Storms in the United States could trigger isolated tornadoes, floods and hail



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  • Harmful storms threaten a large area of central United States
  • Severe weather will continue in the south and could be worse than Monday and Tuesday
  • A powerful low pressure system could develop today in the Rocky Mountains

A large area of central United States will be under the risk of powerful storms today, severe weather will continue in the south as well, according to the news portal AccuWeather, which also adds that we could see the worst weather conditions this Wednesday with even isolated tornadoes, hail and flooding.

But the forecasts are not encouraging. Hail the size of tennis balls was reported in Frizell, Kansas early Tuesday morning, and forecasters from AccuWeather said that this scattered severe activity on Monday night is just the tip of the iceberg of what we will see during the rest of the week.


United States storms
Image taken from Twitter @accuweather

It appears that this day could present a powerful low pressure system developing in the Rocky Mountains that will produce strong thunderstorms from the Central Plains to the lower Mississippi River Valley this Wednesday night, “said Adam Sadvary, meteorologist from AccuWeather.

The report issued states that the storms began to shoot across parts of the Central Plains Tuesday afternoon and became more extensive overnight in parts of eastern Kansas, eastern Nebraska and western Missouri.


United States storms
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Pfeifer, Kansas, reported 2-inch hail Tuesday night. “It is not out of the question that isolated tornadoes can rotate along the cold front of strengthening this system,” announced meteorologist Sadvary.

It was also reported that one of the main cities that was at risk from these risky storms since Tuesday night was Kansas City, where the storms are expected to continue and even strengthen today Wednesday morning.


United States storms
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Today’s warning is made by the storms in the United States: “I think Wednesday will probably be one of the busiest days this week for severe weather,” said AccuWeather chief meteorologist Bernie Rayno.

As the cold front associated with this expansive storm continues to shift eastward on Wednesday, so will the threat to the rough and dangerous weather, so the source cautions to be vigilant about warnings from authorities.


United States storms
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However, the meteorologist warns that with these storms in the United States you can perceive all forms of adverse weather such as flooded downpours, hail, damaging wind gusts and probably several tornadoes.

In addition, there is a warning of a threat of severe electrical storms over a wide swath of the central states. Also, residents from southern Iowans to northern Louisiana will need to keep an eye on the sky and have ways to get severe weather warnings Wednesday.


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But these storms in the United States would significantly affect drivers, because the roads will be affected by downpours or rains caused by the wind and significantly reduce visibility and cause flooding on the roads.

All motorists traveling at higher speeds should exercise caution, as the threat of bad weather will be most noticeable this Wednesday night. It will be areas from central Illinois to central Tennessee through northern Alabama and Mississippi, as well as in central Louisiana there will be powerful storms.


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Nashville has also been warned Wednesday night for its first chance of heavy rain since late last month, when aggressive flooding and the city had its second wettest episode of all time.

In addition, many rivers throughout the South are still very full due to the heavy rains that occurred last month. But it has been said that any additional downpour can lead to flash flood problems.


United States storms
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“Further north in the Upper Midwest, the potential for severe thunderstorms is low, but periods of locally heavy downpour are expected along a slow-moving warm front linked to this low-pressure area in the Plains,” he said. Sadvary.

The forecast indicates that parts of the Northeast and Southeast are likely to see rounds of scattered showers and thunderstorms this weekend, so keep an eye on official reports.

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