Six home decor trends

Six home decor trends We share six decoration styles to inspire you According to interior decorators, the character and personality of th...

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  • Six home decor trends
  • We share six decoration styles to inspire you
  • According to interior decorators, the character and personality of the client are very important when it comes to

Six home decor trends. When talking about home it is related to the place where we find peace, since for many their home is their refuge, that personal space to find themselves and recharge the energies of an exhausting day.

When you buy a house, the illusion of that new space that is so much yours fills you with illusions and motivates you to look for decoration ideas that go according to your style and your tastes so that your personal touch prevails in the decoration. If you have a budget, you can seek the services of a decorator. Otherwise, you can get advice from the application Pinterest and let your imagination flow.

What to take into account to decorate your home?

Six home decor trends
Photo: Instagram Vanessa’s Closet

According to experts in decoration or interior design, the most important points in the style or trend that you choose for decorating your home are: your character and your personality. The goal of interior decorators is to please the client and make him connect with the final work of his home.

Nobody wants to live in a place where they don’t feel part of it! For this reason, it is very important that when choosing the trend or the colors in the decoration of your home, you emphasize your personal tastes, in giving it that personal touch that represents who you are.

1.- Shabby Chic Style

Six home decor trends
Photo: Instagram @decoracion_shabby_chic

In the trend styles of interior decoration, the “Shabby Chic” never remains, which allows you to play with furniture that you have at home and that it costs you to get out of them, perhaps because they keep feelings of a special memory or of a family member, and that, adding an extra or making any modification, you can leave it as an accessory to your new decoration.

Shabby Chic allows you to play with the mix of “old” or antique decorative elements and more modern elements. This style is known as “vintage” and has been widely used not only for decorating a home, but also for events such as weddings, quinceañera, among others. For many, the Shabby Chic style goes hand in hand with the phrase: “Less is always more.” Filed Under: Six Home Decor Trends.

2.- The new glam, a contemporary style

Six home decor trends
Photo: Pinterest

The “Glam” or avant-garde style of decoration uses a neutral color palette that softens and adds warmth to the rooms. In this style, colors such as olive green, silver and gold in a matte tone, among others such as beige, are the ones that stand out in this type of decoration.

One of the advantages of this trend is that it achieves the result of an elegant and sophisticated style without being overwhelming or overloaded. Materials such as marble, satin, silk, velvet, among others, are widely used in this type of decoration to maintain a modern style.

3.- Boho Chic or Bohemian Style

Six home decor trends
Photo: Instagram Vanessa’s Closet

According to the portal Style and Deco, the Boho Chic, also known as Bohemian style, is a fresh style full of vitality. A free decorating style that completely breaks the rules and abuses color in a charming way. Bohemian decoration has its roots, although it is a fusion of styles, a whole with everything, endless moments reflected in small details.

This type of style stands out for the decorative elements that it uses, such as moments, old photographs and the trips that the family from home has made. One of the keys to the Boho Chic decoration style is that it focuses on giving prominence to a specific piece, and where the textile plays a fundamental role with daring designs, with bright colors and prints that in this type of decoration, they combine perfectly. Filed Under: Six Home Decor Trends.

4.-The Mid Century Modern

Photo: Pinterest

One of the main characteristics of the Mid Century Modern decoration style is the simplicity of its result. The elements used in this decoration are very simple but functional, subtracting those that are unnecessary, showing the structures and shapes of the home spaces.

For nature lovers, Mid Century Modern decoration is ideal since they can play with plants as part of the decoration and wood, which are very natural materials. Indoor plants give a special finishing touch to the decoration, allowing you to play with the versatility of the styles.

5.- Framhouse Chic or Farm

Photo: Pinterest

Rustic country cabin-inspired interior décor from the movies is the style of this Framhouse Chic décor. This style is related to the Shabby Chic style since both mix old and modern decorative elements. The base colors to achieve a farmhouse atmosphere are white and beige.

In relation to the furniture used in this style of decoration, they are old-looking wood and patterned fabrics. Other colors that you can include in this type of decoration are soft yellow, lilac and turquoise blue. Dried flowers also bring a farmhouse feel to this decor.

6.- Industrial Style

Six home decor trends
Photo: Pinterest

The ships of the city of New York in the 50s were the inspiration for this style of decoration. It is said that these ships served as homes for immigrants and artists who did not have the resources to pay the rent of an apartment in the city.

The rustic, the cold and the copper tones are the protagonists of this decoration. Brick, cement, and steel are materials that can help you achieve an industrial-style décor. The pipes and electrical conduits remain visible in this decoration. In this style of decoration you can also play with retro or vintage decorative elements.

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