Shooting in a tourist neighborhood leaves 7 injured at the beginning of Memorial Day (PHOTOS)

Memorial Day Long Weekend Shooting Leaves 7 Injured in Miami. The shooting took place in the Wynwood neighborhood on Friday night. The in...

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  • Memorial Day Long Weekend Shooting Leaves 7 Injured in Miami.
  • The shooting took place in the Wynwood neighborhood on Friday night.
  • The injured were transferred to hospitals with no fatalities reported.

Seven people were injured in a shooting in the touristy Miami neighborhood of Wynwood on Friday night, right at the start of the long Memorial Day weekend that traditionally sees the arrival of thousands of visitors and often, violent incidents, according to information from the EFE agency and the news portal Tribuna.

A few minutes before midnight, the local police went to Wynwood, one of the main fashionable neighborhoods of the city thanks to its art galleries and restaurants of varied gastronomy, after receiving emergency calls in which they were alerted that there had been a shooting in Wynwwod, at the beginning of Memorial Day.


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The seven gunshot wounds were transferred to nearby hospitals without any fatalities having to be reported so far, and the police have not reported any arrests or identified suspects in this incident.

The local authorities had announced the reinforcement of security measures before the arrival of thousands of people this weekend, which represents for many the unofficial start of summer trips in the United States and then the shooting in Wynwood, in the start of Memorial Day.


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The Miami, Florida airport, anticipated about 110,000 daily passengers during this long weekend, which is the highest number since the pandemic caused by covid-19 began in March 2020.

The city of Miami Beach had announced restrictions for the weekend, but the shooting in Wynwood occurred at the beginning of Memorial Day, which is celebrated on May 31 and honors its military personnel killed in service. , which include, among other measures, limits on the number of people on the beach and controls on access to the city.


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The measures are intended to prevent the excesses that occurred last “Spring Break”, spring break and during which dozens of people were arrested who did not respect the preventive norms of covid-19 and confronted the Police, in addition to seize firearms.

To this is added the experience of previous years, in which hundreds of thousands of young people, to a great extent of color, “took” this Memorial Day weekend the streets of Miami Beach. The Police always prepare especially for this weekend. a week in which thunderous hip-hop music, dancing, and drinking often ended in late-night brawls and altercations.


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This bloody event is in addition to others that have happened such as the most recent, on May 26, that an employee shot and killed eight people on Wednesday in a California rail yard that serves Silicon Valley, and then committed suicide, they said. The authorities.

It is a new shooting in a year with a sharp increase in mass murders as the country emerges from quarantines against the coronavirus. The massacre occurred around 6:30 a.m. in two buildings that are part of a light rail facility for the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), which provides bus, light rail and other services. by Santa Clara County, the most populous in the Bay Area.


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The victims, many of them veteran transportation agency employees, were identified Wednesday night by the county coroner’s office as Paul Delacruz Megia, 42; Taptejdeep Singh, 36; Adrian Balleza, 29; Jose Dejesus Hernandez, 35; Timothy Michael Romo, 49; Michael Joseph Rudometkin, 40; Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, 63, and Lars Kepler Lane, 63.

The deceased were bus and light rail operators, mechanics, laborers and an assistant superintendent. One had worked for the agency since 1999. Singh worked as a light rail driver for eight and nine years, leaving behind a wife, two young children and many relatives, said his cousin, Bagga Singh. Filed Under: Shooting


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The man who shot and killed nine of his co-workers at a railroad complex in California had guns and 25,000 cartridges stored in his home before setting it on fire so that the fire would coincide with the massacre he would perpetrate at his workplace against which he was furious. for years.

Investigators found 12 guns, several gasoline cans and what appeared to be Molotov cocktails in the home of Samuel James Cassidy, 57, in San Jose, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement released Friday. Filed Under: Shooting


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The man who killed nine people at a California train terminal fired 39 shots and appeared to have in mind killing certain people in particular, a police chief told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The attacker arrived at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail facility in San José around 6 a.m. on Wednesday with a duffel bag with two semi-automatic pistols and 11 magazines. high capacity, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said in an interview. Filed Under: Shooting


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According to a database compiled by The Associated Press, the USA Today newspaper and the Universidad del Noreste that tracks the massacres perpetrated in the last 15 years, the one that occurred in San José was the 15th in 2021, all with weapons of fire. 86 people have died in shooting attacks compared to 106 in all of 2020.

The database considers that a shooting is already a massacre when there are four or more people killed, excluding the attacker, which shows that the number of deaths from firearms is much higher if the incidents with the lowest number of victims are considered fatal. Filed Under: Shooting


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Just days earlier, a shooting at a family party in a southern New Jersey home turned into a crime scene that left at least two dead and 12 injured, state police told the media.

Authorities arrived at the home in Fairfield Township, about an hour from Philadelphia, on Saturday night. John Fuqua, director of an anti-violence group called Life Worth Living, reported that he was called in to assist affected families. It was a party set in the style of 1990s fashion, he added, and the guests ranged from teenagers to the elderly. Filed Under: Shooting


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In mid-May, nine people were injured in a shooting in Providence, Rhode Island, in what police believe is the largest shooting in the city’s history. Three of the victims were seriously injured in the incident, Colonel Hugh T. Clements, chief of the Providence Police Department, told reporters at the scene.

Clements noted that multiple guns were used and that it was a dispute involving groups known to authorities. He commented that the shooting began with shots that came from a vehicle and were directed at a home. A person, or persons, inside the house responded to the shots. Filed Under: Shooting

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