Texas revokes immigration order that caused border standstill

Greg Abbott revokes immigration order. The order obstructed the passage of trucks and merchandise at the border. Truckers reported waitin...

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  • Greg Abbott revokes immigration order.
  • The order obstructed the passage of trucks and merchandise at the border.
  • Truckers reported waiting more than 30 to enter the United States.

On Friday, Texas governor Greg Abbott, revoked the immigration order that caused a major back-up of trucks at the border. Governor Abbott had received numerous complaints about the standstill. The Biden administration was especially critical of the move.

Abbott’s immigration order called for commercial trucks coming from Mexico to be extensively searched to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs. Truckers complained that it was taking them more than 30 hours to get into the United States.


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Friday brought good news when it was reported that Texas Governor Abbott had repealed the order to extensively search trucks coming into the US from Mexico. This came as a big relief to hundreds of commercial trucks that were stranded at the border of Mexico and the United States after a rather chaotic week.

On Friday, Abbott revoked his immigration order that obstructed traffic and blocked commercial trucks on the US-Mexico border, The Associated Press reported. The governor’s response came after merchants who transport products began complaining they were facing massive economic losses.

What did the revoked order say?

Texas eliminates immigration order: What did the regulation that revoked contain?
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With the news of the revocation of the immigration order, it is expected that the flow of goods will go back to normal and the supply chain will bounce back. The Republican governor reported on Friday that the new rules requiring all commercial trucks from Mexico to undergo additional inspections to curb the flow of immigrants and drugs had been eliminated.

The announcement reassured the Biden administration, who had been critical of the very strict regulations afflicting businesses waiting for goods from Mexico. The move comes after Abbott met with the governors of Chihuahua and Coahuila to seek an alliance. Filed Under: Texas Removes Immigration Order

Why was the order repealed?

Texas eliminates immigration order: Because of the complaints?
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After the measure was approved and put into effect, several truckers complained about the Texas governor’s decision and there were protests due to the severe controls causing a logjam at the border. Some truckers reported waiting more than 30 hours to cross. Others blocked one of the world’s busiest commercial bridges in protest, the AP reported.

Greg Abbott shared a press release through his office’s website to talk about the situation that ensued from the immigration order and assured that, thanks to their efforts, there were more than “233,000 detentions of migrants”. Likewise, he expressed that the Biden administration was not doing all that was necessary to curb illegal activity along the border. Filed Under: Texas Removes Immigration Order

An alliance with Mexican governors?

Texas eliminates immigration order: because of the alliance with Mexican governors?
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Abbott, who is running for re-election in November and has made the border his top issue, lifted inspections altogether after striking deals with neighboring Mexican states that he says outline new commitments to border security. The latest was signed on Friday with the governor of Tamaulipas who, this week, said the inspections were excessive and created havoc, the AP reported.

“These memoranda of understanding with the state of Chihuahua and the state of Coahuila mark another historic step taken by the state of Texas to resolve the border crisis, keep our communities safe, negotiate with our partners in Mexico, and fill the gaps left by the inaction of the Biden Administration,” Greg Abbott said in the statement. Filed Under: Texas Removes Immigration Order

Under pressure?

Under pressure?
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Abbott was under pressure to withdraw the order as the gridlock at the border worsened and frustration mounted. The American Trucking Association called the inspections “wholly flawed, redundant and adding considerable weight to an already strained supply chain,” The Associated Press reported.

The Texas governor began inspections after the Biden administration said pandemic-related restrictions on seeking asylum at the border would be lifted on May 23. He called the inspections a “zero tolerance policy for unsafe vehicles” that smuggle migrants, the AP reported.

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