The singer Erick Vega was killed in a soccer game (VIDEO)

Singer Erick Vega, owner and vocalist of the band La Sencillita, is killed. He was also the leader of the band La Escolta del Viejón Nort...

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  • Singer Erick Vega, owner and vocalist of the band La Sencillita, is killed.
  • He was also the leader of the band La Escolta del Viejón Norteño.
  • He was one of the victims of the soccer game shooting in Guanajuato.

They kill singer. Erick Vega, owner and vocalist of the band La Sencillita and leader of the band La Escolta del Viejón Norteño, is one of the three men who were murdered in the slaughter that was recorded last Monday at the El Roble sports fields, in the Bajío de Bolas Blancas community, in the limits of the cities of León and Silao, reported El Universal and the news site Regeneración.

Last Monday, at 6:30 p.m., three spectators were deprived of their lives and two more were injured during an amateur soccer match, by a group of armed men who got out of a vehicle and shot them through the court netting.


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The attack caused terror among the attendees who ran in all directions. The deceased were identified as Erick Padilla Vega, 39 years old; René “N”, 34, a baker by trade, and Hugo Sánchez, 39 years old.

Different music producers, fans and friends expressed their condolences for the singer’s departure: “Cordova Music El Queto regrets the loss of Erick Vega, leader of Banda La Sencillita and Escort of the Viejón Norteño Banda.” Also on social networks they posted videos with their interpretations, bows and black hearts as a sign of mourning for the murder of the singer.


Shooting soccer game
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The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that two more men were injured, “who have wounds of those caused by projectiles fired by firearms; due to the seriousness of the injuries, only one of the injured had to be taken to a hospital to receive medical attention ”, he reported.

The agency pointed out that the event occurred in León territory, although at the time the León Public Security Secretariat cited it in Silao. Filed Under: Singer Killed. WARNING, STRONG IMAGES, to see the video click here.

They kill a singer: INQUIRIES

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The investigations are in charge of the Specialized Unit for Homicide Investigation, and among the elements, the video of the live broadcast of the match played by the teams of Santa del Conde and Zona Piel, of the Tournament of the Barrios, is analyzed, the prosecution explained .

In the recording it is seen how in the upper right part two men fall to the ground after hearing the shots; one of the goalkeepers runs away immediately, being the player closest to the attack, and the fans are aware of the injured people, in addition to observing the departure of a white vehicle in which the alleged murderers they fled.

Alert for arms trafficking

They kill singer
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In this regard, Mayor Héctor López Santillana (PAN) lamented the death of the three people on the sports field, and pointed out that in León the ease with which anyone carries powerful weapons has been detected. “How is it possible that weapons of these calibers are reaching all corners of our society? That speaks of an illegal trade, of contraband, it speaks of an organization that transcends municipal borders and that is posing a huge challenge to the authorities ”.

The mayor pointed out that in operations of the Ministry of Public Security they have detained people with weapons of restricted use calibers, but considered that the capture of these people, nor with the confiscation, is not enough, but that action must be taken to stop the traffic of weapons. He indicated that they are no longer only domestic weapons or spells, but now they are of restricted use calibers.

They mourn deaths

Erick vega
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Mikel Arriola, president of the MX League, sent his condolences to the families of the victims of the attack that occurred in the amateur soccer fields, located in Guanajuato. “I deeply regret the events that occurred today (yesterday) during an amateur soccer match in Santa Ana del Conde, Guanajuato. We sympathize with the families of those who lost their lives and we repudiate all expressions of hatred and violence on and off the courts ”.

So far, three deaths have been reported after shots were heard on the soccer field where a match in the Los Barrios tournament was taking place, between the Santa Ana and VAG Zona Piel teams. The reports speak that the second half was played when firearm detonations were heard that caused terror among soccer players, referees and a hundred assistants, including children and women, who ran in different directions, threw themselves on the ground and hid among the stands. Filed Under: Singer Killed


They kill singer
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The attack against Erick Vega occurred around 6:30 pm on the soccer fields called “El Roble”, which is located on one side of the León-Santa del Conde highway, near the junction to the Los Ramírez community. Five subjects entered the facilities and two of them with long weapons fired various shots at the victims and people who were nearby.

Assault rifle casings of two calibers were found at the scene: 7.62, which corresponds to “goat horn” and .223 mm. More than 65 people have been murdered in the state of Guanajuato between last Friday and this Monday. Filed Under: Singer Killed

They kill a singer: ANOTHER SIMILAR CASE

Shooting soccer game
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A similar event happened last May when the Mexican singer Julio Verdugo was shot dead. The young singer Julio Verdugo was shot to death at dawn when he left his home located in Culiacán, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, an area with the presence of the Sinaloa Cartel, according to La Opinion.

The area where the homicide occurred is ‘controlled’ by the Sinaloa Cartel, supposedly led by Ismael “el Mayo” Zambada, and the so-called “Chapitos”, sons of the renowned drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and occurs weeks after the murder of the brother of singer Alfredo Olivas.


Erick vega
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The victim, identified as Julio Verdugo, 23 years old, was attacked by a man around 3:30 in the morning this Sunday, La Opinion reported. Mexican singer Julio Verdugo was driving a gold-colored Dodge Chrysler truck.

The incident occurred on Las Torres Boulevard and Solidaridad Avenue, in the Los Huizaches neighborhood of the Mexican city of Culiacán. The alleged hitman shot the young singer and then fled the site without leaving a trace of his whereabouts. Filed Under: Singer Killed

They kill a singer: POLICE ARRIVE

Erick vega
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Mexican authorities arrived at the site of the reported emergency and found the body of Julio Verdugo in the driver’s seat. Police officers detailed that several handgun casings were found at the scene of the violent crime.

This is not the first case of violence registered in Mexico and related to singers. Mexican authorities reported the murder of the brother of renowned singer Alfredo Olivas, Irving Olivas when he was moving with his family in Zapopan, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. His wife and son died at the scene.


Erick vega
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The authorities had the news around 12:00 pm local time, when a Cadillac Escalade truck was reported shot on an avenue in the city of Zapopan in Jalisco, Mexico, according to the Mexican newspaper El Heraldo De México.

According to the aforementioned media, the authorities found the vehicle where Irving Olivas, Alfredo Olivas’s brother, was traveling with his family. Authorities located the black model 2021 van that hit a retaining wall. Filed Under: Singer Killed

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