Surgery complicated, Cepillín enters intensive care for pneumonia and heart failure

Cepillín was admitted to intensive care After suffering from heart failure and pneumonia “I ask all of your prayers for my dad̶...

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  • Cepillín was admitted to intensive care
  • After suffering from heart failure and pneumonia
  • “I ask all of your prayers for my dad”

Pneumonia intensive therapy brush. After the clown from TV, Cepillín, was hospitalized for severe pain in the spine, today his son on social networks mentions that his father entered intensive care and asks his followers for prayers.

Despite the fact that on Sunday morning it had been mentioned that Ricardo González was going to be discharged next Tuesday, after being hospitalized for a week, it was reported that he had complications in his surgery and was transferred to intensive care.

Through your account Facebook the child comedian’s son, shared an update on his status asking for prayers for his father: “I ask all of your prayers for my dad.”

Pneumonia intensive care brush


It should be remembered that “Cepillín” was about to fall from a ladder and although he managed to grab the railing, he began with very strong pain in the spine that took him to the hospital where he underwent a surgery that lasted approximately 9 hours, according to the Group Formula.

Also on her Twitter account, the journalist from Telediario, Maria Luisa Valdes, who is close to González Gutiérrez’s family, revealed that he is in poor health, suffering from pneumonia and heart failure.

Pneumonia intensive therapy brush 2


“Don Ricardo González, better known as Cepillín, has entered intensive care for heart failure and pneumonia,” the journalist tweeted on social networks.


Even on the Instagram account of Chamonic 3 The news was shared about the comedian’s complications after the surgery he received at the hospital where he was staying. “Cepillín was admitted to intensive care after suffering heart failure and pneumonia after being in poor health due to his post-surgery, on March 1, his son asks for prayers for his father’s speedy recovery,” they wrote in the publication.

Reaction of followers

Intensive therapy brush. After learning about the news of the clown on TV Cepillín, several Internet users immediately sent their prayers so that the artist can get out of this situation that keeps everyone worried.


“I am very sorry to hear that news whenever an acquaintance or famous from our childhood has a sickness that makes me sad that I cannot help him as he wanted,” commented a user in the journalist María Luisa Valdés’ publication.

Others remember that each birthday is the one that sounds the most: “God help him! His song is not lacking on every birthday my dad always plays it ”.


“God help my little clown from my childhood”, “Hopefully God will recover “,”God give him his healing, have mercy on our dear Brush, heal him Lord for your infinite mercy “,” He is always in our prayers. God is great and merciful. I ask God to restore him to health soon “,” I trust God and his designs, I hope to see the little clown in the company of my children and enjoy the moment “, were some of the messages that Internet users sent.

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