Outrage at singer Sofía Reyes for insulting Grupo Firme (VIDEO)

Grupo Firme has become a popular Regional Mexican band in recent years The group is at the top of the world with recent awards such as th...

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  • Grupo Firme has become a popular Regional Mexican band in recent years
  • The group is at the top of the world with recent awards such as the Latin Grammy
  • Sofía Reyes ran into them backstage and did she insult them? A video sparks outrage

After triumphing at the Radio Awards and even more so at the Latin Grammy Awards, Grupo Firme has become very popular in recent years. Now they are on top of the world, but they have some detractors, as demonstrated by the recent criticism that one of its member received after he got engaged to his boyfriend. But now a video of Mexican singer Sofia Reyes calling them ¿nacos? has come to light.

“Best Band Music Album” was the first Latin Grammy that Grupo Firme won in the recent ceremony in which even artists went crazy with their music, however, a video from backstage has sparked outraged at Mexican singer of urban music Sofia Reyes.

Grupo Firme triumphs at the Latin Grammy Awards, but do people envy them?

Firm Group

The magazine ‘TvNotas’, reported that on an Instagram account called ‘Chicapicosa‘, you can see a presumed member of the Grupo Firme staff recorded an’ uncomfortable ‘moment when Sofía Reyes went on stage to make a presentation while the members of the popular band were very excited to receive their award.

In the video you can see how Sofía Reyes, dressed in a very sexy low-cut metallic pink dress, is walking with her team towards the stage when Grupo Firme, who are known to be talkative and friendly, pass by her, singing as they walk off the stage. Did the Mexican woman insult them?

Didi Sofía Reyes insult Grupo Firme?

Sofia Reyes Latin Grammy

“When you have good vibes and fancy Sofía Reyes passes by and says ‘WAY TO GO NACOS’. Bitter morra…” This was posted on the Chicapicosa’s Instagram story, where information about the entertainment world is published. The video was apparently sent by someone from the Grupo Firme staff.

First Sofía Reyes stared at them as they walked by and she even seems to dance with them in a somewhat giddy way. But then she turns to whoever is recording, her face changes and she says some words that, although they aren’t clear, people claim are ‘way to go nacos’, hence the message in the description of the video.

“Way to go nacos,” an alleged comment Sofía Reyes made about Grupo Firme outrages their fans

Grupo Firme meets Sofía Reyes at Latin Grammy
Instagram: Chicapicosa

Although Sofía Reyes’ words cannot be heard very well, people thought she was saying, ‘Way to go nacos’, which quickly generated criticism and hatred towards the Mexican singer during the Latin Grammys. However, others defended her against the accusations, although her body language says otherwise.

“Ay Chofissss.” “She should make a bigger effort in order to win.” “Who is that?” “And no?” “I agree with her.” “Nacos, nacos but they fill more concert seats than her and than any artist and they don’t offend anyone maybe that’s why they are getting so far and so fast.” “No idea who she is but she is absolutely right.” “They are nacos…”  These messages appeared in the video and on the Facebook page of TvNotas.

Nobody knows Sofía Reyes and that works against her?

Latin Grammy Sofía Reyes with Grupo Firme

The debate became so intense that some began to defend Sofía Reyes, saying that she was not as famous as Grupo Firme and was envious of them: “What a shame, I don’t know who she is, much less them. Someone explain to me.” “They are a little bit [nacos] but very good at singing, their music is everyone’s favourite right now.” “And what is the offense?” “Sofía Reyes, who is that?”

“I mean, I don’t understand, they ask for sincerity from people and they attack them, they are nacos, why deny it.” “Well, she’s telling the truth. The truth is not a sin, it’s just uncomfortable, I don’t see why they get angry.” “We can’t even understand anything.” “Well everyone is free to say whatever they want.” “And who is Sofía Reyes and who are they that she called nacos?” other people said. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Before the Sofía Reyes controversy, a member of Grupo Firme received a marriage proposal from his boyfriend and was criticized

Sofía Reyes at the Latin Grammys with Grupo Firme

WAS HE CRITICIZED FOR HIS COMMITMENT? On social networks, the moment when Jonathan Bencomo proposed to the member of Grupo Firme, Jhonny Cázares, went viral. The marriage proposal took place at Madison Square Garden where the presentation of the regional Mexican music group was held.

But, many people were not very happy about the marriage proposal that the young man, 29, received, and they expressed cruelly by the expressions of affection that were expressed in public. The young man is the third voice in the group and brother of Eduin Cázares. So far, the only one to speak was Jonathan Bencomo thanking his partner’s fans for their love.


Photo: Instagram

Jhonny Cázares’ (who is the third voice in the Mexican group) marriage proposal is shown on a video shared by ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ on Instagram. The engagement ring was presented while the band was in the middle of a performance at Madison Square Garden, after winning a Latin Grammy.

“@jhonny_caz partner asks him to marry him in concert. Congratulations!” reads the video’s description that they shared on social media. According to the media, the couple got engaged while the band was singing ‘El mundo a tus pies’.

Grupo Firme Marriage Proposal: Did he Say Yes?

Group Firm Proposal Marriage: Did You Say Yes?
Photo: Instagram

In the video, one can see Jonathan Bencomo take the stage while in the background photos of the couple are shown. The young man, who was dressed in a dark-colored turtleneck shirt and gray pants, grabbed the microphone and turned toward Jhonny Cázares, who reacted to the interruption with surprise.

However tonight, the fear, the nervousness, are not as strong as the love I feel for you.” Everyone was glued to Jhonny’s boyfriend, who couldn’t believe it when he saw the young man give the microphone to his brother and proceed to show him a valuable object. Filed Under: Firm Group insulted by Sofía Reyes

The most romantic moment of the evening

Group Firm marriage proposal: The most romantic moment of the evening
Photo: Instagram

In the video one can see how Jhonny’s partner shows him the engagement ring in a red box from a very prestigious jewelry store and kneels in front of him. The Grupo Firme member is quite surprised and puts both hands to his mouth while Eduin Cázares watches them with a wide smile.

The young man, surprised, accepted the marriage proposal and the couple embraced while the song ‘El mundo a tus pies’ was sung for the newly engaged couple by Eduin Cazares. But, what seemed to charm many and cause uncomfortable reactions in others was when the couple kissed in front of the audience, to celebrate their engagement. “I love you,” Jonathan said to the young man who was still surprised. Filed Under: Firm Group insulted by Sofía Reyes

Grupo Firme marriage proposal: He thanked his fans

marriage proposal: thanked the fans for their love
Photo: Instagram

While Jhonny shared videos of the concert and the marriage proposal, Jonathan thanked his fiancé’s fans for their affection and declared how lucky he felt. Both said that they were very happy with their new commitment. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“Thank you all for your beautiful messages, so much support, so much love and displays of affection… I feel blessed, thank God, thank you life.” Wrote the Grupo Firme member’s fiancé in his Instagram stories. Although there were many signs of acceptance and affection, there were also people who complained about the commitment and even harshly criticized it. Filed Under: Firm Marriage Proposal Group

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