Televisa mourns the death of producer Eduardo Meza

Televisa producer dies. Eduardo Meza passed away at 60. The host and actor Raúl Araiza released the sad news. Producer Eduardo Meza dies....

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  • Televisa producer dies.
  • Eduardo Meza passed away at 60.
  • The host and actor Raúl Araiza released the sad news.

Producer Eduardo Meza dies. The television network Televisa is in mourning for the death of the television producer, Eduardo Meza, who collaborated in different productions of the company. The producer lost his life this Wednesday, the news was released during a show.

Producer Eduardo Meza participated in several successful children’s soap operas, from which several actors who are now very popular originated. It is worth mentioning that on the morning of this October 13 they reported the unfortunate news in the “Hoy” program, according to Infobae.

They report on the death of producer Eduardo Meza

Producer Eduardo Meza dies

It was during the broadcast of the Hoy program that the Mexican driver and actor Raúl ‘El Negro’ Araiza released the news about Meza’s death. Immediately the atmosphere of the show changed from humor to seriousness, when the Mexican appeared to inform the viewers.

“This is a live show and it’s very important for us to be out there when something happens. We want to express our condolences for the sensitive death of our dear friend, an enormous producer, Mr. Eduardo Meza, he left today ”, were the words of Araiza.

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: Farewell words

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: Farewell words

With a totally different face than actor Raúl Araiza is characterized, he decided to stop the Hoy program for a few minutes to dedicate a few words to a person who stood out a lot on the television network. He recalled the projects in which they agreed and worked together.

“I had the opportunity to do 3 years” Papá a toda madre “… Different soap operas. We offer a big hug to the whole family and we want to say goodbye as he deserves, with applause, thank you for all your talent. Rest in peace, on behalf of all of Televisa, dear Eduardo, ”concluded Negro Araiza.

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: He died at 60 years of age

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: He died at 60 years of age

After the unfortunate loss to the world of entertainment and Mexican novels, the Televisa forum gave a loud applause to the beloved producer Eduardo Meza. So far the causes of his death are unknown, it is only known that the Mexican lost his life at the age of 60.

Through social networks, several users spoke to dismiss this great of Televisa, the Twitter account of the television network expressed with this message: “Televisa regrets the sensitive death of producer Eduardo Meza Rodríguez. His productions include “Papá a toda madre” and “Doña Flor y sus 2 husidos”. Rest in peace”.

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: his son reveals possible cause of death

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: his son reveals possible cause of death

His son Eduardo Meza Jr. in his social network profile shared an image with his father to say goodbye, in the image you can see both father and son enjoying a family day at sea, under the sun and above a luxurious boat, but in his message he revealed the causes of death.

In the post, the son of the deceased producer had revealed the possible causes for which his father lost his life: “Today I lost the person I have most admired. My dad, @eduardomezat He fought cancer hard in recent months, but today that battle is over. I feel devastated, ”he said on Twitter.

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: celebrities react

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: celebrities react

Through social networks, different celebrities have been present to say goodbye to Meza, among them is the actor Jaime Camíl who published a photo on his Twitter profile to fire someone he considered a great friend. In the photo you can see them both on the beach.

“Always dear Lalo Meza: Say hello to my Dad up there and give him a role in one of your productions. You are going to be missed a lot brother. Thank you for your friendship and professionalism always. Love, strength and wisdom to all your beautiful family at this time “, put the actor.

Producer Eduardo Meza dies: Outstanding productions

Outstanding productions

It should be remembered that Eduardo began his career in the 90s in one of the most important television networks in Mexico such as Televisa. Among his outstanding productions are several children’s soap operas that were so successful at the time.

Among his works is “El Diario de Daniela”, starring actress Daniela Luján and Martín Ricca. She was also in “Friends forever” and “Complices to the rescue”, where Belinda rose to fame when she was just a talented girl for acting and music, according to Infobae.

Allisson Lozz talks about Televisa

Allisson Lozz confesses to Televisa

Previously, it was announced that Allisson Lozz earns more money than as the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘Alebrijes y Rebujos’, ‘Rebelde’, ‘En el nombre del Amor’ and ‘Al Diablo con los Guapos’, when he was on Televisa and so let it be known … exposing several actors of his generation.

“Sometimes I earn more than what I did in the artistic environment and that is true, but neither do I seek to be a millionaire, nor rich, I just support my family is enough,” he began by expressing in a live broadcast that he did days ago for his the former actress’s Instagram account. Filed Under: Producer Eduardo Meza Dies

Did you expose Televisa for salaries?

Allisson Lozz Televisa

When, at the time, Allisson Lozz recorded telenovelas night and day that gave Televisa high rating points, it would have been thought that she received a salary of ‘star and dream’, however, it is not like that, since she says that she along with several colleagues actors lived from day to day.

“All my colleagues paid rent, there is nothing wrong with it. I supported my family, my mother and my brothers, so we did not have the big thing, not even a joke a car of the year “, said the former actress, surprising locals and strangers that she had to fight to live with dignity as the main star of the channel. Filed Under: Producer Eduardo Meza Dies

Are you ashamed to admit to the Televisa actors that they are not being paid what they should?

The former actress left her Televisa colleagues in a bad way

Could it be that Allisson Lozz is the only one who dared to say what really happens on Televisa with new actors? The salaries were not what she would have wanted 15 years ago, so her colleagues did not live in luxury as everyone might think: “Maybe they are ashamed to talk about it, that’s why I prefer not to talk much about them, but my friends, colleagues , many to date continue to pay rent ”.

And he said that leading an ‘artist’ lifestyle is very complicated, because maintaining the ‘image’ of luxuries and eccentricities is what makes all the actors lose money: “I didn’t earn much, it wasn’t the drool. , but we lived from day to day. Here (in that company now), I win to be comfortable, “he said. Filed Under: Producer Eduardo Meza Dies

Allisson Lozz exposed salaries in Televisa

Allisson Lozz Televisa actors

And through one of his most recent posts on Instagram, Allisson Lozz categorically ruled out returning to television: “I am continually asked ‘Why’, why did I quit acting, why did I stop being a singer or why did I quit photography ? The performance: One of the reasons is that although I liked it, I worked too much, which led me to have chronic diseases and feel very alone and far from my family, ”she wrote.

“And now I am Director MaryKay, which means that my profession is to be an entrepreneur who helps other women to have their own businesses, to raise their self-esteem and for them to help other women. I work less, and earned more than in any of the jobs that you mentioned above, I have time for my marriage, my family and above all for my God! And all working from home, what more could you ask for ”, concluded the former actress. Filed Under: Producer Eduardo Meza Dies

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