Texas: Yordanis Pache ended up in jail for stabbing three men (PHOTO)

Fight between neighbors: Hispanic Yordani Pache, 31, along with a friend got into a fight with neighbors southwest of Houston, Texas. Thr...

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Foto: Departamento de Policía de Houston.
  • Fight between neighbors: Hispanic Yordani Pache, 31, along with a friend got into a fight with neighbors southwest of Houston, Texas.
  • Three people were wounded by stab wounds allegedly made by Pache and his accomplice who is a fugitive.
  • The charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, such as the one facing Pache, is punishable in Texas by a sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison.

Cuban Yordani Pache was arrested in Houston, Texas, after staging a stabbing fight in which he wounded three men.

Pache, 31, was detained by agents of the Division of Violent Assaults and Family Violence of the Houston Police Department (HPD) accused of having stabbed three other Hispanics after a fight.

According to the HPD report, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, it all started in the middle of a fight in an apartment complex in the southwest of the metropolitan area.

On Friday, September 18, 2020 at 3:05 in the morning, HPD patrollers responded to an emergency call from several dismayed neighbors who reported a fight between hispanics and with several wounded.

HPD agents reported to the Parkway / Parkgreen On Bellaire Apartments, 8002 Bellaire Boulevard, from where the violent fight between five men was reported in the Sharpstown neighborhood.

When the first patrolmen arrived at the scene, they found Hispanics Johnathan Beltrán, 20 years old; Luis Vásquez, 60 years old, and Adrián Fuentes, 31 years old, seriously injured and stabbed.

Due to the severity of their injuries, the three men were rushed to a hospital in the area.

The statement of the three men, neighbors in that apartment complex, and those who were interviewed separately agreed that the early morning of the incident they got into a neighborhood fight with shouts and insults with two other men.

However, the fight escalated from shouting and insults to physical assaults and at one point the other two men struck at them with their fists and a knife.

Yordani Pache, 31, was arrested on charges of having stabbed three men after a lawsuit between neighbors. (Photo: Houston Police Department)

When the wounded presented their statement, the case was passed to the agents of the HPD Violent Assault and Family Violence Division, who carried out the investigations.

The agents were able to determine thanks to the statements of the three victims that one of the alleged assailants lived in the same apartment complex where the events took place.

Thanks to that, the agents identified him as Yordani Pache, or Yordani Pache-Brito, born in Cuba but already nationalized as a United States citizen.

Based on an arrest warrant for aggravated assault with injuries, HPD agents detained Yordani Pache on Monday, September 21, and he was taken to the Harris County Jail.

According to the testimonies of the three victims, at one point during the confrontation Pache drew a pistol and threatened to shoot the other men before stabbing them together with his accomplice.

However, when the HPD agents arrested Pache, the man no longer had any weapons with him. Agents are now trying to determine where he got the gun from because he is not legally allowed to carry a gun.

The other man who attacked the three victims escaped from the apartment complex where the events took place in a van, of which no further details are known, and the authorities are investigating the identity of the second attacker.

HPD detectives believe that Pache’s accomplice is the one who took the gun with him and that is why it is now a priority for the agents of the Division of Violent Assaults and Family Violence to know who he is, to know his whereabouts and to arrest him.

Yordani Pache was brought before Judge Kelli Johnson of Criminal Court 178 of District in Harris County who allowed him to face his process in freedom after the payment of a bond of $ 35.00.

Pache left jail after posting bail while Judge Johnson ordered him not to drink alcohol, use drugs, carry no weapons, and stay away from any of the people he allegedly assaulted.

If Yordani Pache violates any of Judge Johnson’s orders, he could go back to jail for violation of his bail.

According to Texas Penal Code the crime of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, such as the one accused by Pache, faces a sentence of 2 to 20 years to anyone found guilty after facing trial.

Now HPD needs the help of the Hispanic community in Houston, Texas, to find out the identity and whereabouts of Yordani Pache’s accomplice.

HPD, along with the nonprofit organization Houston Crime Stoppers They ask that if someone knows the identity of the man they contact his office at 713.308.88.00 or 713.222.8477. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

As of this writing, Judge Johnson has not determined when the next hearing in the case against Yordani Pache will be.

The three injured are already recovering from their injuries that, after several days of convalescence, no longer put their lives at risk.

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