Susana González | Biography

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Susana González |  Biography

Susana Alejandra González del Río, better known in the artistic world as Susana González, is a Mexican actress and model from the municipality of Calera, belonging to the state of Zacatecas, Mexico.

  • Real name: Susana Alejandra González del Río
  • Place of birth: Calera, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Date of birth: October 2, 1973
  • Occupation: Actress and model
  • Couple: Marcos Montero (2011-present)
  • Sons: two; Santiago Elías González, Susana Elías González
  • nationality: Mexican

Susana González’s partner

  • Marcos Montero (2011-present)

Children of Susana González

  • Santiago Elijah Gonzalez
  • Susana Elías González

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She was born on October 2, 1973, and from a very young age she made the decision to pursue an artistic career, for which she had to leave her hometown and move to Mexico City, where she began to take the first steps towards becoming an artist. of the most recognized Mexican actresses of her generation.


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With the firm desire to venture into the artistic environment as an actress, Susana finished her high school studies in Zacatecas and moved to Mexico City, where she took several tests to enter the Artistic Education Center of Televisa (CEA). There, she studied basic and advanced techniques of acting, modeling, conduction and voice-overs, which became the basis for venturing into television.

In 1993, two years after having changed her residence to Mexico City, Susana participated in the “Chica TV” beauty pageant, representing the state of Zacatecas; Little by little, she was getting closer to her main purpose: to become an actress.

Her television debut took place in 1996, when she participated in the telenovela “Sentimientos Ajenos”, a production starring Yolanda Andrade and Carlos Ponce, in which she played the character of Norma.

From then on, her career began a rise that soon allowed her to be considered for starring roles. Her first leading role was in “Velo de novia” in 2003, a telenovela in which she starred alongside Eduardo Santamarina, and which quickly became a hit with the audience.

Throughout her career, Susana has played all kinds of roles: from small special participations, to antagonistic and leading characters in children’s, youth and family productions.

Among the recognitions that she has obtained throughout her career, there are two TVyNovelas México awards, both in the categories of “Best New Actress” and “Best Co-starring Actress” for her work in “Between love and hate” and ” True loves”; She has also won an ACE award in Argentina and a People en Español award for her performances in “Velo de novia” and “La que no could amar”.

The telenovela “Imperio de mentiras” is expected to premiere in September 2020, a production starring Angelique Boyer and Andrés Palacios, in which Susana will play the role of Renata Cantú.

Participation in cinema

Title Year Character
1998 Atomic Podium Girl
1998 Long live the dead! Unknown character
2003 Deep silence Unknown character
2004 To the other side Charity / Angel’s Mom
2005 Scars Diana
2009 Chinango Sofia

TV participation

Title Year Character
nineteen ninety six Feelings of others (Telenovela) Rule
1997 Maria Isabel (Telenovela) Elisa
1998 What’s happening to us? (Comedy program) Unknown character
1998 Precious (Telenovela) Feline
1998 Droplet of love (Telenovela) Naida
1999 A Christmas Carol (TV Special) Mini
1999 Gypsy Love (Telenovela) Zokka
1999 Rosalinda (Telenovela) Luz Elena
1999–2000 Deceived Women (Telenovela) Ivette
2000 Rayito de luz (Telenovela) Unknown character
2001 Friends and Rivals (Telenovela) Angela
2002 Between love and hate (Telenovela) Ana Cristina Robles
2003 Wedding Veil (Telenovela) Andrea Paz
2004 Hospital el paisa (Comedy show) Lucia Gordillo
2005 Love is priceless (Telenovela) Maria Liz Gonzalez
2006 Wounds of love (Telenovela) Liliana López-Reyna
2007 Passion (Telenovela) Camila Darien
2007–2008 Sex and Other Secrets (TV Series) Tania
2009 Killer Women (TV Series) Tere
2009 The Simulators (TV Series) Beatriz Herrera
2009–2010 The successful Pérez (Telenovela) Alexandra “Alex” Rinaldi
2010 To love again (Telenovela) Doménica Mondragon
2011 The one who could not love (Telenovela) Cynthia Montero Baez
2012 True Loves (Telenovela) Beatriz Guzman Trejo
2013 Forever My Love (Soap opera) Isabel López Cerdán from De la Riva
2014 Shadow of the past (Soap opera) Roberta Lozada Torres Vda. of Alcocer
2015 Passion and power (Soap opera) Julia Vallado by Gómez Luna
2016 The candidate (Soap opera) Cecilia Aguilar / Cecilia Bárcenas Aguilar
2017 The flight of victory (Soap opera) Isadora Duncan
2018 My husband has more family (Soap opera) Susana Córcega Díaz
2020 Empire of lies (Soap opera) Renata Cantu

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Recognitions and Award nominations

Year Prize Outcome
2002 TV and novels; Best New Actress for her performance in the telenovela “Between love and hate” Winner
2004 TV and novels; Best Leading Actress for her performance in the telenovela “Velo de novia” Nominated
2004 ACE (Argentina); Best Stage Television Actress for her performance in the telenovela “Velo de novia” Winner
2008 TV and novels; Best Leading Actress for her performance in the telenovela “Pasión” Nominated
2012 People in spanish; Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the telenovela “La que no could amar” Winner
2014 TV and novels; Best actress co-star for her performance in the telenovela “Amores verdaderos” Winner

Private life of Susana González

One of the biggest controversies in the actress’s private life occurred in 2003, when she starred in the soap opera “Novi’s veilto”, Since during the recordings it was rumored that he had established a romantic relationship with the actor Eduardo Santamarina, his co-star, who at that time was married to the actress Itatí Cantoral.

Eventually, González confirmed her relationship with Santamarina, and although they were one step away from reaching the altar, they finally ended their engagement.

Some time later, Susana began a sentimental relationship with Luis Elías, father of her two children: Santiago Elías González and Susana Elías González.

Since 2013, Susana has had a courtship with Marcos Montero, an actor fourteen years younger than her with whom she has claimed to have wedding plans, which so far have not materialized.


Photo: GettyImages

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