaking point happened 25 years ago or that it happens in the next quarter of a century. We are playing Russian roulette. The only thing we know for sure is that the risk is total and that the catastrophe may have biblical proportions, because if we do not manage to make a more sustainable planet and control climate change and the melting of permafrost, we enter an absolutely unknown world, with a extinction of 80% or 90% of all species, with flooded countries, famine, massive displacements and a long list of calamities ”, he explains.

And he adds: “We need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to practically zero and, secondly, we have to trap some of those emissions, by planting trees for example, to recapture gases such as CO2, which are already in the atmosphere and that they will continue to overheat the planet if we don’t intervene ”.

Global warming

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At the end of March, a virus also alerted the world and is that in the midst of the worldwide health emergency due to the coronavirus, a virus set off the alert in China, due to the death of a person from Hantavirus, a disease that It is transmitted through the urine and feces of rats, according to information published on the Grupo Fórmula website.

According to the portal, when the case was confirmed, the authorities applied an order to carry out clinical studies on more than 30 people who were close to the man, as a way of being aware of a possible contagion. The case has powerfully drawn the world’s attention.

The Grupo Fórmula website indicated that a man who was traveling in a bus fell to the ground unexpectedly, so the passengers immediately had to call the emergency bodies. The man was unconscious but later it was found that he no longer had vital signs.


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Subsequently, the health authorities applied the corresponding medical laboratory tests and it was confirmed that he died of hantavirus, a disease also known as pulmonary syndrome. This news has triggered a general alert, because China just finished the mandatory isolation that was applied as a measure to try to contain the spread of coronavirus that affects the whole world.

On those dates, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a fund to fight Covid-19 and announced the first results of the initiative, according to which Japan and Germany, followed by China, are the countries that most have donated.

Warming diseases

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