The 15 hottest photos of Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo in bikini (PHOTOS)

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  • Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo have captivated with their bikini photos
  • Mexican women are among the most recognized conductors on television
  • For their long career they have been considered one of the best presenters

Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo in bikini. The Mexican television network, Televisa, has considered himself very fortunate to have in his ranks two of the women most talented and recognized in the entertainment world, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, who have demonstrated over the years their incredible ability to express themselves before the public.

The career of these two celebrities It has made an impact in Mexico and the United States, as both have great talent for both the acting and comedy fields. Now we show you the best images of the drivers posing before the camera in tiny bikinis, showing off their figures.

Andrea Legarreta at 51 shows her statuesque body

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini

The outstanding actress and host was born on July 12, 1978 in Mexico City. She participated in different programs and Televisa novels, where her work stood out, now the Mexican decides to show off her statuesque figure, sharing an image on her account. Instagram.

“Earth” swallow me and spit me out “here again !! Now! ”, So he decided to accompany the photo where he is on the beach in Acapulco, and where the followers were amazed by the worked body that the presenter wears and that many of that age yearn to possess, even some celebrities also left their comments.

Galilea Montijo in a bikini is not far behind

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini 2

For her part, the television presenter, Galilea Montijo, 47 years old, has shown again that age is only a number, and decides to show her body in a sexy, very colorful two-piece swimsuit, while she is posing in the pool.

What. Beautifull. Galy. Blessings. ”,“ Mamasiita ”,“ Leave your hat and necklace, my Galilea’s great body is envious ”,“ The one that is pretty is pretty… ”,“ The prettiest of all ”,“ Everything is fine Except that pile of Earrings In your Ear looks bad but to taste the colors ”, were some of the comments.

Andrea Legarreta, a gift from God

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini 3

Andrea Legarreta constantly captivates her fans, sharing photos of herself wearing an impressive figure. On this occasion, the presenter can be seen enjoying a sunset, wearing a swimsuit, accompanied by a sarong that leaves nothing to the imagination.

“Simply perfect, speechless in the face of all that beauty”, “Bella, pretty braids and beautiful legs”, “How beautiful you really are,” “I love Legarreta”, were some of the messages Andrea received from Internet users who admire and respect her.

Galilea Montijo showing his back

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini 4

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres is a Mexican television presenter, host, and actress. She has participated as an actress in various telenovelas in Mexico and is currently the host of the Hoy program, she has made several variety and reality shows, one of the most recent was Pequeños Gigantes.

The celebrity is also the owner of a body of envy, and constantly on her social network account, Gali boasts to her fans how year after year that figure is captivating more and more viewers, who have been left with their mouths open by how the presenter in her photos.

Andrea Legarreta in the water

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini 5
“Here, wanting to be there … Missing the sweet pleasure of walking on the warm sand and being caressed by the sea … #FaltaMenos If you could transport yourself to a place other than where you are now, where would it be?”, So he decided to accompany the snapshot where he is in the sea playing.
Whoever the sea was to be able to caress you and reach the most intimate part of you princess “,” To Mazamitla, to walk through the forest and sit and admire the landscape while I meditate “,” It would transport me to Tamasopo, I loved that place “,” You are a beautiful love Andy ”, wrote the users.

Galilea Montijo, synonymous with beauty

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini 6

In October of last year, Galilea, shared on his social network account, a photograph where he dazzles with his beauty, since he appears in a black swimsuit, with a transparent robe and sunglasses, while he is modeling on the shore of a pool.

Several followers commented on the image: “You look divine, you look spectacular, beautiful princess ”,“ Look at nothing more than a more beautiful thing ”,“ What a delicious papayita you have, Mommy ”,“ I want to suck your bread… ”,“ I am 12 years old and you are the love of my life ” , “Very pretty as always”, were the lustful comments.

Andrea Legarreta competes with him with a transparent robe

Andrea Legarreta Galilea Montijo bikini 7
With the phrase: “You just have to look back to remember how you got to where you are now.”, So the Mexican said how she lives life, and to culminate in the image she wears a transparent gown that shows her body wearing a bikini in black, it is worth mentioning that it looks spectacular.
“Hello good morning and by the way very good as you and your daughters are very pretty and beautiful they took out all of you beautiful beautiful charismatic beautiful legs the three exquisite boobs and beautiful buttocks are to make a foursome I would eat at three and I would release those beautiful buttocks 3 o’clock ”, said a pervert to Andrea Legarreta.

