Texas Chronicle: Vianeth Ramos was pregnant when she died from a hail of bullets

A hail of bullets: Vianeth Ramos, 19, was pregnant when she died in a shooting in San Antonio, Texas, sitting in a car with her boyfriend...

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Foto: Cortesía de la Familia Ramos.
  • A hail of bullets: Vianeth Ramos, 19, was pregnant when she died in a shooting in San Antonio, Texas, sitting in a car with her boyfriend Xavier Esquivel, 17.
  • So far, the San Antonio Police Department has no clues about the perpetrators or motive behind the brutal ambush-type attack that has rocked the Hispanic community.
  • The families of the two young men demand that the authorities do justice to the death of two boys who dreamed of writing a bright future together and who had known each other since childhood.

A couple of absurd deaths. Vianeth Ramos and Xavier Esquivel were shot to death in San Antonio. She was pregnant.

Ramos, 19, and Esquivel, 17, were killed with a bullets rain in San Antonio, Texas, and still no one knows why.

So far there are no detainees, no leads.

A couple of senseless deaths of some boys in love who fell into one more shootout than there are many in America every day.

The Homicide Division of the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) needs the help of the Hispanic community in Texas to find out if anyone knows the motive for the murder and the identity of the killers.

The following is a story with various voices collected in the legal documents of the crime and in the testimonies of the relatives and friends of the two young victims.

Four friends were chatting inside a car on the corner of Aransas Avenue and South Olive Street, in the populous East Side Hispanic neighborhood of San Antonio, in front of the popular restaurant Reyna’s Cafe.

Inside the car were Vianeth Ramos and her boyfriend Xavier Esquivel. Two teenagers preparing to face the responsibility of being parents.

It was the hot Texas Sunday night of August 30, 2020 at 9:20 a.m. when they died.

Xavier Esquivel and Vianeth Ramos, despite their age, had filled their families with happiness when they announced the girl’s pregnancy. (Photos: Courtesy of the Ramos-Rivera Family)

Ramos and Esquivel have known each other since childhood as they grew up together in the same Tierra Linda neighborhood, in South San Antonio, and have been dating since they attended Leal Middle School.

The friends of both boys remember that since they began their courtship they were inseparable. Although they did not live together, they were always seen in pairs. They only walked away from each other to study or work.

For safety, to avoid retaliation, the names of the other boys who were inside the car will not be revealed in this story.

The boys were in a red Toyota Corolla, which Xavier Esquivel was driving. His girlfriend Vianeth Ramos was in the passenger seat. The other two friends, male, sitting in the back.

Vianeth Ramos and Xavier Esquivel had known each other since childhood and in high school they became boyfriends, since then they were inseparable.

Suddenly, a Chevrolet or GMC truck, authorities still know for sure, turned the corner at very low speed.

The truck, in the opposite direction from where Esquivel’s Toyota was, was paired on one side at a very short distance to the other vehicle.

The windows of the truck, in white or perhaps a light silver color, were lowered and several weapons came out. It is not yet known whether pistols or rifles. The authorities also do not know how many weapons were used in the attack.

Inside the Toyota the boys didn’t even have time to react. Neither could they repel the aggression because they were not armed.

Detectives from the SAPD Homicide Division wrote that the four boys were literally rained with bullets. After the attack, the truck sped away, losing itself through the intricate and dark streets of the neighborhood.

Some neighbors and merchants took to the streets when the shooting stopped and called the emergency number of the authorities to report the tragedy. One of the boys inside the car also called for help.

The attack was so unusual and brutal that even SAPD chief William McManus showed up at the scene of the crime to oversee the investigation of a case that has shocked San Antonio.

The police chief said he was horrified by the scene of the shooting and called it “a senseless, insane crime.”

Paramedics from the San Antonio Fire Department rushed three of the boys to different hospitals. All three in critical condition.

Xavier Esquivel was the only one who was left dead at the scene sitting behind the wheel. Chief McManus said they found dozens of casings of bullets around the car.

Vianeth Ramos, hours after arriving at the hospital, could not withstand surgery to save her life and died taking with her the life of her first child.

The other two young men continue to fight for their lives and, precisely because of their injuries, they cannot testify to the authorities yet. The hospital they are in is a top secret matter for the SAPD.

When the SAPD detectives finished their investigations at the scene, SAPD Chief McManus declared in an impromptu press conference at the scene, almost at dawn, that his investigators believed that the attack was not a coincidence but a planned ambush.

However, almost a week after the attack occurred, the authorities still have not identified the alleged perpetrators or their motive.

Cynthia Rivera, Vianeth Ramos’s mother, while her daughter was in surgery, cried out to heaven for God to take her and not the girl.

“God punish me, do not take her, because she is barely living, she is pregnant,” Rivera begged while her daughter was being treated by the doctors. Until she knew from a pounding in her heart that all was lost before the doctors came out of the emergency room to tell her.

Now the families of Vianeth Ramos and Xavier Esquivel are only asking the authorities to resolve who and why ordered the hail of bullets that took the two young men from them.

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