The 10 bikini photos of Lili Estefan and her daughter Lina that impact with their ‘legs’ (PHOTOS)

The photos of Lili Estefan and her daughter Lina in a bikini appear Both mother and daughter show their beauty The images were shared on ...

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  • The photos of Lili Estefan and her daughter Lina in a bikini appear
  • Both mother and daughter show their beauty
  • The images were shared on social networks

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini. The presenter television, Lili Estefan, is known for her El Gordo y la Flaca program, she is one of the most beloved in the world of show business, in the United States, and although she is sometimes criticized, today she shows with her daughter Lina Lauces, the beauty they have wearing a bikini.

La Flaca is one of the most charismatic conductors on American television, now Lili Estefan, she lets herself be seen as she has rarely done by showing off her stylized figure in a swimsuit on her account. Instagram, and the compliments from his followers did not wait to be shocked.

Lili Estefan in a bikini with her “pet”

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini

In one of her posts that she shared on her official Instagram account, the host of El Gordo y la Flaca left her more than 3 million followers with their mouths open, after appearing in an image wearing a tiny blue swimsuit and green.

In the photo you can see how she is carrying a pig, while smiling for the camera, Internet users immediately reacted: “What a great body that skinny girl has”, “I would like to make you my wife”, “Precious and beautiful”, “I love you, the most beautiful “,” Great body, time does not pass for you, very pretty “, you can read in some comments.

Lili Estefan in blue bikini

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini 2

In another image, Lili Estefan wears a blue swimsuit, accompanied by a white sarong that causes the gazes of her fans to turn to her long legs. The Cuban driver smiles for the camera while walking on the beach in another photo of her vacation memory.

“Sexy mommy”, “You are unique, Lili! Do not allow anything or anyone to steal that shine that you transmit “,” Lili, you are very beautiful, I would like to make love to you “,” You look adorable and charming, fantastic and fabulous “,” Because you are so beautiful, Lili “,” Always beautiful “,” Skinny, you look great, I hope one day I will be granted to see that you dare to show off your buttocks … “, they commented on the photo.

The Cuban hits with a transparent robe

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini 3
Instagram photo

With the phrase: “I keep coming out images like these from the last three years !!! How I miss you Bahamas #Happy Friday beautiful people. I need a vacation ”, that’s how Lili Estefan headed, the photograph where she wears a two-piece black swimsuit, as well as a transparent robe, while posing next to a palm.

Most of the users were delighted after the Cuban shared this series of images: “Lili, how I love your strength and security, also how you are an exemplary mother, blessings”, “Beautiful woman”, Lili, you have a charisma cute, I always look at you happy ”,“ Lili, you really are very natural ”,“ More beautiful, impossible ”.

Lili Estefan turns on social networks

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini 3

In one of the most ardent publications of the Flaca, the Cuban is observed posing for a photo session, on a yacht, while she shows off her figure with a daring pink bikini, the presenter is sitting on the railing of the boat, and This provokes the lust of his fans.

As beautiful and precious as always kisses from California “,” You are proud of our Lili, health for your Latino community and your family. “,” That’s Lili and with that beauty of a woman and a model, more blessings, happy weekend, my eternal smile, take care of yourself . ”Were some of the messages.

Lili Estefan now wears a red bikini

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini 4

It is worth highlighting the beauty of this talented driver, and it is that constantly in her social network account, she has silenced thousands of mouths, who have criticized her so much for how thin she is, but in this photo where she is wearing a red swimsuit, she shows who is the owner of a beauty and an enviable body.

“She cannot be a competition for Clarisa Molina, she is much older than she has real to wear everything, yes, but with youth there is no competition”, “What richer legs and delicious mature woman that drives me crazy”, “I knew you are perfect My skinny, what pride for us as having a big woman like you is one of the reasons for being proud of being Hispanic ”.

Daughter of Lili Estefan, Lina in bikini

Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini 5

There is no doubt that Lina Lauces, daughter of the driver Lili Estefan, inherited the incredible beauty of her mother, since the physical similarity between the two is impressive, the long legs of the young woman who boasts in a black bikini, have left her with open mouth to all his followers.

Hello friend, you look very sexy, heart and have a good afternoon, pretty ”,“ Beautiful Cuban girl! ”,“ Identical to mom in that photo ”,“ You are a goddess ”, commented some of the users who admire Lili’s young daughter, while she is posing on a stone with the sea in the background.

Lina in red bikini celebrating her birthday


At the party of her 18 years, Lina Lauces, impacted with a daring and sexy bikini in red color that leaves nothing to the imagination, the now young adult, shows that she is no longer a girl, and causes great lust among her followers in your account Instagram, with the uploaded image.

“Very pretty with your bikinis”, “You have an incredible body, Linita”, “Precious, God bless her and take good care of herself ”,“ Hello beautiful Sexy Beautiful ”,“ I would love to suck your pretty feet ”, were some of the compliments she received from Internet users who go crazy for her.

Lina laying on the beach in Cancun


On one of her vacations on the beaches of Mexico, La Flaca’s daughter decided to pose on the beach in Cancun, in a brown swimsuit, with a daring neckline to the navel, and in a position that leaves her mouth open to any man, while she tans in the sun.

The fans were immediately present: “Beautiful and exotic. What I like the most is that it is natural !! “,” That is a beautiful body unlike other bodies out there that are full of silicone “,” You are very good “, it is worth mentioning that Lina leaves a heading where she invites her friend to come back.

Lina enjoying the magical waters of Haiti


The 18-year-old girl shows once again that she is no longer mommy’s daughter, since in the image shared on her social network, you can see how she boasts her great attributes, wearing a tiny multicolored two-piece bikini, while she enjoys the waters of Haiti.

“Very beautiful lady”, “linaluaces the prettiest girl of all “,” So beautiful that this mommy “, the shower of compliments and compliments were present in the comments of Lili’s daughter, where a large number of reactions and messages were published by users who are in love with Lina.

Lina Lauces in white bikini

Again the model Lina Lauces, captivated with her beauty on the beach in Cancun, Mexico, where she now wears a daring white bikini that delights the pupil of men, while she is relaxed posing before the camera on the beach, enjoying the sun, teaching her long tanned legs.
What ricotta this girl is, she has almost surpassed her mother. Stay my girl. ”,“ Beautiful but your mommy is beautiful ”,“ Beautiful girl, you are so talented. God bless you “,” What is inherited is not stolen, you are beautiful, how proud you are to feel, mommy, congratulations, “commented some followers. Filed under Lili Estefan Lina Lauces bikini. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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