Texas: Federal Agents Dismantle Mexican Mafia Drug Trafficking Network

Mexican Mafia: Texas DEA Agents Made Multiple Arrests in San Antonio, Texas, to Stop a Network of Gang Members DEA agents arrested Guadal...

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  • Mexican Mafia: Texas DEA Agents Made Multiple Arrests in San Antonio, Texas, to Stop a Network of Gang Members
  • DEA agents arrested Guadalupe Silvas and Amy Gutiérrez, who were selling drugs at retail
  • They were under the orders of Moses Chávez, ‘Super mouse’, who was also arrested

Federal agents arrested Guadalupe Silvas and Amy Gutiérrez, accused of being part of a network of traffic drug store in San Antonio, Texas, known as the Mexican Mafia.

Officers of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) arrested Gutiérrez, 37, and Silvas, 53, for being part of a heroin and methamphetamine sales ring linked to the Mexican Mafia gang.

According to the indictment against Gutiérrez and Silvas, the two women work for Moses Chávez, known as ‘Mighty Mouse’, and who is a confessed member of the Mexican Mafia in San Antonio, where he controlled the sale of drugs.

The DEA, with the support of San Antonio Police Department (SAPD, for its acronym in English), has conducted a round of arrests and raids since Friday, October 2, against members of the Mexican Mafia.

According to a source within the investigation and who spoke with MundoHispánicoOn the condition of anonymity, the investigation against the Mexican Mafia trafficking network took years of investigation.

The DEA called their investigation Operation Last Dance (Operation Last Dance) and the series of arrests were the finishing touch to the arrest warrants, which a federal judge granted in September.

Although the operation was carried out in San Antonio, the DEA office in Houston was the one that led the investigation after investigating the provenance of several drug caches in the ‘Space City’.

The arrest of ‘Mighty Mouse’, 40, was what led to the arrest of the two women who worked for him and who were captured at dawn on Saturday, October 3.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS, for its acronym in English) the Mexican Mafia has 6 thousand 500 members.

Guadalupe Silvas, 53, is accused of being the vendor on the streets of San Antonio of drugs distributed by gang members of the Mexican Mafia. (PHOTOS: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

The two-day round of arrests allowed DEA agents to seize 33 weapons of varying calibers, 40 kilos of methamphetamine, 2 kilos of heroin, various minor amounts of cocaine and an amount of cash that, so far, have not they have finished accounting.

The rest of those arrested on Friday were identified by the DEA as Donald Treviño, ‘Gordo, 32; Rodolfo Villalobos, ‘Oro’, 38 years old; David Botello, ‘Torito’, 50 years old; David Cortez, ‘Tazmanian’, 29 years old; Nicholas Neaves, ‘Snoop’, 25; Richard Agueros, ‘Herc’, 36 years old.

Saturday’s round of raids led to the arrest of 41-year-old Robert Arzola Jr; Luz del Carmen Velarde-Campos, ‘Prima’, 33 years old; Aarón Muñíz, ‘Primo’, 36 years old; Isabel Hernández-García, 35 years old and Joseph Lloyd Vonallman, ‘Jv’, 36 years old.

All the detainees face federal charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs, among other crimes, which could land them in jail for at least 10 years in prison until they receive life sentences, as detailed by the United States Department of Justice in a statement.

Mexican Mafia Texas San Antonio

Amy Gutiérrez, 37, was one of the people employed by the gang member known as ‘Super Mouse’ to sell cocaine and methamphetamine.

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Steven Whipple, DEA agent in Houston detailed that the arrests are the conclusion of a “comprehensive investigation in San Antonio and surrounding areas in cooperation with our partners in enforcing the law on the criminal activities of street gangs that are very violent.” .

According to the TxDPS investigation of gangs in Texas, and of which MundoHispánico has a copy, the Mexican Mafia is the third most dangerous gang in the state behind the Tango Blast and the MS-13.

The members of the Mexican Mafia, almost all Hispanic, operate mainly in the cities located in the corridor of the I-35 highway in Laredo, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas where they control drug trafficking, business extortion, pimping and trafficking of weapons.

Just last August, three members of the Mexican Mafia gang were arrested for the kidnapping of a woman who was supposed to pass a shipment of cocaine from Mexico to the United States through the Laredo, Texas border.

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Mateo Roberto Alaniz, 44, Benigno Ayala-Juárez, 45, and Juan de Dios Ortiz, 36, are being held at the Webb County Jail in Laredo, Texas, each on charges of aggravated assault with deadly weapon and restriction of liberty by exposing its victim to serious injury.

The case in which the three men identified by authorities are accused of being part of the Mexican Mafia gang began with a federal investigation when they seized a cache of cocaine at the border.

A woman of United States nationality, whose name will not be revealed for her safety and to avoid reprisals, was detained on Sunday, November 3, 2019 by agents of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) while attempting to drive a 33-pound shipment of cocaine across the border crossing bridge.

According to authorities, that amount of the drug is valued at $ 420,000 if it had been sold on the streets of the United States, the case report details.

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After her arrest and spending a few days in detention for her investigation, the woman was released on bail to face her process in freedom.

However, when he was released from prison, his real nightmare began, revealed in detail by the case documents, consulted by MundoHispánico, in Texas, in what is a chronicle of violence and terror.

When the 30-year-old woman was released, she went to dinner with her boyfriend at Delcy’s Taquería y Lonchería, located at 3201 Santa María Avenue, and when she was having dinner, two men, Ortiz and Ayala-Juárez, approached the couple. who questioned her about the cocaine shipment that had to pass.

The woman told the two men that the drug had been seized at the border. Then, Ortiz and Ayala-Juárez withdrew from the taqueria.

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On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 13, Alaniz called the woman and asked her where she was, because she wanted to talk to her “about something.” The woman told authorities that she knew Alaniz is a self-confessed member of the Mexican Mafia, or MM, gang from Texas.

The woman agreed to meet Alaniz, who picked her up in a dark-colored two-door car and took her to the Los Agaves residential area, with restricted access and in the northeast of the Laredo metropolitan area, where she was held hostage.

When she got to the house on Porfirio Drive, three other men were already waiting for her. The woman recognized Ortiz and Ayala-Juárez from their meeting at the taqueria and there was one more guy who only identified with her as Charlie.

As soon as they had the girl in the house, they took her cell phone from her and began to question her about the drug load that had to go to Texas. The woman said she had been detained and discovered the shipment. The men put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her, but then they let her go and she told the authorities her story.

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