A terrorist attack is recorded outside a hospital in Liverpool

Outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital there were moments of terror. A car bomb appeared in the vicinity. A person was reported dec...

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  • Outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital there were moments of terror.
  • A car bomb appeared in the vicinity.
  • A person was reported deceased after the attack.

A TERRORIST ATTACK? This Sunday morning, in Liverpool, United Kingdom, an attack was reported outside the Women’s Hospital. A car bomb exploded in the vicinity of the hospital, leaving one person dead and another seriously injured. So far, authorities continue to investigate the attack that was classified as ‘terrorism’, on social media.

According to the authorities’ reports, the person who was driving the car is injured but was treated immediately and his condition is reported as stable. It was also confirmed that three people have been detained and it is expected that, in the next few hours, more information will be released. Witnesses claim that the car belongs to a taxi company.


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According to local media, this Sunday morning there was an attack on the Women’s Hospital located in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The attack left one person dead and another injured. Authorities are still on the scene investigating the events that occurred and it is expected that in the next few hours they will make a statement regarding what happened.

The Associated Press stated that police received reports of an explosion involving a taxi at Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday morning. The surroundings remain closed and the people who were in the vicinity have been questioned as witnesses. Some media have obtained statements about what happened.

Liverpool car bomb: Was it a terrorist attack?

Liverpool car bomb attack: Was it a terrorist attack?
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One of the most common questions surrounding this afternoon’s attack at the Women’s Hospital is whether it was a terrorist attack. Police said the blast had not been declared a terrorist incident, but counterterrorism police were leading the investigation as a precautionary measure, The Associated Press noted.

“We are leading the investigation with the support of the Merseyside Police, and we are keeping an open mind as to what caused the explosion,” the anti-terror police said in a press release they issued. “We are working at a rapid pace to try to establish the circumstances behind this and will update in due course,” said the statement, shared by The Sun. Filed Under: Liverpool Car Bomb Attack

Liverpool car bomb: What is known about the case?

Liverpool car bomb attack: What is known about the case?
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According to The Associated Press, the police in charge of the investigation reported that the car that was used to transport the explosive device was a taxi. Before the explosion occurred, the vehicle was recorded stopping in front of the hospital and a moment later it exploded.

“So far we understand that the car involved was a taxi, which stopped at the hospital shortly before the explosion occurred,” Merseyside police said in a statement. “Work is still being done to establish what happened and it could take some time before we are in a position to confirm anything,” he concluded. Filed Under: Liverpool Car Bomb Attack

Car bomb attack in Liverpool: What is the aftermath?

Car bomb attack Liverpool: The consequences it left?
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So far, there is one deceased victim and a man is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police said they were keeping an open mind about the cause of the blast, according to the AP. Authorities ask the public remain calm and announced that they will provide more information about it soon.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that one person has died and another has been taken to the hospital where he is receiving treatment for his injuries, which fortunately do not endanger his life,” reported the Merseyside police who are taking control of the situation with the help of the anti-terrorist police. Filed Under: Liverpool Car Bomb Attack

Car bomb attack Liverpool: Is the hospital closed?

Car bomb attack Liverpool: Is the place closed?
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According to local media, the Women’s Hospital implemented preventive measures and decided to immediately restrict access to visits for family members who are hospitalized. Some patients have been sent to other hospitals and it is hoped that the situation can be resolved quickly. The motive for the events is not yet known.

The Sun reported that a spokesperson said that staff will review, “patient activities for the next 24 to 48 hours,” and assured that support is available to anyone affected by the incident. As a result, multiple patients may be referred to other medical facilities until the warning is lifted. Filed Under: Liverpool Car Bomb Attack

Liverpool car bomb attack: What about the fire department?

Liverpool car bomb attack: What about the fire service?
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Fire services said they put out the car fire quickly and a person had already abandoned the car before the fire, “developed to the extent that it did,” noted The Associated Press. As far as is known, three people are being processed and questioned about their participation in the events that occurred this Sunday morning.

The Sun stated that horrified witnesses reported hearing a “loud bang” and seeing “dark smoke” when a car, believed to be a taxi, exploded in the parking lot. On social media, images of the accident are spreading rapidly and the car can be seen catching fire. Filed Under: Liverpool Car Bomb Attack


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A bomb threat at a Tyson Fresh Meats plant in Waterloo, Iowa, triggered a cumbersome evacuation of their employees while they waited for police arrived at the scene. They were responding to the call for help that was made to emergency services, reported The Sun.

The events took place at around 6 AM, so immediately the security and rescue bodies such as police and firefighters were called to the meat factory in Iowa to assist in the protection and safeguarding of the facilities. Explosive Ordnance Experts also arrived to face the threat in Iowa.


Tyson plant bomb threat
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At this time, little information is available regarding the incident, since authorities are still investigating in Iowa. However, some images have already begun to circulate on social media, showing the police mobilization and causing great excitement among users and concern among the employees, who were sent home, and their families, .

In a preliminary report, the authorities indicated that Martin Luther King Drive in Waterloo, Iowa has been blocked around the plant as a precaution while the bomb squad checks every corner of the plant, to disprove or confirm the presence of an explosive device. For its part, the company activated security protocols with its staff and they coordinate with the Iowa authorities.


Waterloo Iowa
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At this time, authorities have not released more details about the alert in Iowa, but they maintain vigilance on the surroundings and are preventing entry to the plant to avoid further complications. Bomb experts are on the premises with the support of factory security personnel, searching for an explosive device so they can secure the area.

No injuries were reported, but the paramedics are on site to attend to any request for help, as well as the firefighters in case a contingency arises and they have to intervene. However, so far they are only waiting for the the bomb squad to finish their work.


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Recently, a series of bomb threats have been unleashed in the United States though most end in false alarms. However, authorities are obliged to enforce all security protocols for the public, including dispatching all security, rescue and medical entities, without skipping any steps, no matter when it occurs.

Dozens of patrol cars and police officers are stationed around the plant, in addition to firefighters and medical personnel. In addition, a recommendation has been made to the public that they stay away from the scene, at least until the specially trained bomb squad personnel who are fully trained for this type of dangerous work have finished.


Tyson plant bomb threat
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Just a few days ago, a bomb threat was reported at Yale University that mobilized the security personnel in the afternoon and caused the evacuation of students and staff, after a call was received warning of an explosive device. As a result, a decision was made to protect school’s students, The Sun and Daily Mail reported.

The report of the alleged bomb was made through a call to 911. This resulted in the dispatch of dozens of policemen in patrol cars as well as medical personnel and firefighters. They immediately descended on the scene to to spring into action in case it was necessary. Although, at that time there was no reports of injuries. Filed Under: Tyson Plant Bomb Threat


Waterloo Iowa
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All this happened at around 2:35 in the afternoon and most of the buildings or campuses had to be evacuated. The students and staff of the university sheltered in secure areas until the authorities arrived. All of this was carried out amid fear and uncertainty, but following school protocols for evacuation.

Authorities reported that the buildings of the Yale Art Gallery, the University Theater, Jonathan Edwards College, Vanderbilt Hall, Bingham Hall, Welch Hall and Grace Hopper College that are part of the New Haven campus were evacuated. This was a cautionary measure to avoid any type of danger in the face of the bomb threat.


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