Teo González suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized in an emergency

Comedian Teo González suffers a heart attack. He is hospitalized and undergoes surgery. He is still at the hospital. The “comedian ...

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  • Comedian Teo González suffers a heart attack.
  • He is hospitalized and undergoes surgery.
  • He is still at the hospital.

The “comedian with the ponytail”, Teo González, was surgically intervened this Thursday morning, after suffering a heart attack. According to the official Televisa account, the comedian is still in a hospital in Guadalajara, reported Reporte Indigo, El Universal and Reforma.

“This morning @teogonzalez underwent surgery after suffering a heart attack. The actor is in a hospital in Guadalajara, conscious but in some pain. #TeoGonzalez” was tweeted on the television company’s Twitter account.


Teo González heart attack
Photo Twitter

Comedian Teo González was hospitalized in an emergency Thursday morning after suffering a heart attack at his home in Guadalajara. This condition was due to a clogged artery, so “The Horsetail Comedian” underwent surgery.

After the news spread on social networks, colleagues of the artist and users of cyberspace have joined in prayer for his speedy recovery. “A prayer for a great friend of all, Teo González. I know that you will turn out well dear friend, and you will return to give smiles and cheer hearts.


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“I know his health is stable, but let’s join in prayer so that everything goes well,” wrote Victor Padilla “El Chistero” on his Facebook account. In addition, the former soccer player Octavio Becerril also dedicated a message to his friend through social networks.

“Dear @teogonzalez, hug God a lot. My family and I pray for your speedy recovery. Keep in mind that you are a truly loved person and that this is just one more test. I hug you from a distance, friend, “he said on his Twitter account. Filed Under: Teo González heart attack

Teo González heart attack: TRAJECTORY

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Teo González is currently 60 years old, he began his career in comedy more than three decades ago, but before finding his vocation he was a soccer player and seller of birria y menudo. Today he is one of the most recognized and beloved comedians by the Mexican public.

The adopted from Guadalajara was positioned within the popular imagination thanks to programs such as Humor es los Comediantes, La Casa de la Risa and Fábrica de Sueños and is one of the few comedians who continues with a white humor without falling into vulgarity or very daring jokes.


Horse tail
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On the page of the “Chistero” many people joined in the good wishes for his speedy recovery: “All the good vibes and prayers for his health and that God send him relief and heal him completely … Courage Teo González, your audience wait, ”said a follower.

“In God we trust that everything will be fine. He is in control. Blessings on his life “,” may God return his health soon so that we can continue to enjoy his jokes “,” first of all, God, everything will go well, my prayers for Teo “,” may God our Lord send him his health and he recovers soon ”Were the wishes of other people. Filed Under: Teo González heart attack


Teo González heart attack
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Suddenly people turned to prayers for the “comedian with the horse’s tail” to heal soon: “The virgin of Zapopan will soon take him out of it in the sweet name of Jesus, I ask him with faith for his speedy recovery”, ” Blessings and the speedy improvement in your health God first, you will get ahead Teo González ”.

“What a shame to have this news, but as one day Mr. Teo commented in a testimony that God gave him by name, so he will give him his health, you have to have a lot of faith in my prayers and a speedy recovery”, “God wants everything come out well, take courage Teo ”, more followers expressed their support. Filed Under: Teo González heart attack


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However, some people despaired of the comedian’s health and expressed their concern: “May our father God have mercy and mercy on Teo and on all the sick people in the world, Amen”, “Sir, I ask you for the health of Teo González, send him your healing soon Amen Amen Amen ”.

“Courage Teo, God is with you, he will not leave you alone, soon you will be well”, “Father God, with your holy hands give health to our friend Teo, we ask you Lord, I trust you!”, “That God sent you health and relief, Teo González, we pray for you ”, were the prayers of the people. Filed Under: Teo González heart attack

Teo González heart attack: “GOD WILL GIVE YOU STRENGTH”


But no one stopped praying for the comedian from the Cola de Caballo: “Lord, I ask you for the health of Teo González, sir, give him his health my lord most holy father, blessed and praised you are my father, courage Teo everything will be fine”, “Amen amen Amen, God the father give him prompt healing ”.

“May God give him strength and health for his speedy recovery from good friend Teo”, “God will give you strength so that you are still with us love blessings”, “a prayer and my holy Saint Jude Thaddeus with him”, “Courage my Teo González God with you, were other expressions of the people.


Teo González heart attack

Recently another comedian who suffered for his health was the famous comedian Luis de Alba, recognized for playing the character of Pirruris, was hospitalized in an emergency a few days ago due to a spectacular fall that he suffered and caused a bone fracture.

Through social networks it was the same Mexican comedian who clarified what happened in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. According to his own words, the comedian was in an interview in the royal city, when he had a stumble that had serious consequences, according to Infobae.

Teo González heart attack: THE DAMAGES


Due to this fall, Luis de Alba was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital, since he apparently had a peri-prosthetic fracture of the right femur. It is worth mentioning that his most affected area was the waist, but everything seems to indicate that the Mexican is stable

The renowned artist reported that at the clinic where he is hospitalized they will carry out different studies and that he will also undergo surgery to revitalize the area of ​​the blow. De Alba hopes to be operated on successfully to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

Teo González heart attack: ITS VERSION

horse tail

Through his Facebook account, the comedian released a statement in which he clarified what actually happened: “Hereby I see the need to make a pertinent clarification regarding various media that have published that my health has been affected. Due to a mishap that I had during an interview in the city of Monterrey where, as a result of a fall, I led to a peri-prosthetic fracture of the right femur

“So I had to be transferred to an emergency hospital, where I am going to stay so that the pertinent studies and surgery can be carried out. I hope it is not something more serious than it appears. Through my press office I will keep you informed of the results, I appreciate your concern, sending blessings to the public and friends who have been concerned about my health. ”Luis added in his social network profile.

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