STEM, fundamental study for the professional future of young Latinos

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STEM, fundamental study for the professional future of young Latinos
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The future of Hispanic students can often be uncertain, if they do not have the proper guidance on possible study options and mainly financial support.

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In this regard, Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) offers a series of specific K-12 educational programs that promote college readiness, awareness and access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among the traditionally unrepresented groups.

Within these sectors are the Latino communities. Young people’s motivation and exposure to role models, such as engineers and scientists, is key; as well as projects that they can carry out with their own hands and various activities.

“GMiS offers STEM students transformative scholarships that allow them to be successful in institutions that serve Hispanics,” said Anna Park, executive director of Great Minds in STEM.

So, Viva Technology ™ is a national K-12 educational program designed by GMiS to engage students, teachers, and parents with STEM challenges that stimulate their interest in the application of technology and provide focused career paths in this area. It creates awareness, provides resources, and provides access to career paths.

Through the various program options, Viva Technology ™ It has been implemented in 18 states and the District of Columbia, with a reach of more than 136,000 students, teachers, and parents.

The importance of parents

The initiative includes the “Parents Night”, which consists of an orientation for parents or guardians held in the week of “Student’s Day”, a suitable date for young people to experiment with competitive and educational activities from practice. They work in teams led by college students (college captains) from surrounding colleges who specialize in a STEM field.

The guide is designed to explain to parents what their children will learn by participating in the program, as well as fostering interest in math and science, while informing them about the positive impact on their children’s future and the future career opportunities. Key to this process is that materials and presentations can be provided in both English and Spanish.

“The United States needs to produce more engineers and scientists. That starts by exposing more young students to the world of STEM around them and inspiring them to dream of a career in STEM. So the Viva Technology Program ™ GMiS does just that. ”said Danielle Villar, coordinator of the educational program.

On the other hand, an incentive factor is that STEM-related careers are paid above others. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment projections in the area will grow between 2019 and 2029 by 797 thousand jobs, which represents an increase of 8% compared to 3.7% for the rest of the occupations.

Meanwhile, the average annual salary for 2019 stood at $ 86,980, which is more than double the $ 39,810 for other professions or trades.

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