High-school student is shot dead while sleeping in her bedroom in Texas

A high school student was shot to death while sleeping in her bedroom in Texas. Crystal Rodríguez had just graduated and was shot in the ...

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  • A high school student was shot to death while sleeping in her bedroom in Texas.
  • Crystal Rodríguez had just graduated and was shot in the back.
  • Police do not know why her family’s home was targeted.

A recent tragedy involves a family of Hispanic origin living in the United States. A young high-school student, Crystal Rodríguez, was shot while sleeping in her bedroom at home in Dallas, Texas, according to information reported by People en Español.

This tragedy has devastated and confused the local community, including the police. It not understood what exactly happened since there is no suspect in custody or any indication that the family has any criminal ties. In addition, no one knows of any other situation that would make the family targets of this sort of attack. Investigations are still ongoing.


Shot dead asleep Texas
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It was during the early hours of Tuesday that the first gunshots were fired in a Dallas neighborhood. Crystal Rodríguez was asleep, face down when, without waking up, she was shot in the back. The bullets ended her life only a few minutes later and no one knows who is responsible.

The young woman was 17 years old and had recently graduated from high school. According to The Dallas Morning News, the mother spoke for the first time about this crime that has left the entire population in shock. “She was in bed, she was sleeping,” said the mother of the victim Crystal Rodríguez.


Crystal Rodriguez
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Everything happened so fast, the mother of the young woman said that when she heard the first shots she believed that they were coming from inside the house. However, she entered her daughter’s room and saw her lying on the floor with her shirt all bloody and she couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing. The young woman was trying desperately to breathe.

Her mother was quoted as saying: “I don’t understand how someone would do this. Why would they want to hurt me or my family?” She is heartbroken that her daughter has died in such a tragic and inexplicable way. It makes no sense to the family or to the police who are continuing to investigate all of the evidence. Filed Under: Texas Slept Shot Died


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After seeing her daughter lying on the floor bleeding to death, Crystal Vital called the 911 to request an ambulance. In a matter of minutes the paramedics arrived and, after stabilizing her, they transported her to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately she passed away almost immediately.

The area around the house looked like a war zone. The early morning attack surprised everyone in the quiet neighborhood. There is still no explanation for what happened but the cooperation of the community has been requested to provide information that can be used to locate those responsible for the girl’s death.


Shot dead asleep Texas
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Authorities found bullet holes around the house, in the walls of the home and even in some nearby vehicles. It looked like a disaster area. However, a few feet from the house, the police found one of the casings that was used in the horrific attack that killed the high school student.

“This (incident) angers me. The senseless loss of a life,” said Police Chief Eddie García, according to the newspaper. “We are in the early stage of the investigation and it is truly tragic. I just hope I can get a call when our units track this individual or individuals, so I can witness the arrest. ” Filed Under: Texas Slept Shot Died


Crystal Rodriguez
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So far, the investigation finds that there is no indication the young woman’s family had any connection to the crime. Police are investigating it as a random attack. However, this theory bothers the police more because there’s simply no explanation for why someone would kill others for no apparent reason.

“The suspects we are looking for are cowards who do not respect human life, who fired indiscriminately at a house and claimed the life of a 17-year-old girl. That is your description. It was a cowardly act. When things like this happen, I get angry, we take it personal, I take it personal. The men and women of this department take it personally,” said the officer.


Shot dead asleep Texas
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A friend of the victim created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds so Crystal Rodríguez, who had so recently graduated from high school, can have a dignified funeral. To end the interview, her mother expressed the following: “She did not deserve what happened to her. Whoever did this, I want him to pay with his life.”

This is why the police are seeking the help of the community. They have set up telephones to give any information to officer Abel López at (214) 671-3676. The authorities are also offering a reward of up to $5,000, to whoever provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. They can call (214) 373-8477. The call can be anonymous. Filed Under: Texas Slept Shot Died

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