Teacher arrested after student took a peculiar product from her reward box

Authorities arrested a teacher for her peculiar reward box. Police said they arrested the teacher after a student grabbed a marijuana pro...

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  • Authorities arrested a teacher for her peculiar reward box.
  • Police said they arrested the teacher after a student grabbed a marijuana product from the box.
  •  The teacher was fired from her school after the event.

Apparently she didn’t offer the education that was expected. Law enforcement authorities arrested an elementary school teacher after a student took a marijuana product that she had placed in a reward box in her classroom.

Quoting the police, Fox News reported that officers arrested a South Carolina elementary school teacher after a student took a package of marijuana edibles, which are illegal in the state, from a reward box that had been placed in the classroom.

Elementary school teacher arrested

teacher was arrested

The teacher was identified as Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, who faces a charge for possession of Schedule I drugs. The defendant surrendered to authorities on Friday, October 15, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said, cited in the Fox News report on Saturday.

Authorities opened an investigation into the case on September 23 after receiving a report that a Rocky Creek Elementary School student picked up the cannabis-based product (marijuana) from the teacher’s reward box.

Officers arrested the teacher for what she had in her reward box

teacher was arrested
Photo: Lexington County Sheriff’s Department

“Detectives confirmed during interviews that Weiss took the student’s grocery package and told him to pick something else out of the box,” said Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon. Then the student took another packet of groceries of that style, but eventually no student ate the products.

When authorities searched the teacher’s home the next day, they found grocery packages similar to those seen in her classroom, police explained. “Marijuana edibles are cannabis-based food products. They come in many forms, but the items in this case were candy. They are often packaged in wrappers and bags with logos and colors that resemble traditional candy brands. While they are available in other states and on the Internet, they are illegal in South Carolina, ”added the sheriff.

They arrested the teacher and then the school fired her

teacher was arrested

Lexington School District One officials told WIS-TV that as of last Thursday, the teacher was no longer a district employee. “The safety of our students is our highest priority,” said Superintendent Greg Little, according to the aforementioned news outlet.

According to that report, Superintendent Greg Little added, “It is unacceptable for a staff member to potentially threaten the well-being of a child.” The age of the student who took the marijuana product from the reward box was not specified by authorities.

They accuse Claudia Resendiz of killing a man because he refused to kiss him

Teacher was arrested
Photo: Getty Images

He lost his temper. A woman identified as Claudia Resendiz Florez was arrested and is now being accused of killing a man because he allegedly refused to kiss him, a request that was also rejected by his girlfriend. Apparently, the three made up an alleged love triangle.

Quoting the authorities, the newspaper New York Post reported late Sunday, Oct. 17, that Claudia Resendiz, 28, a mother of three and an Illinois resident, shot and killed a man after he and his girlfriend refused to kiss her.

Claudia Resendiz arrested for killing a man

Claudia resendiz

Claudia Resendiz had just moved in with 29-year-old James P. Jones and his unidentified girlfriend to the Preserve Woodfield apartment complex in Rolling Meadows, Cook County, Illinois, when a love triangle ended in tragedy, according to the report. Chicago Sun-Times.

The three had been drinking together during the night of Thursday, October 14, when Claudia Resendiz asked James Jones for a kiss, to which he refused, preferring to kiss his girlfriend, according to the New York Post report.

Claudia Resendiz would have been infuriated because they did not want to kiss her

Claudia resendiz

On the spot, Claudia Resendiz asked James Jones’s girlfriend for a kiss, but she also refused to give it to him, prosecutors said during a hearing that was held on Saturday to determine her bail, the New York newspaper said.

Claudia Resendiz then demanded that he kiss her again, but he refused again, sparking his fury, prosecutors said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times report. The defendant then grabbed a handgun owned by James Jones, shoved it under a cushion on the home’s sofa, and pointed it at it.

Claudia Resendiz was shot in the chest by her victim

Claudia resendiz
Photo: Rolling Meadows Police Department

According to both newspapers, prosecutors said that James Jones tried to lower the gun when he saw that Claudia Resendiz had removed the safety, but, in the struggle, she managed to raise her arms and shoot him once in the chest.

Immediately, James Jones’s girlfriend called 911 and before long, officials arrived on the scene and found the gun. Claudia Resendiz was later identified as the perpetrator and taken into police custody and reportedly confessed to committing the crime.

Claudia Resendiz was charged with murder without bail

Claudia resendiz

Subsequently, the Rolling Meadows Police Department stated in a post on Facebook that Claudia Resendiz was charged with murder. Her attorney, Assistant Public Defender Courtney Smallwood, argued that her client was not living with the couple at the time of the incident, but with her family in Des Plaines, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

At the preliminary hearing, Judge John F. Lyke Jr. ordered the detention without bail of Claudia Resendiz, who is expected to appear in court again on Tuesday, October 19, the New York Post and Chicago Sun reports said. -Times.

Bertino Sánchez arrested for groping a girl in the middle of the street

Bertino Sanchez
Reference photo: Shutterstock

Not because he was in the middle of the street did he hold back. Police authorities arrested a man identified as Bertino Sánchez Reyes for grabbing and groping a girl who was walking on a sidewalk in the city of Clearwater, Florida, this week.

The newspaper Patch reported Saturday, October 16, that Clearwater police arrested Bertino Sánchez Reyes, 23, of Mexico, who is now being charged with grabbing and groping a girl in a park.

Bertino Sánchez Reyes captured

Bertino Sanchez
Photo: Clearwater Police

Bertino Sánchez Reyes, who resides in Clearwater, has been charged with lewd and lewd behavior after the minor denounced what had happened and the police verified her version of the incident.

According to police, on Wednesday afternoon, Bertino Sánchez Reyes stopped a girl on a sidewalk, grabbed her by the shoulders, then grabbed her by the groin and tried to take her to a nearby park in an unspecified area of ​​that town. For more details read this note.

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