Texas: Drunk Hispanic driver causes accident and his three children die

Children Celeste, Gustavo, and Juan Ángel Loera Jr., ages 1 to 6, died in an accident after their father Juan Ángel Loera crashed while d...

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Foto: Cortesía de la Familia Loera.
  • Children Celeste, Gustavo, and Juan Ángel Loera Jr., ages 1 to 6, died in an accident after their father Juan Ángel Loera crashed while driving when suspected of being drunk.
  • The El Paso Police Department confirmed that none of the children were wearing a seatbelt.
  • Luis Javier Ortega, 18, collided with Loera’s car and was arrested because he escaped from the scene.

The children Celeste, Gustavo and Juan Ángel Loera Jr. died in a traffic accident. Her father, Juan Ángel Loera, was arrested.

Juan Ángel Loera, 28, was arrested by the El Paso Police Department (ELPD), in Texas, charged with three counts of homicide by intoxication for the death of his children.

ELPD authorities did not provide a photograph of Loera as the name is still in the medical area of ​​the El Paso County Jail recovering from his minor injuries.

Celeste Loera was just 1 year old while her little brothers Gustavo Loera was 5 and Juan Ángel Loera Jr. was 6 years old. All three were expelled from their father’s car by the force of the crash.

Luis Javier Ortega, 18, was also detained by agents of the ELPD’s Vehicle Crimes Division because after participating in the crash in another car he escaped from the scene.

Ortega faces the serious charge of escaping a crime scene and failing to assist the seriously injured.

The story that has shocked the Hispanic community in El Paso is a chain of bad decisions made by two drivers, according to the legal documents of the case consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas.

In their report, the EPPD agents noted that the factors of the tragedy were “a drunk driver, speeding, an unauthorized turn and absence of seat belts in the three children.”

According to Texas State Penal Code, the crime of homicide by intoxication, like the one faced by Juan Ángel Loera, is punishable by a sentence of 5 to 20 years in prison for whoever is found guilty in a trial. Loera faces three charges.

The children Celeste, Gustavo and Juan Ángel Loera Jr. died in a traffic accident. Her father Juan Ángel Loera was arrested.

Gustavo, Juan Ángel and Celeste (from left to right) died from the impact in an accident that their father caused when he was allegedly driving drunk. (Photo: courtesy Loera Family)

The ELPD investigation details that on Sunday, September 20, 2o2o, shortly before 10:00 p.m., a red Ford Expedition truck was traveling at high speed on Titanic Avenue, in the west of El Paso, in the neighborhood Sunrise Acres.

Suddenly, the man driving the Ford Expedition truck stopped at the intersection with Howard Street.

Witnesses told authorities that the truck that was traveling in the left lane stopped suddenly, with the intention of turning to the right, but that it did not put its turn signals or warn of the maneuver when it began to turn.

Then a gray Lincoln Navigator pickup speeding in the right lane of Titanic Avenue could no longer avoid the Ford Expedition that crossed it.

Luis Javier Ortega, 18, was arrested because after colliding with the other car in which the children were riding, he escaped from the scene. (Photo: El Paso Police Department)

Witnesses told authorities that the crash was brutal when the Lincoln Navigator truck slammed into the Ford Expedition from the side.

The blow between the two cars was so strong that the three children were literally expelled from inside the truck, neither traveling in child seats nor subject to seat belts.

Two occupants ran out of the Lincoln Navigator truck, presumably two men, who despite their blows ran away from the accident site, lost in the streets and protected by the darkness of the Texas night.

The bodies of the children Celeste, Gustavo and Juan Ángel Loera Jr., who died from the blows they suffered in the collision and then against the pavement, lay on Titanic Avenue.

Inside the Ford Expedition, Juan Ángel Loera, his 29-year-old wife Raquel Ángeles, a 13-year-old teenager, and another 2-year-old boy whose names were not revealed by the authorities were badly injured.

The ELPD’s Vehicle Crimes Division also did not detail whether or not those two minors are also the children of the adult couple in the front seats of the Ford Expedition truck.

However, what the authorities did reveal was that the 13-year-old girl was sitting on her lap with the Celeste girl when the impact occurred and she could not hold her in her arms when the other truck hit them.

The four injured people were taken to a hospital in the area. Raquel Ángeles did not present serious injuries and only left the hospital to bury her three children. The other two minors were not injured either.

When Juan Ángel Loera’s medical examinations were performed, it was discovered that the man was driving while intoxicated when the accident occurred in which his children died.

Juan Ángel Loera did not face the intoxication homicide charges immediately as detectives from the EPPD’s Vehicle Crimes Division waited for several forensic expert reports and finally formally charged him on Wednesday, September 23, when they transferred him to jail.

On Thursday, September 24, after several days of investigations, ELPD agents arrested Luis Javier Ortega when they confirmed that he was the owner and driver of the Lincoln Navigator when the tragedy occurred.

Juan Ángel Loera received the right to face his legal process for the death of his children after the payment of a bond of one million dollars and which, until the moment of writing this story, had not been paid for what the man follows arrested.

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