Son of “General Hospital” star Jack Wagner dies at 27 (PHOTOS)

Actor Jack Wagner’s son was found dead in a parking lot. He had problems with addiction. Harrison Wagner’s cause of death is ...

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  • Actor Jack Wagner’s son was found dead in a parking lot.
  • He had problems with addiction.
  • Harrison Wagner’s cause of death is being investigated.

Harrison Wagner dies at 27. The son of General Hospital star Jack Wagner was found dead in a Los Angeles parking lot on June 6. Harrison Wagner had been struggling with addiction.

The news was confirmed by a Los Angeles County medical examiner, according to The Sun. Harrison Wagner had been going through a difficult time with drugs and alcohol. His father, Jack Wagner, broke his silence about the situation in 2016, when the young man disappeared for almost a week.

Battle with drugs and alcohol

Fight against drugs and alcohol
Instagram photo

Apparently, Jack Wagner also struggled with drugs and alcohol when he was young. When the tense situation in 2016 was made known, the popular General Hospital star declared: “I fear for my youngest son’s safety. Harrison has struggled with drugs and alcohol just as I did when I was younger.”

When his 21-year-old son (at the time) resurfaced, his father shared the news: “Harrison’s been in touch. He’s 21 and in charge of his life. Thank you for the love and prayers. Please continue to share your struggles, it helps us all,” he declared, according to The Sun.

Harrison Wagner’s last Instagram post

Last publication of the young son of Jack Wagner
Instagram photo

On May 22, Harrison Wagner, son of the famous actor, shared an image of himself sitting in the sun looking thoughtful. “Focus. YOU are left with YOU and your thoughts,” Harrison wrote on the post with hundreds of reactions.

The post was quickly filled with comments from followers who wished him an eternal rest. “Rest in peace.” “Damn. I send love to your brother.” “You were a good man Harrison, I hope your next life is full of peace and joy throughout everything,” were some of the messages.

“Like father Like Son”

"Like father Like Son"
Instagram photo

The young man, with more than 5,000 followers, also shared a photo with his father. The post garnered more than 400 reactions. The images description reads: “Like father like son @jackwagnerofficial.” “Seriously, you two are twins born years apart!” one follower commented.

In the photo you can see the father and son smiling outdoors. Other posts show Harrison spending time with his father, the popular actor and singer.

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