The moment a singer is shot caught on video (VIDEO)

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The moment a singer is shot caught on video (VIDEO)
  • The moment a singer gets shot is caught on video.
  • The rapper was 29 years old.
  • The life of Chalino Sánchez is remembered.

Caught on camera. Shocking images are shown of the moment a singer from the United States is shot, these scenes were recorded because the rapper was doing a live show for his official Facebook account, what actually happened to him?


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Everything seemed to be going well when 29-year-old rapper Duke Deuce was recording a live for his millions of followers on Facebook, but things began to go south and shots were heard through his video, causing anguish among his faithful followers.

They catch the moment when a singer is shot

They catch the moment when a singer is shot
VIDEO: Screenshot The Sun US

According to the portal The Sun US, The clip was later published on the YouTube platform, where it is possible to observe the singer and rapper Duke Deuce while he was walking through the streets and shouting in English: “Come out and f **** Pepperte, we are not in anything of that bougie, none of that Hollywood mird% & $ ”.

Later a few seconds began to hear the detonations, something that quickly caused the singer from Memphis, Tennessee, to start running surprised by what he was hearing, his followers were dumbfounded, wondering what was happening.

“What’s going on? They catch the moment when a singer is shot

"What's going on? They catch the moment when a singer is shot
VIDEO: Screenshot The Sun US

More detonations began to be heard in the video, which was rescued by the newspaper The SUN while observing how the rapper began to wonder what was happening and sheltered himself from the impacts that began to be heard closer and closer to the singer: “Peppertree, what is happening?”

For several seconds it is observed how the rapper was running, while the detonations came even closer to him in a surprising way. According to the portal, it is not confirmed what happened to the singer, since several possibilities were believed, but nothing has been verified.

He is not the first rapper to be attacked; They catch the moment when a singer is shot

He is not the first rapper to be attacked; They catch the moment when a singer is shot
VIDEO: Screen Captrua The Sun US

The portal reports that the singer, whose original name is Patavious Lashun Isom, was probably making a reference to the Peppertree apartments in Memphis, as he has been appearing in the news lately because they have become the center of several shootings in this summer.

He also comments that if it were true, it would not be the only occasion in which a rapper is attacked with weapons, since Duke Acapela, a rapper who died at the age of 25 after allegedly shooting him, also died last month, according to confirmed his manager at the time. Filed Under: Capture moment when a singer gets shot. VIDEO HERE

Chalino Sánchez’s widow will reveal details of the singer’s death

They catch the moment when a singer is shot
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Almost 30 years after the cruel murder of the singer Chalino Sánchez in Culiacán, Sinaloa, his widow, Marisela Vallejos Félix, who was married to him for eight years, will reveal details of the death of “The father of the narcocorrido.”

Through an insightful interview, which is available at social networks of the journalist Nelssie Carrillo, Marisela did not keep anything on this occasion, in addition to anticipating that there will be a bioseries of the interpreter of songs such as Nieves de Enero and Alma enamorada. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot

He will talk about the death of Chalino Sánchez

VIDEO: Instagram

Before entering fully with her statements, the widow of Chalino Sánchez confessed that, as far as possible, she had a very good time during the pandemic due to the coronavirus, because he has his whole family with good Health, that being the most important thing.

Present at a tribute to her husband, Marisela Vallejos Félix said that she is very proud that to this day the music of both Chalino and her son, Adán, who lost his life in 2004 in a tragic accident, continues to be heard. of road. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot

There will be a bioseries by Chalino Sánchez

VIDEO: Instagram

Being the owner of the rights to the image of Chalino Sánchez, his widow shared that for 27 years they have had the idea of ​​making a bioseries of the singer, but it has not been done because they have not found the ideal producer or producer.

“For us it is a very important project and it is a life project. There is a written script and there is a very interesting story that has nothing to do with fiction, good things, bad things, but we are waiting for the right person ”. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot

They have not yet defined the actor who gives life to “The father of the narcocorrido”

VIDEO: Instagram

In good spirits, and kindly attending to the media that gathered at this event, Chalino Sánchez’s widow confessed that she had thought, 27 years ago, of the actor to play her husband, but is currently an older person.

“Every year we start to look at who would be good for his character and we have to keep looking for him until he is done. I really liked a person called Alberto Estrella, a Mexican actor, ”Marisela shared in this interview. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot

“Everything about my son and everything about my husband is still intact”

VIDEO: Instagram

When asked if she has sold any belongings of her husband or her son, Adán Sánchez, Marisela assured that to date everything is still intact: “It is in my house and we will continue to keep everything until the day I am gone”, mentioned.

“It is very difficult to get rid of things and the truth is I confess that I am sentimental, the worst of the sentimental ones and I still keep everything intact. I still fill myself with their scent still because the scent remains there and I still have the same feeling, I miss them and I still love them the same as if they had never left ”. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot

“My heart is fine”

VIDEO: Instagram

Many people wonder if after the murder of her husband, Marisela Vallejos Félix resumed her life with someone else or if she currently has a partner, to which she decided to share the following: “My heart is fine. I am in love with my grandchildren and in love with what my whole life is “.

“I keep fighting, I am basically alone, sentimentally, right? But full of heart because I have a lot of affection for my family. I think that the day the right person comes into my life I won’t think about it much, but it hasn’t come and I don’t want to break my head until then ”. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot

“Chalino Sánchez has already become a myth”

VIDEO: Instagram

With all the respect he deserves, the widow of Chalino Sánchez was asked if the reality of his death will be discussed in his bioseries, since there are several versions and the public would be interested in knowing the truth: “Chalino Sánchez already se a myth returned ”.

“We have struggled a little because we want to tell exactly what the real story is, without so much fictitious, so that is the problem,” said Marisela Vallejos Félix with a lump in her throat when remembering this episode in her life. Filed Under: Capture Moment A Singer Is Shot


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