Texas: Alexander Barter sentenced to prison for wanting to eat a dead body

Necrophilia in the dark web: Alexander Barter, from Texas, announced on the ‘Dark Webb’ that he was willing to rape and kill ...

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  • Necrophilia in the dark web: Alexander Barter, from Texas, announced on the ‘Dark Webb’ that he was willing to rape and kill a 13-year-old girl and then eat her corpse because he wanted to know “what it felt like”
  • However, Barter expressed his wishes to an undercover federal agent, posing as the girl’s father.
  • Barter was sentenced to 40 years in prison and must spend his sentence in a cell isolated from the rest of the other prisoners

Alexander Barter was sentenced to 40 years in jail in Texas, accused of planning the rape and murder of a girl to eat the corpse.

Barter, 23, heard his sentence from a federal judge on Thursday, September 17, after a two-year trial in one of the most bizarre cases in Texas.

According to the indictment against Barter, in a case that has movie overtones, the man will have to spend the next 40 years of his life isolated from the other inmates, due to his obsession with necrophilia and that can be a risk for other inmates.

However, the judge noted that if Barter serves his sentence and goes free, he will have to live the rest of his life under the supervision of federal authorities due to his dangerousness.

In October 2018 a person put a message on the server known as Dark webb (The dark web) used by those who are interested in committing crimes.

The legal documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico, reveal that Barter under a pseudonym posted a message requesting to kill someone.

“I’d like to try necrophilia and cannibalism and see what it feels like to take someone’s life. If you are willing to let him kill you, you are in the southern United States, willing to travel by car, contact me, ”the message said.

What Barter did not know is that a federal agent of the National Security Special Investigations Department (HSI) was infiltrated in the Dark webb and had read the message.

Alexander Barter, 23, will have to spend the next 40 of his life locked alone in his cell. (PHOTO: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

The agent befriended the person who had written the message and told him that he was willing to rape his supposed daughter 13-year-old would kill her and then eat her, if that’s what he wanted, as long as they agreed on a price.

For ten days the HSI agent and the necrophiliac exchanged messages, always on the Dark webb, on the details of how the alleged 13-year-old girl would be killed.

The undercover agent told the other man that he was in Florida and the second replied that he was in Texas.

As the federal police officer and the other man talked more, the officer was shocked by all the things he heard.

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Mark Dawson, the HSI agent in Houston, Texas, who led the investigation wrote in the legal documents of the case that in his 23-year career in law enforcement he had never seen a case that horrified him so much.

“In all my career years this is one of the most depraved and gruesome criminal conspiracies I have come across… without the swift and decisive actions of our Cocoa Beach (Florida) and Beaumont (Texas) special agents, this deranged predator He would still be looking for potential victims to carry out his sick and insane fantasies, ”Dawson wrote in the legal documents of the case.

While the agent in Florida continued to pretend to be the father of the 13-year-old girl, agents in Texas began to track the computer from which the man was writing and located it in the small town of Joaquin, in the eastern part of the state north of the city of Beaumont and almost on the border with Louisiana.

At one point the man gave him precise instructions on how to get from Florida to Texas to meet at the Shelby County, where Joaquin’s town is, and he even instructed him on what to say to the alleged girl to prevent her from panicking.

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Finally, on October 19, 2018, the man told the girl’s alleged father that he was in a wooded place in Texas and that he would be ready with everything necessary to kill the girl.

When the man arrived at the scene, he was carrying a pocket knife, some garbage bags, his cell phone and a tablet computer.

Dozens of federal HSI agents were already waiting for him at the scene, undercover, with the support of officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) and the Nacogdoches Police Department (NPD).

As part of the HSI investigation, the agents found messages on their electronic equipment where they exchanged with other people around the world, always through the Dark webb, digital files of child pornography.

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For the crime of child pornography, Alexander Barter was sentenced to 20 years in prison while for the crime of attempted cannibalism, rape and murder of a minor he was sentenced to another 20 years, making the total of 40 years he has. of conviction.

As of this writing, Alexander Barter is still in federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, waiting to be transferred to the federal prison where he will live the next few years isolated from the rest of the other prisoners.

US Attorney Stephen J. Cox issued a statement saying that “talking on the Internet is not always just talking, as this chilling case shows… continued vigilance by our law enforcement officers prevented a wrongdoer from carry out his grisly plan. “

According to Cox, the crime Barter was accused of is remembering that “evil is real.”

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