Telenovela actor Enrique Rocha dies at 81

Telenovela actor Enrique Rocha dies at 81. The world of telenovelas in Mexico receives terrible news. The death of the famous soap opera ...

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  • Telenovela actor Enrique Rocha dies at 81.
  • The world of telenovelas in Mexico receives terrible news.
  • The death of the famous soap opera villain is announced.

The famous soap opera actor Enrique Rocha dies at the age of 81. This Sunday, the death of the iconic villain of Mexican soap operas was confirmed. According to a report by El Universal, Óscar Espejel, an employee of the famous actor, confirmed the news.

Espejel said he would reveal more information about the Televisa actor’s death and funeral. “In a couple of hours, we will notify [everyone]; we are still undecided, but in a couple of hours, information will be given,” he declared through the Mexican newspaper.

Telenovela actor Enrique Rocha dies at 81
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El Privilegio de Amar was one of the soap operas where Enrique Rocha left his mark on the Mexican entertainment world. The actor always stood out as a villain in the soap operas he appeared in throughout his long career.

He took villain roles in 14 projects according to El Universal. I Plead Guilty was one of his last projects in 2018. Throughout his career, he won various awards for his performance in the various Televisa Mexican telenovelas.

How Enrique Rocha died

How did Enrique Rocha die?
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“Unfortunately, he passed away today,” said Espejel according to El Universal. “The man was in very good health. He had no warning. Everything happened very quickly and naturally.” Details of the actor’s death have yet to be released.

Enrique Rocha won the TVyNovelas Award for best villain twice. The Mexican actor’s deep voice garnered him national fame. He even lent his voice to bring Bagheera to life in The Jungle Book, according to the report.

Televisa mourning as Enrique Rocha dies

Mourning on televisa for the death of Enrique Rocha

Enrique Rocha was born in the Mexican state of Guanajuato on January 5, 1940. “Tremendous loss for the entertainment world, a legend, my dear and admired Enrique Rocha, God bless you, “Rochón.” We are going to miss you. RIP,” wrote Televisa’s Reynaldo López on Twitter, according to Infobae.

Televisa’s mourning seems endless. A week after Octavio Ocaña’s tragic death, Eiza González revealed that the young actor’s demise devastated her. She said she could not accept it. The Mexican actress shared how difficult it was for her on social media.

Eiza González sends a powerful message after Octavio Ocaña’s death

Eiza González sends a strong message after the death of Octavio Ocaña
PHOTO: Twitter

It has not been easy for Eiza to accept the young actor’s death. Octavio participated in various productions, including Lola, Once Upon a Time, where Eiza was the heroine. Eiza González has established her career in Hollywood, appearing in productions such as Baby Driver, Bloodshot, and I Care A Lot. Long before that, she made her way in the world of television appearing in soap operas on the Televisa network. Lola, Once Upon a Time was one of her first productions.

It was on the set of Lola, Once Upon a Time where the singer shared a scene with a young Octavio Ocaña. At the time, he was one of the most recognized child actors in Mexico, competing against Mexican singer Danna Paola.

Eiza González remembers the beautiful moments she shared with Octavio Ocaña

Eiza González remembers the beautiful moments she lived with Octavio Ocaña in "Lola, once upon a time"
PHOTO: Twitter

Eiza revealed that she had shared several moments with Octavio. Thus, the Mexican actress was “devastated” upon learning of the actor’s unfortunate death on October 29. Reports said he was driving when he accidentally shot himself in the head.

Eiza González said she had not said anything about his death because the news shocked her. However, she gave her condolences to his family and friends. She described the moments she had shared with Octavio as “incredibly special.”

Eiza González sends a powerful message after learning of Octavio Ocaña’s death

"I still can't assimilate it"; Eiza González sends a strong message after learning of the death of Octavio Ocaña
PHOTO: Instagram

On her official Twitter account, the Mexican actress posted several tweets. In a photograph she shared, she tenderly carries the young actor while he laughs and she smiles.

In her initial tweets, Eiza Gonzáles said, “I have been trying to digest the news about Octavio for several days. I want to say that my time with him at Lola was incredibly special, as he and I spent a lot of time together.”

Users remember the soap opera’s beautiful moments

Users remember the beautiful moments that happened during the novel
PHOTO: Instagram

Later, Eiza revealed that she could not accept what had happened to the actor. She said, “What happened fills me with sadness and I still can’t accept it.” A lot has been said regarding Octavio’s death — from the possible cause of his death and even why many believe that it was the police who killed him.

Ending her farewell message, Eiza González said she hoped that Octavio was already with God. Once again, she expressed regret for this loss: “I hope God has him in his holy glory and my heart is with his beautiful family. I am so sorry for this loss and my thoughts and heart are with you. RIP.”

People were waiting for Eiza’s message about Octavio Ocaña’s death

They were already waiting for Eiza's message about the death of Octavio Ocaña
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This message triggered endless comments. More than a million of the actress’ followers said how difficult this death had been for everyone: “He gave me so much happiness, that for the same reason the loss of “Otto” hit me as if he had belonged to my family. I remember the good moments that he gave me in Lola, once upon a time.”

More and more comments arrived. Some said, “it was good that Eiza spoke out about Octavio’s death.” One commenter said, “My goodness, your message came at last, because you are icons of 2007, we will never forget it, it is so sad and we continue to demand justice for him.”

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend dedicates an emotional message to him on his birthday

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Other comments shared: “I knew that the loss of Octavio Ocaña saddened you, and if you hadn’t posted anything, it was something that, well, you don’t know what’s going on. It’s not necessary to publish your whole life. I love you Eiza, and this misfortune also hurts us.” “Louse, his role as Otto marked me a lot, he was super cute and funny.”

Another girl who cannot accept his death is his fiancée, Nerea Godínez. Today, on his 23rd birthday, his girlfriend dedicated an emotional message to him. She also confessed that she had a surprise party and a surprise gift prepared for him. “Our plans are still in progress, my king, everything we were going to do together will be done, whether you are there or not,” she said in her Instagram stories.

“You’re killing me inside, daddy,” girlfriend’s child devastated by the death of the actor

PHOTO: Instagram

On Instagram, where her popularity has increased due to this tragic event, Tavo’s girlfriend shared images and videos of some moments they had enjoyed together.

After announcing where Octavio Ocaña’s funeral would be held, his girlfriend uploaded a couple of videos. In one of them, she confessed that she could not find the correct way to explain his absence from their lives to her little child, who called him “Papá Tavo”. Filed Under: Enrique Rocha Dies.

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