Supreme Court dismisses Trump’s public charge appeal and will not deny residency to immigrants

Supreme Court Dismisses Donald Trump’s Appeal for Cancellation of “Public Charge” Policy With the mandate, immigrants w...

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  • Supreme Court Dismisses Donald Trump’s Appeal for Cancellation of “Public Charge” Policy
  • With the mandate, immigrants who resorted to public assistance could be denied permanent residence or green cards
  • Immigrants can access assistance for health care, food and housing

Following a decision by the Joe Biden government, the Supreme Court dismisses the appeal that the Donald Trump administration had presented for the cancellation of the “public charge” policy with which residency could be denied legal permanent or green card to immigrants who resorted to the assistance public, according to the portal Telemundo 48 El Paso and the EFE agency.

In a brief message to the Supreme Court of Justice, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice, Elizabeth Prelogar, requested that the appeal initiated by the Trump administration be dismissed after a court lower would declare that rule illegal.

The plaintiffs include the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), the Legal Aid Society and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

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In 2019, by executive order, Trump authorized officials at immigration agencies to deny legal permanent residence to people who, in his discretion, could in the future receive assistance from federal programs.

Those programs include food stamps, health care and housing subsidies, and benefits that may consist of money or unpaid services.

In October 2019, Judge George Daniels of the Southern District of New York blocked the rule issued to the Department of Homeland Security, and in January 2020 the Supreme Court of Justice suspended that block with which the rule took effect a month later.

In August 2020, the Court of Appeals for the Second Federal District reaffirmed Judge Daniels’ order on immigrants and the government of Donald Trump appealed that decision to the Supreme Court of Justice.

“The Biden administration has correctly withdrawn appeals against court decisions blocking the ‘public charge’ rule,” the plaintiff groups said in a statement.

The decision of the Joe Biden Government caused the cancellation of this measure, on which they had already ordered a review of its terms shortly after the Democrat came to power on January 20, for which the Supreme Court ruled in the case of immigrants and your residence.

The explanation is very accurate: “That makes it clear that this rule will no longer apply,” added the plaintiffs. “Immigrant families can now access health care, food and housing assistance without fear of losing their ability to obtain legal permanent residence.”

On the immigrant cases, the groups said “Donald Trump’s rule raised an invisible wall in the form of a wealth test that discriminated against people because of their race as a condition for the regularization of their immigration status,” the signatories noted.

The petition to dismiss the case before the Supreme Court joins other similar measures in relation to the Trump administration’s policies on immigration, such as the asylum process and the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

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Filed Under: Supreme Court Immigrant Residence

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