Hoy’s host in a pink swimsuit


Galilea Montijo knows how to look sensual in any image, wearing any outfit. This time, the actress can also be seen in a pink swimsuit with black polka dots, where she seems to be a little too small, since her crotch almost shows too much, but she adds that she misses the sea.

“In the sky the stars in the sea the seagulls and in the middle of your legs bouncing my balls … beautiful”, “Your bikini is two three but you make it beautiful “,” Delicious pano … Gali what beautiful NALGOTOTAS you have “,”@galileamontijo you are a work of art ”, commented his followers.

The protagonist of “Vivan los Niños” is quite a romantic

“When you don’t expect it. That is the perfect time. # Smile # SmileMuch Even though sometimes you can’t find reasons to smile. Good morning beauties !! God bless you!! “, Was the phrase that Andrea Legarreta placed in one of her publications in a multicolored bikini.
The fans were present: “How pretty she reminds me of my aunt dunia. Identical to her .. With her beautiful eyelashes and of course her smile brighter than the sun… Say hello ”,“ Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy you look at my beautiful sky ”,“ I love you beautiful I love the way you see life ”.

Galilee celebrating with a particular style


Galilea Montijo previously shared a snapshot where she is lying down showing her leg and celebrating by raising a glass with her hand. The Mexican, very faithful to her sensual style, wears a white robe where you can see her cream-colored bikini and smiling at life.

“Celebrating life in the #CasaDeSal style with @galileamontijo. This is how weekends are lived with beautiful people and happy smiles! /// Congratulations my @paolacarus It’s going to be incredible ”, was the phrase or the headline that Gali used to let his followers know that he was celebrating.

Andrea Legarreta and her conversations with God


It has been mentioned previously that the Mexican actress and presenter is a faithful believer in God. The previous year, Andrea shared a video where she wears a black and white bathing suit, and her ponytails as a hairstyle, with the phrase “conversations with God”, and the sky is moving in an incredible way.

You look exquisite and you have beautiful breasts “,” I wish you everything and nothing everything that makes you happy to smile and live and nothing that makes you suffer and cry precious “,” Read the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch “, As always, her users who follow her on her Instagram account commented.

He celebrated the 5 million in a very sexy way


Andrea Legarreta is quite a celebrity on social networks, since in December 2020, she reached 5 million followers on Instagram, and she celebrated it by wearing a daring orange bikini, with a straw hat, and with her hand outstretched making the sign of 5 that left everyone with their mouths open.

“5 million THANKS for being there, for accompanying me, reading me, supporting me and adding with your presence in my career and in my life !! I read them, sometimes I can’t read everything, but I read them a lot and I value their presence so much! Sometimes I answer them and sometimes I try to let them know that I read them with a but I ALWAYS appreciate their presence and comments! ”.

Andrea Legarreta tanning


In another of her most sensual publications, the host of the Hoy program appears posing for the camera, lying on her stomach, in a two-piece thong-style swimsuit, which causes lust just by looking at her, it is worth mentioning that the celebrity is tanning under the sun.

“Thanks @ mali.tanning for this cool suntan lotion !! First I put on a factor 50 sunscreen and then I put on the golden Mali with glitter and it looks and feels SPECTACULAR !! “,” You are spectacular, your precious with that delicious butt “, commented one of his followers.

Gali in Acapulco


Through his Instagram account, Galilea Montijo shared a video where the actress is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Acapulco, Mexico. Gali is sitting in the post, shaking her head around to show off her long hair.

Apparently, this recording was uploaded when he confirmed that he was infected with coronavirus. Internet users did not miss that detail: “The recovery was fast ”,“ And what about the covid ”,“ I thought I had covid? ”,“ So anyone recovers quickly from the covid ”, they commented.

Andrea and Gali two great celebrities


There is no doubt that the television network Televisa should consider itself lucky to have this pair of talents: Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo, since they both have it all. Despite having been working for several years, both have beauty, sensuality, charisma, intelligence, among other virtues.

And you … between Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo in a bikini, who do you stay with?

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