Slim and voluptuous! Priscila Ángel wife of Temerario surprises with her most sensual photo so far (PHOTO)

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  • Priscila Ángel, wife of Temerario, poses in front of the camera and shows a great body
  • His followers go crazy for photography
  • Priscila Ángel shares a strong message for her husband Gustavo Ángel

Breaking a bit with what Priscila Ángel, Daredevil’s wife usually publishes on social networks, on this occasion the singer surprised her followers after sharing a photograph of her, where she looks worked and spectacular body that, Gustavo Ángel’s wife constantly exercises.

It is known that Priscila Ángel is constantly quite active in all her social networks, being Instagram the most used by the singer, where she frequently publishes thoughts, products, opinions and phrases very close to God.

However, Priscila Ángel decided to break with the scheme a little by publishing a photograph of her in a white sleeveless blouse, revealing her shapely body.

The publication consists of a black and white photograph of Priscila Ángel while she is in profile turning to the camera, she wears a white sleeveless blouse, tight jeans and a black belt.

Priscila Angel Daredevil wife

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

The photograph, which already has more than 7 thousand “likes” just one day after being published, includes the following as a caption:

“There are dreams that take longer than others to come true (and some do not come to fruition), the important thing is that you did not give up and have the willingness to learn (and take advantage of that learning)”, the text begins.

“In that course, pray, work and trust God, in his will and providence. Work as if everything depended on you and trust as if everything depended on God ”continued the Daredevil’s wife.

It should be noted that Priscila Ángel has always been a person who constantly fills all of her with positivity. followers in social networks, where this time was no exception.

Quickly, the comments were filled with praise and phrases for Priscila Ángel, Daredevil’s wife, who, unlike many actresses and personalities of the show, has always kept a low profile, away from the spotlight and problems, where also photographs of this type They are not usually so present, surprising their followers quite a bit.

Several comments and compliments began to flood the publication of Priscila Ángel, Temerario’s wife, looking spectacular in a white blouse.

An Internet user highlighted how young and pretty Priscila looked in the publication: “Ay Pris, how young and pretty You see, I don’t have any willpower not even to go on a diet, a strong capital sin, laziness ”.

To which, Gustavo Ángel’s wife replied: “Ask God to help you overcome her, it happens to many of us, it is human to fall, but it is Christian to get up with the help of God our Lord.”

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

“My Pris, every time I see a photo of you, I tell myself: today I’m starting to exercise! Divina mi Pris ”wrote another user.

A follower, who seems to be quite a fan of Los Temerarios, writes that she gives her life for Gustavo, her husband: “You have the best man in the world and the most handsome, I would give my life for him.”

One user wrote his deepest wish: “I hope my dream to meet you comes true. “

However, slightly heated comments from some brave men began to pour in:

“That great body is only achieved with dedication and you are a great example”, “You are a mamacita”, “Like good wines, precious”, “What a beautiful Priscila with all the respect Gustavo deserves, a great idol”, “So beautiful that you look at ”,“ Mamacita hermosa ”.

Priscila Angel Daredevil wife

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

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Priscila Ángel wife Temerario: Currently, Priscila Ángel is married to Gustavo Ángel Alba, member and composer of the group “The Daredevils“Known as the” angel of the group “, with whom he has three children named Sara, Gustavo and Alejandro.

It should be noted that in December of last year, this place was turning 18 happy years marriage where Priscila Ángel, the wife of El Temerario took advantage of the emotional date to send a strong message to Gustavo Ángel.

As is well known, the former member of ‘Priscila y sus balas de plata’ is a user of the networks who likes to share her most important moments, which range from her religiosity to living together with her family, especially with her husband, El Reckless.

And on this occasion, the marriage is celebrating, as they celebrate 18 years of union and to commemorate it, Priscila Ángel published a beautiful series of photos on her account Instagram.

In the images, he is seen smiling with El Temerario, who is also clearly delighted to be able to reach 18 years of marriage with the beautiful singer.

And to accompany the image, Priscila Ángel sent a forceful and very loving message to her husband.

“With God’s blessing, a deep love and the will to remain united forever, today we celebrate 18 years of love, with all that it means and requires. I love you and I will love you until eternity, my Gustavito, ”wrote Priscila Ángel with that religious and loving touch that characterizes her.

The congratulations were not long in coming. Adriana Cataño wrote: “What a blessing, beautiful friend. Happy Anniversary. You are such a beautiful couple. God bless you always ”.

La Chicuela was also noted: “Congratulations.”

And more followers of Priscila Ángel continued with the congratulations: “Congratulations, may God always reign in your home and keep you always together”, “Congratulations”, “Happy anniversary”, “Congratulations for that great love you have”

And in another post, Priscila published a short video of the day of her magical wedding with El Temerario, where it could be read: “So there are no longer two, but only one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined, let no man separate. 18th anniversary of our union before God ”. Priscila Ángel ended in her letter to her husband Gustavo Ángel, a member of Los Temerarios.

PHOTO: Instagram. Priscilla Angel

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