Subway employee says she was suspended after confronting an armed robber (Video)

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  • A shocking video shows how a Subway employee confronted an armed robber.
  • Following the incident, the Subway employee says she was suspended.
  • The Subway employee’s mother said that her daughter was suspended after “heroically” defending the store.

An employee of a restaurant belonging to the popular Subway chain said she was suspended from her job shortly after a shocking video went viral that showed how she had confronted an armed robber inside the establishment.





The Subway employee was identified as Araceli Sotelo, from Rockford, Illinois, who thwarted the attempted robbery on September 5, 2021, according to security camera footage that was leaked and shared for the first time by the site, a local media outlet that routinely reports on police files, reported Fox News on Sunday, September 12.

Subway employee confronted armed robber

Subway employee

The video, which is timestamped at around 10:38 a.m., showed Araceli Sotelo confronting a thief who entered the store and walked directly behind the sandwich counter.

On the spot, Araceli Sotelo struggled against the thief and a fight broke out outside the exclusive area for employees. At one point in the confrontation, the assailant dropped his weapon and, in a quick movement, the brave worker grabbed it.

The thief dropped the gun and the Subway employee took it quickly

Subway employee
Photo: screenshot from yadalove07’s video on TikTok

Before the video is cut, you can see how the thief tries to recover his weapon while holding in his hand the wallet that he has already taken from the Subway employee. After the event, Araceli Sotelo shared a copy of the video on her TikTok account yadalove07 last Thursday with the legend: “A man came into my work and tried to rob me.”

As of this Monday, September 13, more than 9 million people had seen the video on TikTok. Fox News noted that while tens of thousands of users praised the Subway employee for her bravery, she shared an update on Friday when she said she was suspended from her job after the confrontation spread.

They claim that Subway suspended the employee after spreading the incident (click on the image to see the video)

Subway employee
Photo: screenshot from yadalove07’s video on TikTok

Subway representatives did not confirm whether Araceli Sotelo was suspended when Fox News contacted him to find out his position on the event. Instead, a spokesperson wrote: “We are deeply concerned about the recent incident at a franchised location in Rockford, Illinois. The restaurant owner and management are fully cooperating with the police investigation, and we ask for your patience until the process is complete… Each restaurant is independently owned and operated. We are in contact with the franchisee to better understand the situation and assist them as necessary. ”

After the confrontation and the alleged suspension of the Subway employee, a GoFundMe account was opened to raise funds to allow the victim to support herself because she would not be receiving her corresponding salary.

Fundraiser to help Subway employee

Subway employee

The GoFundMe account was created by Sylvia Oviedo, mother of the Subway employee, who claimed that she was suspended from work without financial compensation. “During the weekend my daughter was robbed while she was working (alone), she fought and they only took HER wallet. Nothing from the store was stolen. Her manager has now suspended her from work leaving her unemployed after she heroically defended the store. My daughter now has a broken phone, she doesn’t have her ID, she doesn’t have a debit card or her wallet, and he (manager) refuses to compensate her for any of that. ”

Until the morning of this Monday, September 13, the family has raised almost 15 thousand dollars through the GoFundMe campaign, where they stated that the money will be used to pay the attorneys’ fees and the salaries lost due to the alleged suspension of the worker.

They send messages of encouragement to the Subway employee

Subway employee
Photo: screenshot from yadalove07’s video on TikTok

“I hope you find a better and safer job where management respects you. I’m glad to read that: 1. You’re safe and 2. You hit him with his own gun ”,“ don’t risk your life, it’s not worth it, you’re brave and a heroine ”,“ incredible job defending yourself from that criminal. Please go into some Jiu Jitsu classes and you would have easily strangled that little guy. I hope my daughter grows up and is as strong as you. Go to school and continue your education. You can be whatever you want to be! ”Were some of the comments made by donors in the GoFundMe post.

Fox News recalled that this is not the first time that a Subway employee thwarts a shoplifting. In December 2020, Deshawn Richardson, of Rochester, Pennsylvania, fought a masked man who tried to steal a cash register and tip jar. It was not clear if Richardson was suspended at the time.

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