Soldier Luis Taveras, his wife and baby die in spectacular collision with a crane

A spectacular car accident claimed the lives of three family members. The soldier Luis Taveras, his wife and their baby were killed in th...

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  • A spectacular car accident claimed the lives of three family members.
  • The soldier Luis Taveras, his wife and their baby were killed in the tragic accident.
  • Luis Taveras served four years in the United States Army.

A tragic car accident claimed the lives of three family members. Army soldier Luis Taveras, 27, his wife Lizbeth, 30, and their one-year-old son Luis were killed when their vehicle collided with a crane at around 11:00 p.m. last Monday. The accident occurred in Pyeongtaek, South Korea near Camp Humphreys, the largest US military base abroad, the Daily Mail reported on November 8.

Luis Taveras, a soldier from Boston, Massachusetts, who served four years in the Army, was a quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer with the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command,  Stars and Stripes stated last week when it reported the event.

The tragic end of soldier Luis Taveras and his family

soldier Luis Taveras
Photo: Instagram by @la_india_de_bani

According to investigators, the family’s car collided with a crane going around a curve on a single-lane highway and exploded into an intense fireball. Luis Taveras, his wife and baby were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, according to the Daily Mail.

“There are no words that can accurately express the pain that their friends and family are feeling,” Brigadier General Steven Allen, the unit’s commander, said Wednesday in a statement quoted by Stars and Stripes. “We, as an Army team, will move forward in a way that provides support and assistance to the bereaved.”

The United States Army is investigating how Luis Taveras’ accident occurred

Private Luis tavares
Luis Tavares. Photo: US Army

Following the collision, the 27-year-old Korean crane driver was taken to a nearby hospital to treat his non-life-threatening injuries. Korea’s National Police Agency is investigating the accident and analyzing images recorded from a witness’s car, as well as DNA evidence, Stars and Stripes reported.

The US Army is also conducting an investigation into the accident. Luis Taveras arrived in South Korea in June and was one of approximately 28,500 US soldiers stationed there, most of them at Camp Humphreys. The base also houses the 2nd Infantry Division and the United States Forces in Korea, Stars and Stripes detailed.

Details about the night of the collision

soldier Luis Taveras

Dominican newspaper Diario Libre stated that soldier Luis Taveras, his wife Lizbeth González Peña and their little boy Luis Sebastián had gone out to enjoy a family dinner. Afterwards, they left the restaurant and as they made their way home, collided with a crane going around a curve on a single lane road.

Diario Libre stated that the family lived in Texas before moving to South Korea in January of this year for Luis Taveras’ job. He was a native of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and was of Dominican descent.

Military will honor the service of Luis Taveras

soldier Luis Taveras

Diario Libre, one of the main newspapers in the Dominican Republic, indicated that the bodies of Luis Taveras and his family will be transported to the United States to receive military honors. Although they did not die in a war, he was on active duty when the fatal crash occurred.

Lissette Pereyra, Lizbeth’s cousin on her father’s side, told Diario Libre that the family has not yet decided whether her remains will be buried on Dominican soil later, since Lizbeth’s parents, Ángel González and Juana Peña, live in the Baní, Peravia province of the Caribbean country.

Astroworld Festival: Several Hispanics Identified Among Victims

astroworld festival
Photo: Getty Images

A tragedy has left several families in mourning. Local media began to identify some of the deceased victims of the human stampede that occurred at the Astroworld music festival in Texas. The dead include several Hispanics, while the police made an important revelation that fuels a theory about what may have unleashed the chaos.

The New York Post reported on Sunday, November 7, that several of the eight people who died in the human avalanche that occurred Friday night during the famous rapper Travis Scott’s concert that took place at the Astroworld festival in Houston, had already been identified.

They begin to identify victims of the stampede at Astroworld festival

astroworld festival
Getty Images

Danish Baig, 27, died when he tried to rescue a member of his family during the wave of chaos that broke out in the event, which was “badly managed and supervised by very horrible people,” according to what his brother Basil Biag wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“My brother tried to save my sister-in-law from these horrendous acts that were being done to her, and in the process he lost his life,” said Baig, who also described his brother as a “beautiful soul” whose smile “lit up the room and who (valued) everyone over himself ”. In turn, he added: “Last night (Friday) he showed his courage to save my sister-in-law from those horrendous things that were being done.”

Several Hispanics among the dead at the Astroworld festival

astroworld festival
Getty Images

Baig, who said he also attended the Astroworld festival, commented that fans were, “hitting and shoving,” and reportedly, “provoked,” by rapper Travis Scott, who continued his performance amid the calamity, not realizing the magnitude of the incident at the time.

Franco Patiño, a 21-year-old student at the University of Dayton, also lost his life at the concert, according to The Dayton Daily News. The Illinois native was a member of Alpha Psi Lambda, a Hispanic fraternity, and worked in a cooperative engineering program, school officials said.

Heartbreaking messages from family members

astroworld festival
Victim Brianna Rodríguez. Photo: Facebook of Iris Rodríguez

John Hilgert, 14, a high school student in the Houston area, was the youngest victim of the stampede at the Astroworld festival, reported The Houston Chronicle, and quoted by the New York Post. “He was a good student, an athlete and very kind. He was the sweetest and smartest young man,” Tracy Faulkner, the mother of one of his friends who had bought him the ticket, told that newspaper.

Houston high school student Brianna Rodriguez, 16, also died in the disaster, according to People magazine. “Gone from our sides [sic] but never from our hearts. It is with profound sadness we lay to rest our beloved Brianna Rodríguez… Dancing was her passion and now she is dancing her way to heaven’s pearly gates”, her family wrote on Facebook.

Police reveal what could have caused the chaos at the Astroworld festival

astroworld festival
Fatal victim Rudy Peña. Photo: Facebook of Christy García

Rudy Peña, a young man from Laredo, was also among the deceased victims of the stampede at the Astroworld festival, local newspaper Laredo Morning Times reported. “My brother was the sweetest, friendliest, most outgoing person, and he had many friends because he was always there for everyone,” his sister Jennifer Peña told that newspaper, although she could not confirm the relative’s age.

Police were still working on Saturday to identify other victims and notify their families, while the investigation into the tragedy continued. It was during their investigation that authorities made a revelation that points to a theory that the chaos could be related to drug use.

There were several overdoses at the concert

astroworld festival
First responders attend the Astroworld music festival in Houston, November 5, 2021. Eight people were killed and several injured in what authorities called a human avalanche when singer Travis Scott was on stage around 9 a.m. evening. (KTRK via AP)

Agencia Efe reported that local Houston authorities revealed on Saturday that there were several opioid overdoses at rapper Travis Scott’s concert in which at least eight people died. The revelation about the overdoses is important because a rumor that one of the theories being considered by authorities is that someone tried to inject drugs into the spectators and that caused the stampede that ended up killing eight people.

At a press conference, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner emphasized that it is only a theory that has also been circulating on social media and asked to allow time for the investigation to find out exactly what happened. For more details read this note.

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