Texas: Isaiah Delgado is arrested after causing chaos in Laredo

Isaiah Delgado was arrested in Laredo, Texas, after barricading himself in a house for more than six hours armed with a woman hostage. A ...

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Foto: Cárcel del Condado de Webb
  • Isaiah Delgado was arrested in Laredo, Texas, after barricading himself in a house for more than six hours armed with a woman hostage. A special team of agents made the arrest.
  • The man now faces federal and state charges for various crimes ranging from armed robbery, evading arrest, carrying a prohibited weapon and lying to authorities.
  • Delgado already knows what it’s like to be in jail because in 2014 he was arrested for an armed robbery.

Isaiah Delgado was arrested in Texas after starring in a disagreement with the police for more than six tense hours.

Isaiah Delgado, 38, was arrested by the Laredo Police Department (LPD, for its acronym in English) after being locked in a house for six hours and threatening to set up a shooting.

The man is in the Webb County Jail, in Laredo, Texas, and faces various state and federal charges as agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) accuse him of carrying a prohibited weapon.

Delgado, according to the criminal records of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) has a criminal record accused of robbery six years ago.

Delgado’s arrest captured the attention of the population of Laredo, a city on the border with Mexico, who followed the development of the events minute by minute on social networks.

In addition to the federal charge for carrying the prohibited weapon, Isaiah Delgado faces charges of armed robbery, criminal activity, evade arrest and false statements to an authority.

The LPD further confirmed that Isaiah Delgado had a prior arrest warrant issued by the Texas Pardon and Parole Commission for violating the terms of his probation after being released from jail for that crime six years ago.

The story that follows is narrated based on the events recorded in the legal documents of the case consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas.

On Friday, September 4 at 5: 0 in the morning, a person called the LPD emergency number to report that in his neighborhood on McPherson Road there was an armed man who was driving a Jeep.

Texas: Isaiah Delgado is arrested after causing chaos in Laredo

Isaiah Delgado, 38, is the protagonist of a disagreement with the police that kept Laredo in suspense for hours. (Photo: Webb County Jail)

A patrolman who was walking through the area heeded the report of the dismayed neighbor and, with the witness’s statement, began to patrol the neighborhood in northeast Laredo, Texas to search for the man in the Jeep.

At one point the LPD patrolman caught a glimpse of the Jeep and the Hispanic inside and began to follow him. When he reached it, he turned on the hazard lights ordering him to stop.

However, the man in the Jeep, instead of following the instructions of the authorities, sped up and drove down Shalom Circle.

The agent called for reinforcements as he declared that he was in pursuit of a suspect who was armed. Several patrols were launched to assist their companions.

Texas: Isaiah Delgado is arrested after causing chaos in Laredo

Elite agents of the SWAT team had to take over the arrest of the man entrenched in a house since dawn and for six hours. (Photo: Laredo Police Department)

Before the rest of the officers arrived in support of the patrol car, the man stopped his Jeep in front of the house at 8800 Shalom Circle and ran inside carrying a weapon.

A woman who lives in that house, who was getting ready to go out to work, suddenly saw how an armed man entered her house furious with a gun in hand and ordered her to close all the doors.

The officer caught a glimpse of the house the man was getting into and also noticed a woman was inside. Out of prudence he decided not to go after the fugitive and with his patrol he blocked the street and the Jeep.

Just then the rest of the LPD patrol arrived at the scene, who learned that the man they were looking for had just entered a house where he had kidnapped a woman at gunpoint.

The authorities decided to bring the presence of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) of the LPD to make the arrest of the suspect who was inside the house.

The rest of the patrols dedicated themselves to closing the entire street, the courtyards of the neighboring houses, and evacuating the neighbors in the event of a shooting.

By then the LPD already knew, from the license plates on the Jeep, that the man inside the house was Isaiah Delgado and they knew his history and the arrest warrant against him. From outside they ordered her to surrender.

However, Delgado replied that he was not going to give up and that if they went for him he would respond with bullets. Everything with the woman inside the house.

An agent from the LPD SWAT team, through the woman’s cell phone, contacted Delgado and ordered her to surrender since everything she did would be worse. He was surrounded and had no escape.

Isaiah Delgado refused the authorities’ request for hours. Until finally, shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon, he came to his senses and agreed to let officers come in for him after promising not to fire.

Four LPD SWAT agents, armed with shields, helmets and automatic weapons, entered the home to rescue the woman and then arrest Isaiah Delgado.

Isaiah Delgado is already in the Webb County Jail waiting to begin hearings on his various cases at the state level and, when those are finished, he would face a judge in federal court.

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