TEXAS: Dallas woman faces deportation for animal abuse against puppy (PHOTO)

Woman faces possible deportation for alleged animal abuse The events took place in Dallas, Texas The affected pet is a puppy called Muffy...

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  • Woman faces possible deportation for alleged animal abuse
  • The events took place in Dallas, Texas
  • The affected pet is a puppy called Muffy

Dedicated to a neglect that a woman had with her pet named Muffy in Dallas, Texas, when incurring animal abuse, now faces a trial for possible deportation, since apparently she is originally from Mexico City, she does not have papers to prove a legal stay in the United States, according to the news portal of Dallasnews.

Animal abuse has become a crime in many parts of the world and in this border state it is no exception.

The woman never imagined that neglect to care for her Texas pet would cause her so much trouble with the US authorities.

Image taken from Instagram @AlDiaDallas

Below we will tell you the whole story that María Flores lived for not taking good care of her puppy Muffy, as well as her end.

In many countries, reforms have been made to the law so that pet owners take responsibility for their care.

However, in Mexico it is very common for dog owners in some remote areas to have them on the roofs of their houses.

According to some laws, this is considered animal abuse, even a person does not need to hit or harm an animal to commit this crime.

The omission is part of animal neglect and mistreatment, as in the case that we will tell you below, which happened in Dallas, Texas, for which a woman would face deportation to her country.

On the next page we will show you the photograph of the Texas pet, Muffy, of how he was after being treated, after the woman incurred animal abuse and now faces a deportation that would make her return to Mexico.

After the animal abuse case in which a woman in Dallas, Texas was uncovered, it was announced that Muffy’s owner could go to trial for deportation.

María Flores and her family noticed something strange in their puppy Muffy, so at first they tried to heal him with liquid that is very common to heal wounds.

It all started because they saw that something strange happened to his leg, however, seeing that it did not improve, they took him to a veterinary clinic.

In that place they received him and told him how much the bill would amount to attend him, so the woman said that she would return the next day.

However, this did not happen, but seeing that the hours passed and the woman did not arrive, the clinic managers decided to call Dallas Animal Services, either to save or sacrifice him.

And is that the wounds on his skin worsened as the days passed. The police report indicates that the bill amounted to a thousand dollars, approximately.

On the next page we will tell you more about the case of the Texas pet that was left in the hospital and had to be sent to an association.

Image taken from Twitter @spcaoftexas

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Muffy the puppy could get worse since the doctors saw that he had some kind of balls on his body, hairballs.

These balls were the product of lack of attention from the owners, who rarely or never cleaned it properly.

This situation caused great damage to his skin, because they caused tremendous pressure that caused injuries that affected his leg.

But then what happened to Muffy? According to the authorities, the pet had to be sent to the association and due to the injuries, the doctors decided to amputate its leg.

However, this did not cause his death, since after a rehabilitation process, the puppy managed to save himself from the setback he suffered.

Today Muffy already has a new owner, some people adopted him and he lives in better conditions than with his previous family.

María’s omission was considered animal abuse, as it caused her “unjustified pain and suffering,” for which she now faces possible deportation.

On the next page we will tell you what happened to her and the process she carries out to send her back to Mexico City.

Texas mascot

Image taken from Twitter @ HSNT1

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After accrediting Maria’s animal abuse against her pet Muffy, the authorities apprehended her to face the charges.

After analyzing the case, the authorities only decided to impose a financial punishment of 200 dollars for the lack of care.

However, when she took her puppy to the vet, she asked not to be identified, a reason that caught people’s attention.

Therefore, the situation was reviewed and apparently he does not have official documents that prove his legal stay in the United States.

For this reason, after being released from jail, she was re-arrested by ICE elements, and then she was taken to a shelter while the deportation process is taking place.

So if you are an immigrant living in the United States, you should be aware that animal abuse can be punished, including deportation.

The authorities impose exemplary punishment on pet owners who do not take good care of them, since they are considered living beings and even as part of the family.

In the United States there are hundreds of associations in charge of looking after the interests of pets, especially when they are at risk of danger.

However, the end of this pet was positive because he found a family that cares for him and gives him love and respect.

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Animal abuse deportation

Image taken from Twitter @spcaoftexas

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