Texas will use “all legal recourse” against Biden’s immigration policy



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  • The Texas Attorney General has warned that he will use “all legal recourse” against President Biden’s immigration policy.
  • The Republican stated that he would sue the Biden Administration to “end these failed policies.”
  • “The current system is not the best way to bring people to our country,” said the Texas prosecutor.

The Texas Attorney General, Republican Ken Paxton, warned on Wednesday that he will use “all available legal resources” to sue the Administration of President Joe Biden and end its “failed immigration policies,” the news agency Eph reported.

Paxton visited the Freeman Coliseum sports arena in San Antonio, where hundreds of asylum-seeking children and teenagers are being temporarily sheltered and where, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, abuses may be committed against these minors.

Texas prosecutor sues Biden

Texas sues biden
Photo: AP.

“The reality is that there is no way we can be prepared to deal with a problem with this number of children in need. The staff at these facilities are widely dispersed and have difficulty caring for these children individually, which is what they desperately need, ”Paxton said, quoted in a statement from his office.

“For the safety of Texas, our nation, and the children housed in these facilities, I will use all available resources to sue the Biden Administration and end these failed policies,” added Paxton, who has already led several lawsuits against the Biden’s policies.

Multiple lawsuits against Biden’s policies

texas sues biden
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In the opinion of the attorney general texan, the current system is not the “best way to bring people to our country. Better, safer and more methodical ways must be put into practice ”.

The statement indicated that, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of the federal government, more than 22,000 foreign minors are sheltered in Texas, 18,000 by that agency and 4,700 by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Thousands of minors have crossed the border alone in Texas

texas sues biden
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In recent months, thousands of minors have been crossing the border alone to seek asylum in the US After being processed by CBP agents, the minors are transferred to HHS, which cares for them until they are handed over to their relatives or families. host in the US while your order progresses.

The growing number of minors has forced the federal government to urgently open new shelters to accommodate them. On April 7, Abbott said it had received reports from the Health and Human Services Commission and the state Department of Family and Protective Services about alleged sexual abuse and child neglect at the Freeman Coliseum.

Alleged sexual abuse in detention centers

texas sues biden
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Abbott said that those agencies also reported that there are not enough personnel on the sports grounds to supervise minors, some of whom do not eat all day, and that those with Covid-19 are not being separated from the healthy.

“The Biden Administration must immediately close this facility, and the children in it must be transferred to other federal facilities where the Government has the space, staff and resources to ensure their safety,” he said.

The White House will investigate the allegations

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Two days later, the White House assured that it will investigate the complaints about alleged sexual abuse of minors and child abandonment in that immigration center, but ruled out that for now it is going to close it.

Since Biden arrived at the White House last January, Paxton has sued the government to avoid suspending the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) policy, by which asylum seekers had to wait in Mexico until their request was resolved. , and also the public charge rule, with which permanent legal residence could be denied to immigrants who resorted to public assistance.

Lawsuits from other states

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The MPP restricted the “ability of illegal aliens to remain in the United States during immigration proceedings,” said Paxton and Missouri District Attorney Eric Schmitt.

On Monday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sued the Federal Government for the suspension of the construction of a border wall and the cancellation of the MPP, also known as “Stay in Mexico.”

Biden allowed immigrants to enter the United States.

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Shortly after his presidential inauguration on January 20, Biden canceled this measure shortly after arriving at the White House and allowed some 25,000 immigrants to begin entering the United States.

This is how they proceeded before President Trump decreed that policy at the beginning of 2019. People who arrived in the United States seeking asylum received an appointment for an immigration court and, pending that hearing, they were released within the country.

Unprecedented load

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The president “could immediately remedy the flow of crime across our border by restoring MPP,” Paxton said. “Dangerous criminals take advantage of the lag in our policing and this results in human trafficking, smuggling (and) a plethora of violent crimes.”

To all this, according to Paxton, is added “an enormous and unprecedented burden on the state and federal programs for which taxpayers pay.”

Texas already won a lawsuit against Biden

texas sues biden
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The Texas and Missouri lawsuit, filed between the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas, names as defendants Biden, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and the heads of the Customs and Border Protection Office of the Control Service of Immigration and Customs, and of the Service of Immigration and Citizenship.

In these weeks Paxton already beat Biden once in the courts in the measure of the Democrat to suspend deportations for 100 days, which was suspended by a judge.

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