Texas: Víctor Sánchez is shot dead by police fire

Hispanic murdered: Víctor Sánchez, 44, was shot dead by agents of the San Antonio, Texas Police Department when they attended to what he ...

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Foto: Departamento de Policía de San Antonio.
  • Hispanic murdered: Víctor Sánchez, 44, was shot dead by agents of the San Antonio, Texas Police Department when they attended to what he thought was a report of theft to an apartment.
  • Sánchez fell dead in the house of his girlfriend Angelic Barrón after he pointed a rifle at the policemen.
  • Authorities have not explained who called the emergency number to report the alleged theft.

Víctor Sánchez was shot and killed by Texas police officers in what began with a report of an apartment robbery.

Sánchez, 44 years old, died from the shots What did six officers of the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD, for its acronym in English).

The incident in Texas is revealed just as many people in the United States are in rage and stupor because a grand jury found three police officers guilty of the murder of the African American woman Breonna Taylor. Only one was charged.

According to the incident report, consulted by MundoHispánico, it all started at 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, in a neighborhood in West San Antonio.

SAPD officers responded to the emergency call at an apartment at 5600 Culebra Road in the neighborhood known as Culebra Park.

According to William McManus, head of the SAPD, the agents arrived at the department where they reported the robbery and were surprised that there was allegedly no one at the scene and returned to their patrols.

The officers were in their patrol cars when they suddenly heard gunshots inside the apartment, the screams of a woman and the cries of a child, so they returned to the scene but already had their weapons ready.

The group of officers arrived at the apartment and could not open the door. Inside the house they continued to hear cries and screams. The officers then agreed to break down the door without delay.

However, when they were about to knock down the door, a woman and five children ran out of the apartment.

Víctor Sánchez was shot and killed by Texas police officers in what began with a report of an apartment robbery.

William McManus, head of the SAPD, assured that Víctor Sánchez threatened the policemen with a rifle and that is why they shot him. (Photo: San Antonio Police Department)

The children, aged between 12 and 1 year old, were in a state of shock, crying and very scared. The woman was also in a panic.

According to the terrified woman inside the house was Víctor Sánchez and who was supposedly armed.

As a precaution, the agents then decided not to enter the apartment and asked the man to drop the gun so that there would not be a shooting, according to McManus, the head of the SAPD.

However, from inside the house the subject yelled at the agents that he had a rifle with him and that he was not going to leave it. Even, always in the official version of the authorities, he threatened to shoot them. Then he hid in the bathroom.

By then, the SAPD agents, thanks to the woman who ran out of the department, already knew that the man was called Víctor Sánchez and that he had recently been released from jail free on bail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the official version of the SAPD, the man came out of the bathroom and walked down the corridor of the department towards the officers who were stationed at the door. At one point the man raised the rifle and pointed it at the officers.

Given the imminent possibility that Víctor Sánchez would unload the rifle, the agents decided to shoot first. The six agents fired, according to the SAPD, at the man who was very badly wounded lying in the hallway by the shots.

However, the authorities do not specify who was the highest ranking officer among the six who were present or who gave the order to shoot.

Texas. Despite the hail of bullets that Víctor Sánchez fell, he did not die at the scene and the SAPD agents tried to save his life.

They even asked the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) transferring the man to the University Hospital where he finally died.

None of the six officers who participated in the shooting was injured since, allegedly, Sánchez did not manage to fire a shot with the rifle.

The six SAPD officials who participated in the shooting of Víctor Sánchez were relieved of their patrol duties and positions in administrative duties while the Internal Affairs Division investigates the case.

Texas. According to the records of MundoHispánico in Texas, the Hispanic Victor Sánchez is the ninth person to die from SAPD bullets in incidents that should have ended in an arrest.

As of this writing, the SAPD has not disclosed the names or ranks of the six patrolmen who participated in the Culebra Road shooting.

According to civil records in Texas, the person who lives in the department of Culebra Road where the events took place is a 28-year-old woman named Angelic Barron who, according to civil records, at least one of her five children was procreated. with Víctor Sánchez in a relationship that the two had.

According to McManus, the head of the SAPD Angelic Barrón was the current girlfriend of Víctor Sánchez. However, as of this writing, it is unclear who called authorities to report the alleged theft.

Images taken from this Telemundo video.

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