Texas offers more than $171 million in rent assistance

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  • The State of Texas offers more than $171 million in rent assistance
  • The aid would go to those who have been economically affected by the pandemic
  • The authorities have not yet reported what the process to request the aid would be, but they are expected to do so in the coming weeks.

The state of Texas offers more than $171 million in rent assistance to those financially affected by the pandemic.

One of the great problems that the coronavirus pandemic has generated is unemployment, which in turn has affected the economy of thousands of American families who are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for basic expenses such as services and rent .

In this situation, Greg abbott, governor of the state of Texas, announced that they would have $171 million dollars, from the funds protected by the Cares Act, to deliver to citizens with the objective of helping them pay their rent.

For the execution of this program, the Texas Supreme Court, the Office of Court Administration and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), local governments and non-profit organizations will work in cooperation, La Opinion reported. The idea will be that as many Texans as they can catch up on their payments and thus avoid evictions.

Senator Jane nelson confirmed that “these funds are intended to help tenants at risk of homelessness and will give them time to catch up on payments amid these tough economic times.”

Texas offers more than $171 million in rent assistance

Of the $ 171 million that will be earmarked for this program, $ 167 million will be for direct assistance and $ 4.2 million will be allocated through the Texas Supreme Court to assist state legal advisers and pro bono attorneys who provide their legal services. citizens, Abbott explained.

“The Texas Eviction Program is crucial to our state’s response to COVID-19 and will help many families recover from the impact of the pandemic without the imminent threat of eviction,” stated the Governor.

The authorities have not yet informed what the process to request the aid would be, but they are expected to do so in the coming weeks.

“The rental assistance and the Texas Eviction Diversion Program will help the courts deal with the anticipated flood of eviction requests by reducing filings and diverting cases toward an acceptable settlement.” Abbott added.

California: Long Beach to Issue $1,000 Checks to Pay Rent

In California, specifically the coastal city of Long Beach will issue checks for $ 1,000 to help families pay rent.

Robert Garcia, mayor of the city, informed that they will begin to send the checks with the money for the rent next week.

He also indicated that the aid will be delivered to about 2,000 families for a period of 3 consecutive months.

“Long Beach will begin sending checks for $ 1000 in rental assistance for 3 consecutive months to families who need additional support during this pandemicHe wrote through his twitter account.

“This is a form of universal basic income and more cities need to adopt these direct support programs,” added the local president.

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California: Long Beach to Issue $ 1,000 Checks to Pay Rent

According to García, almost 2,000 families in the city of Long Beach who have been severely affected by the pandemic will receive checks for $ 1,000 per month for a period of three months. That is to say, the total benefit that they will be able to enjoy will be $ 3,000 dollars, whose objective is to help them pay the rent payments for their home.

Oscar Orci, director of Development Services of the city, indicated that in this first stage the money will reach 1,767 households. NY Journal.

This program was approved at the beginning of June and was immediately announced to the citizens. Subsequently, the local government was receiving information from those who applied until last August 14. By that date they had already accumulated a total of 2,410 applications. The program has already closed the applications and is now preparing to distribute the $ 5.3 million dollars destined to help those who are at risk due to the pandemic.

New Jersey approves $ 25 million in rent assistance

Faced with the potential flood of evictions that would occur in New Jersey in the coming months due to the economic crisis that has unleashed the coronavirus pandemic, some homeowners and tenants will be able to get help thanks to a new, multi-million dollar assistance program.

This Friday, Governor Phil Murphy along with Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver presented a new emergency aid program, which they called the Small Landlord Emergency Grant Program, which will allow owners of small buildings to qualify to be chosen among the beneficiaries of the 25 million dollars. dollars in aid that are destined to cover rent payments for the period from April to July. The program will be administered by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Agency.

Funded through the CARES Act, the grant amounts will be generated based on the total amount of late rent payments and the number of rental units affected by the pandemic serving low and moderate income tenants. As part of the program, homeowners who receive assistance will be required to transfer benefits to their tenants by forgiving back rent and late fees accrued by units affected by the crisis.

Grant funds will be allocated on a case-by-case basis, based on the number of units affected by COVID and the amount of rent lost.

“To emerge stronger from this crisis, we need to make direct investments in our most affected neighborhoods and communities,” Murphy said in a statement. “Ensuring that responsible homeowners can continue to maintain their properties and provide quality housing to our tenants is essential to our recovery. Through this program, we can also provide direct support to tenants affected by COVID by forgiving back rent. ”

Oliver, who serves as a commissioner for the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and chairs the board of directors for the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA), favored it, saying in a statement that the program will offer “much needed relief.”

“We know that many of New Jersey’s homeowners are not businesses or corporations. Rather they are families and individuals. And like the families they rent to, they are struggling because they often don’t have access to capital or federal resources, ”Oliver said. “The number one priority of this program is to provide much-needed relief to smallholders, who in turn, pass the benefits on to their tenants, who are also struggling to stay afloat amid this ongoing public health and economic crisis. ”.

Oliver said landlords will have to provide proof of the unpaid rent and financial impact during the application process. Tenants can also be contacted to confirm information. According to Oliver, money given to approved applicants will not have to be returned. However, if a landlord misrepresented or misrepresented the application process, you will have to refund the money that was given to you through the program and could face additional repercussions.

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