Texas: Yesenia Abigail is shot to death and her crime is a mystery (PHOTOS)

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FOTO Departamento de Policía de Fort Worth
  • Yesenia Abigail Corpus-García, a 19-year-old Mexican immigrant, was shot dead at her home in Texas
  • The authorities have so far no clues about the motive for the crime
  • A neighbor’s video camera captured images of the two alleged killers

Yesenia Abigail Corpus-García was shot and killed in her home in Fort worth, Texas, and his crime is a mystery to authorities.

The murder of Corpus-García, 19, is investigated by the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD), which needs the help of the community to find the killers.

Corpus-García died of several shots that he received at his home and the authorities have so far no certainty on the motive that could have caused his death.

The FWPD Homicide Division has not questioned any suspects either, according to the case report, but it does have video footage from the security cameras of a neighbor’s home, which could help solve the problem. brutal crime.

The murder of Corpus-García occurred on Monday, September 14, and was discovered because one of his neighbors called the authorities after hearing shots at the girl’s house.

At 8:30 a.m. that Monday, a person called the FWPD emergency number to tell them that several gunshots were heard at his neighbor’s home, at 2800 South Adams Street.

A patrolman arrived at the house indicated by the neighbor and found that the door was open and then called for reinforcements.

The first FWPD agents reported finding a Hispanic girl, shot to death inside the house. There were no signs of violence.

Officers from the FWPD Homicide Division then arrived at the scene to conduct investigations, but did not immediately reveal the identity of the victim.

Yesenia Abigail Corpus-García, 19 years old. (PHOTO Fort Worth Police Department)

The agents were struck by the fact that none of the doors of the house had been forced, nor that anything of value had been lost in the home located in the peaceful neighborhood of South Hemphill Heights, very close to the Texas Christian University (TCU).

Homicide Division agents then began asking neighbors if anyone had images from their security cameras that could help them.

Because one of those neighbors had heard the shots, the authorities concentrated on getting the images in the hour before the report was made to the emergency number.

One of the neighbors also revealed to the authorities that at the end of the street he saw a man inside a gray Ram Charger truck, which was parked there for several minutes and caught his attention because he had not seen him before.

A neighbor of the house where Yesenia Abigail was killed claimed to have seen a Ram Charger pickup, which he had never seen, standing on the street moments before the crime and with a man inside.

Based on that neighbor’s statement, the FWPD Homicide Division agents obtained a video, short in duration, in which two men presumably African-American or Hispanic with dark complexions are seen walking on the sidewalk.

First they are seen calmly going from the point where the Ram Charger truck was on its way to the Corpus-Garcia house and then they are seen with the same calm going back to the truck.

The two men wore baseball caps, dark clothing and at all times walked with their hands tucked into the pockets of their pants. The two alleged perpetrators enter the girl’s house through the garage.

Their shirts are long-sleeved and it cannot be determined if they have identifying tattoos or scars. When they walk back to the truck, they are not seen to be carrying anything that they stole from the Corpus-Garcia home.

Two men got out of the Ram Charger truck and walked to Yesenia Abigail’s house and then returned calmly.

According to a source within the investigation and who spoke with MundoHispánico On condition of not revealing her identity, Yesenia Abigail Corpus-García was a Mexican immigrant in Texas and originally from Saltillo, in the state of Coahuila.

Agents from the FWPD’s Homicide Division are investigating the girl’s friendships to see if there are any leads to her killers.

If anyone in the community knows or has seen the alleged killers of Yesenia Abigail Corpus-García, the FWPD requests that they contact their Homicide Division office at 817-392-43. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

FWPD agents know that the truck, when it arrived in the Corpus-Garcia neighborhood, had overlapping paper temporary permit plates, and if anyone recognizes the Ram Charger truck, that may also be another clue to the girl’s killers.

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