CURIOUSITY: Teen confronts bear to save her pets in California

CURIOUSITY: Video where teen confronts bear to save her pets in California. Stunning video shows teen shoving bear. The teenager in Calif...

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  • CURIOUSITY: Video where teen confronts bear to save her pets in California.
  • Stunning video shows teen shoving bear.
  • The teenager in California did not hesitate to save her pets.

CURIOUSITY: Video where a teenager faces a bear to save her pets in California. Hailey Morinico, 17, did not hesitate to confront a bear that was in her yard to save her pets, the impressive video has flooded social networks.

What would you do for your pets? For Hailey Morinico, a 17-year-old teenager confronting a bear was necessary to save her pets. Surveillance video captured her ‘heroic’ battle against the bear in Southern California and the footage has already spread around the world.

Teen confronts bear to save pets

Teen faces bear, Hailey Morinico, video
PHOTO Twitter

The images show a bear climbing the fence of Hailey Morinico’s home in Southern California, notes The Associated Press. Immediately, the pets of the teenager come out to bark at the animal that was accompanied by at least two other smaller bears.

The video posted on social media shows the 17-year-old girl pushing the bear to the opposite side of the fence in an attempt to save her pets. Hysteria and screaming take over the stunning Southern California scene.

Video shows a teen girl confronts a bear in California

Teen faces bear, Hailey Morinico, video
PHOTO Twitter

The first to ‘face’ the bear was a large black dog, followed by two cubs. One of them manages to flee when Hailey Morinico pushes the bear, while the other is carried by its owner and runs towards the house to take cover.

The 17-year-old teenager, Hailey Morinico, suffered a slight scratch after confronting the bear in her yard but is doing well according to The Associated Press, which cited the local media. ABC 7. Hailey Morinico’s house is located at the foot of the Angeles National Forest.

“It could be fatal”

Teen faces bear, Hailey Morinico, video
PHOTO Twitter

After the confrontation of the teenager, the bear disappears from the scene. Opinions on social networks have been divided, and that is, some consider Morinico’s act funny, while others were scared and even bothered to see the video.

“It does not cause any laughter, because it could be fatal”, “How crazy, if the bear throws at him with those claws that are a razor, poor her”, “Wow, incredible her love for her cubs. Without thinking twice, thank God she came out unharmed “,” How brave “, were some of the comments.

Teen confronts bear: Were the dogs to blame?

Teen faces bear, Hailey Morinico, video
PHOTO Twitter

Some even lashed out at the 17-year-old who confronts the bear in the video: “I don’t understand, did she save the dog from the bear? Isn’t it better to say that the bear saved her young from a pack of dogs? What happened. ”,“ Nobody in their right mind throws a bear like that ”.

Others even blamed the pets: “The dogs attacked first and the mother bear defended her young”, “The mother bear only defended herself, although the dogs also take care of their territory, hard decision”, “She should have left it to wise nature ”.

Man is attacked by a bear while working

PHOTO Twitter

Clashes like this may seem rare, yet on Thursday May 20, Allen Minish was alone and inspecting land for a realtor in a remote wooded area of ​​Alaska, when something unexpected happened.

Entering some numbers into his GPS unit, the man looked up and saw a large brown bear walking about 30 feet from him, The Associated Press reported. “I saw him and he saw me at the same time, and it’s terrifying,” Minish said by phone.

Tell your story from the hospital

PHOTO Twitter

From his bed in an Anchorage hospital, a day after being struck by the bear in a serendipitous encounter, Allen Minish recounted his impressive encounter. After the attack, Minish was left with his jaw crushed, a stab wound to his scalp.

The same wound, which was so deep that the doctor said he could see the bone, lacerations and many stitches after a 4 1/2 hour surgery, AP says. He also wears a patch over his right eye and says the doctors are concerned.

He assures that the bear was larger than normal

PHOTO Twitter

All of that happened during an encounter that he estimates lasted less than 10 seconds after Minish surprised the bear Tuesday morning off the Richardson Highway near the small community of Gulkana, about 306 kilometers northeast of Anchorage.

Minish says it was bigger than the 300-pound black bears he’s seen before. In a matter of seconds, the animal reached him. The man tried to evade him behind small fir trees. But that didn’t stop the bear, it went right through them.

“I grabbed his jaw to push him away”

PHOTO Twitter

As he approached, Minish lifted the pointed part of his survey post and held it toward the bear to try to keep it from getting any closer, The Associated Press reports. The bear simply tossed her to the side and the force of the blow knocked Minish over.

“When he got on top of me, I grabbed his jaw to push him away,” he said, and said that was how his hand was pierced. “But he threw me to the side, he grabbed a quarter of my face,” said the injured man who was attacked by a bear in Alaska.

“He broke my bones”

PHOTO Twitter

“He took a little bite and then he took a second bite, and that second bite is the one that fractured my bones … and basically crushed my right cheek,” he added. And then the bear just walked away, according to The Associated Press.

So Minish called 911 on his cell phone. First responders arrived 59 minutes later and airlifted him to Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. His general health is reported to be good.

Surprised bear and woman takes selfie with him

Take selfie bear
Image taken from Twitter @QuePasaEnSN

It seems that not all encounters are lethal, and it is that a bear was captured, apparently in Chipinque Park, in the northern state of Nuevo León, bordering the United States, about three walkers and one of them takes a selfie with him animal, according to information from Agencia Reforma.

In a video that circulated on social networks last year, it is seen that the bear approaches one of the walkers, touches her and tries to bite. The three women freeze, while the bear remains close to them for almost a minute.

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