Storms, tornadoes and floods threaten millions of Americans



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  • A storm system would damage much of the territory, as tornadoes and floods are expected
  • Some areas of the United States are in need of rain, but these storms could be too severe
  • The center of the country will be the most affected by these natural phenomena

Although it is a time of droughts in various parts of the country and rains are needed, the next storm system would damage much of the territory, as tornadoes and floods are expected, putting millions of inhabitants in the United States on alert, according to a publication made by the news portal of CNN.

This year has been especially difficult for Americans who have been affected by a series of natural phenomena that have stopped them from carrying out their daily activities, added to the inactivity brought by the pandemic that has lasted for more than a year.


Tornado storms flooding

From winter storms that practically frozen a good part of the country, including Texas, to tornadoes, rains and floods that have cut off the population for days, and now they will face a series of phenomena that keep them alert.

Now it will be the center of the United States that will feel the force of mother nature in different forms and expressions, it is estimated that the region will suffer from storms, tornadoes and floods that would damage the lives of millions of people.


Tornado storms flooding

Spokesmen for the National Weather System have detailed it clearly and precisely: “Starting Tuesday, the probability of thunderstorms will increase, especially throughout the eastern Panhandles, where some storms can be severe” and even flooding in the United States.

To make it more dramatic, they explained what could well be presented: “Additional activity from the storm is possible Wednesday along a cold front,” said authorities in Amarillo, Texas, in a tweet over the weekend. . Filed Under: Tornado Flood Storms

Storms tornadoes floods: THE WORST IS COMING

Twitter photo

Although this seems to be a black picture in itself, the situation is more complicated. Authorities from the Storm Prediction Center warn that the threat of severe storms could continue on Wednesday.

However, they detailed that this depends on the evolution of the storms. Also, if a more progressive system is implemented, that would lead to an increase in severe storms in the southeast and mid-Atlantic by the end of the week. Filed Under: Tornado Flood Storms


Tornado storms flooding

The preliminary forecast indicates that the surprise floods will also be an alert for residents of various areas of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma where some places could collect more than 4 to 6 inches of rain Tuesday through Friday.

That is why the authorities remain on the lookout for the damage that these natural phenomena could cause in various parts of the Central United States, but not everything would be gray for the territory. Filed Under: Tornado Flood Storms



The counterpart that will be able to see in areas of the Red River Valley, from northeastern North Dakota to northwestern Minnesota, because due to the extreme drought, these rains or storms would greatly benefit their activities in the United States.

However, the joy may not last long, since if the forecasts fail and too much rain falls in a very short time, it could generate danger for the population, which is why strict vigilance is kept on the amount of water that could fall. Filed Under: Tornado Flood Storms


Tornado storms flooding

But another alert that arouses the fear of millions of US citizens is the formation of tornadoes that could affect several areas of the country, especially since statistics show that April is not the month with the greatest development of these.

Although May is the month with the most tornado records in the United States, April is very close to that list, this year it is well below normal. According to SPC, there have been 34 confirmed tornadoes so far this month, well below the three-year average of 224. Filed Under: Storms tornadoes floods

Storm tornado floods: THE THREAT

Floods United States

In the face of all the evidence and forecasts, Taylor Ward, a CNN meteorologist, said: “Most of the significant severe weather days so far this year have been centered in the lower Mississippi valley and the deep south.”

He added: “This could be the most substantial threat of the year so far in Oklahoma and Kansas. While this may be a bit late in the spring, this is certainly not unusual, as late April and May is the peak for severe weather in the South Plains. ” Filed Under: Tornado Flood Storms

Tornadoes Flood Storms: Tornado Statistics

Tornadoes United States

Authorities have counted that from January to March, the United States has been hit by 218 confirmed tornadoes, but the average is only 162. The explanation for this is that most of March 191 tornadoes have been confirmed, well above the average. monthly 82.

As it is, the area that has the greatest threat from severe storms as of Tuesday has been relatively relaxed on severe weather issues this year. Filed Under: Tornado Flood Storms

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