Sonia Hermosillo: It is confirmed that she was sane when she killed her baby by throwing him out of the building

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Sonia Hermosillo: It is confirmed that she was sane when she killed her baby by throwing him out of the building
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  • A jury found that Sonia Hermosillo was sane when she murdered her baby.
  • Sonia Hermosillo, an immigrant mother, killed her baby by throwing him from a fourth floor.
  • The woman now awaits a new hearing to know her sentence.

A sad story that is not over yet. A jury in California determined that immigrant mother Sonia Hermosillo was sane at the time she threw her baby from a fourth floor, causing his tragic death.


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The news agency Efe reported that a jury found that Mexican mother Sonia Hermosillo, who threw her 7-month-old son from the fourth floor of a California hospital parking building, was mentally fit when the crime occurred a decade ago.

Hispanic Sonia Hermosillo was mentally capable when she killed her baby

Sonia Hermosillo

Sonia Hermosillo, 41, faced a trial in Orange County, California in recent weeks to determine if she was mentally capable at the time of the baby’s death on August 22, 2011. And the jury decided on Monday the 13th. September that she was mentally trained, as reported by the Orange County Register newspaper, cited by Efe.

The trial is part of the process against the Mexican immigrant, who was found guilty on August 4, 2021 of a felony murder and a felony assault that caused the death of a child. However, it was yet to be determined whether she was mentally capable at the time of the crime.

Sonia Hermosillo had pleaded not guilty

Sonia Hermosillo
Accused Sonia Hermosillo. Photo: Orange Police Department

During a hearing, Sonia Hermosillo had pleaded not guilty. The defense alleged that the woman “suffered from delusions and hallucinations at the time of the child’s death that amounted to a total break with reality,” according to the Orange County Register report.

The Efe news agency recalled that on August 22, 2011, Sonia Hermosillo took her son, named Noé, to the Orange County Children’s Hospital and parked her car on the fourth floor of the health center parking building.

Sonia Hermosillo took off the baby’s helmet and threw it from a fourth floor

Sonia Hermosillo
Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Photo: Shutterstock

Baby Noah had medical conditions that required him to be receiving regular hospital treatment, but the little one did not have an appointment scheduled for that day that ended in disgrace, the aforementioned news agency said.

Efe explained that the minor had a congenital problem that forced him to wear a medical helmet to try to correct it. That day, Sonia Hermosillo removed the helmet and threw the baby from the fourth floor, according to the Orange County Prosecutor’s Office.

After throwing it away, the mother validated her parking ticket and left

Sonia Hermosillo

A witness who saw the baby fall through the air called 911 immediately. Police rushed to the scene and found the boy still alive. Meanwhile, the woman entered the hospital, validated her parking ticket and left without reporting the incident, the Efe report said.

Sonia Hermosillo’s husband, identified as Noé Medina, had called the police to report that his wife and son were missing. The man told authorities that his wife had recently been hospitalized for depression and that she was not allowed to be alone with the baby.

Sonia Hermosillo received mental health treatment, but it was determined that she was sane

Sonia Hermosillo
Reference photo: Shutterstock

Little Noah died two days after the dramatic event. His mother Sonia Hermosillo was arrested while driving through a nearby neighborhood and has since been detained without the possibility of obtaining bail.

Efe mentioned that the trial faced numerous delays since Sonia Hermosillo received mental health treatment, while the experts determined if she was really mentally capable of being tried for the crime.

Now the Hispanic woman faces up to 25 years in prison

Sonia Hermosillo

Although the prosecutor Mena Guirguis, who took the case, admitted that Sonia Hermosillo “had a severe, very severe depression,” argued that this “is not legal insanity,” and stated that the woman waited for her husband to be in the shower to take the baby and, in addition, removed the helmet at the moment of throwing it.

After the decision issued on Monday, September 13, the Hispanic Sonia Hermosillo will be sentenced on October 29 and, according to the report from the news agency Efe, she can now face a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

Two Florida students arrested for plotting shootout and stockpiling guns, ammunition and knives

They appreciate having prevented a tragedy

What could have been a tragedy was stopped in time. Two Florida students were arrested for allegedly planning a mass shooting for which they had already stockpiled guns, ammunition and knives, authorities said.

The newspaper Daily Mail reported Monday, Sept. 13, that two Florida middle school students were ordered to remain in a juvenile detention center after they allegedly planned to carry out a mass shooting similar to the tragic 1999 Columbine massacre.

Two 13 and 14-year-old Florida students are captured

two Florida students

Phillip Byrd, 14, and Connor Pruett, 13, who are eighth graders at Harns Marsh Middle School, in Lehigh Acres, near Fort Myers, Florida, appeared in front of a judge Sunday morning. , indicated the referred medium.

The judge ordered that the two teenagers be held for at least 21 days in a juvenile detention center. The school administration took the incident seriously when they found Byrd and Pruett with a map of the school on which each of the security cameras had been marked.

The two students were studying the Columbine massacre

two Florida students
Photo: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

After alerting Lee County Police, detectives discovered that the boys were thoroughly studying the Columbine shooting, trying to learn how to build a pipe bomb, and investigating how to buy guns on the black market.

Police also searched the homes of the two Florida students and found guns, ammunition and several knives, the Daily Mail reported Monday when it published the report of what could have become a fatal event.

They charged the two Florida students

two Florida students
Photo: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Despite the evidence, Byrd’s mother, Carrie Tuller, burst into tears as she defended her son during the court hearing on Sunday. “He’s just a little boy. He didn’t think this was really serious. I didn’t think they were serious ”, expressed the mother in consternation.

The Daily Mail said the two Florida students were detained Thursday for a mental health evaluation and taken into custody on Saturday. Both are charged with conspiracy to commit a mass shooting.

They will remain in a juvenile detention center

They will remain in a juvenile detention center

Both were ordered not to have contact with school personnel or students and were required to stay off the school grounds. They will be held in a juvenile detention center and their next court date is set for September 27 at 9:00 a.m., according to the local news station. WINK.

Following the arrest of the two Florida students, Lee County Superintendent Kenneth Savage tweeted: “To the heroes @HarnsMarshMS, THANK YOU! His actions saved lives and for that @LeeSchools is eternally grateful. All the honor to @SheriffLeeFL and the staff-students who intervened ”. For more details visit this note.

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