Texas: Border Patrol Captures Dozens of Undocumented in Laredo

The Border Patrol captured 106 undocumented immigrants in the Laredo, TexaS area The immigrants were originally from El Salvador, Mexico,...

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FOTO Cortesía de la Patrulla Fronteriza
  • The Border Patrol captured 106 undocumented immigrants in the Laredo, TexaS area
  • The immigrants were originally from El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador
  • Some of the undocumented were piled up in the back of a car, piled up against each other

The Border Patrol in Laredo, Texas captured more than 100 undocumented immigrants who intended to enter the United States.

According to a release of the Border Patrol, the arrest of a total of 106 immigrants occurred in the Laredo area or its surroundings, in a period of just 30 hours from October 21 to 22, 2020.

Border Patrol agents, popularly known as La Migra, detained the undocumented who tried to enter the United States in a lodging house, others in different vehicles and some more hidden in a train.

In its report, the federal corporation assured that one of the vehicles in which the undocumented persons were hiding had a robbery report and the case was referred to the De La Salle Sheriff’s Office (LSCSO, for its acronym in English).

Some of the undocumented were stacked on top of one another, trying to hide in the back of a car, when they were discovered by Border Patrol agents.

The first round of arrests occurred early in the morning on Wednesday, October 21, on Highway 83, north of the small town of San Ygnacio, Texas, south of Laredo.

San Ygnacio is a rural town in the Texas desert and which is practically next to the Rio Grande, on the border with the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. On the south side of the river there is an almost hidden and nameless hamlet.

Border Patrol agents spotted a car on the highway, amid the scorching heat of the Texas desert, and stopped it for inspection.

In the back of the vehicle, it is not specified what type of car it was, the agents found 16 people stacked one on top of the other from floor to ceiling and who told the agents they could not breathe due to the crowding.

Dozens of undocumented immigrants were crammed into a Laredo home and were locked up by suspected human traffickers. (PHOTOS Courtesy of the Border Patrol)

The Border Patrol agents who found the 16 illegal immigrants stacked inside the car had to call for the help of paramedics from the corporation, as some of the detainees had signs of dehydration.

In addition, according to a statement from the federal agency, the fact that the 16 undocumented immigrants were stacked with each other increased the risk that they would be infected with the dangerous coronavirus.

The second incident occurred when Border Patrol agents noticed that in a moving freight train, several people were hiding in the cars.

The agents stopped the train, with authorization from the Federal Rail Transportation Administration (FRA, for its acronym in English), on the roads north of the town of Cotulla, Texas, on the I-35 highway that leaves from Laredo to San Antonio.

A total of 16 people were stacked one on top of the other in a car racing down a Texas desert highway southeast of Laredo.

When the freight train stopped, Border Patrol agents managed to stop several illegal immigrants in the wagons, before they could run off to get lost in the desert.

“We continue to see that human smugglers put the lives of the undocumented at risk… our agents have seen immigrants sustain very serious injuries falling from trains,” said Matthew J. Hudak, head of the Border Patrol in Laredo, about the risks of traveling on freight railways.

Hudak even urged that people entering as undocumented by Texas “recognize how dangerous it is to ride a freight train, before someone is killed or seriously injured,” the federal official said.

In total, Border Patrol agents managed to arrest 19 people who were traveling hidden in the freight train. It is not known with certainty if some more managed to escape by getting lost in the bushes.

Finally, at a mobile home in Laredo, Border Patrol agents, thanks to a report from a neighbor, were able to locate 71 undocumented immigrants who were crammed into a room, waiting to travel to the interior of the United States.

Federal agents requested assistance from the corporation’s paramedics, as some of the undocumented, due to the high temperatures inside the house, showed signs of dehydration.

According to the Border Patrol, the undocumented persons captured inside the house were left to fend for themselves, when the alleged human traffickers who took care of them noticed the presence of the authorities.

According to information from the Border Patrol, 92 of the immigrants detained in the Laredo area are originally from Mexico and the remaining 14 are from Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador and El Salvador.

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